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Japan Blog and Japan Travel Guide | Japan Travel Mate Japan Blog and Japan Travel Guide | Japan Travel Mate Online since 2009, this site was started after an impromptu 3 week holiday to Japan, visiting Osaka, Kyoto, Okayama and a little place called Takahashi (and Bitchu-Matsuyama Castle), Fukuoka and Tokyo. Since then I’ve enjoyed living in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, and have travelled Japan extensively. Today I post big daily photos of Japan, and continue to publish detailed travel guide articles about temples, shrines and others places I’ve been. So take a look around, and get inspired for your next trip to Japan…
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Blog | Nerdy Day Trips| #nerdydaytrips Blog | Nerdy Day Trips| #nerdydaytrips 364 comments We just squashed a few bugs on NDT, and tweaked the UI a bit. Firstly, I think we've squashed the New Spot bug, so you should all now be able to add spots again. We have also:
Hiking Dude Read about my Ice Age Trail trek - I finished on Sept. 28, 2013. Read about my Superior Hiking Trail trek - I finished on Sept. 28, 2012. Check out my Arizona Trail Journal - I finished the hike on April 28, 2012. Hiking Dude
Vagabond Journey: World Culture, Environmental News, and Travel Information Following the election of a conservative government, a peaceful, non-partisan group of Australian citizens decided to organize a nationwide protest against the policies of the federal government. March in March was a chance for citizens to express their disagreement over the governments decisions. Vagabond Journey was there to see what they had to say. What life is like leading tourist in the DPRK. On not losing the traveler mind. Vagabond Journey: World Culture, Environmental News, and Travel Information
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The house was empty when I woke up, it was eleven and Pancho was already with kids in a summer school he was working at. A spare key was left on the table, though I didn't use it too much the first day, I was really enjoying the view of snowy peaks while sitting inside on a comfy couch and sipping coffee surrounded by warm tunes. But, I knew I couldn't be lazy for too long, two little marinas of Ushuaia were waiting and I soon realised they weren't waiting only for me. The first thing I saw when I arrived to the marina office was a note left by two Argentinian girls. Roadside Letters Roadside Letters
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Main Page - Hitchwiki: the Hitchhiker's guide to Hitchhiking

Main Page - Hitchwiki: the Hitchhiker's guide to Hitchhiking

21 March 2014 Lawrence On Board, a new hitchhiking promotion program in Kansas needs your vote on facebook! They have been selected as semifinalists in the TEDxFulbright Social Innovations Challenge! The winner gets the full support of the TED and Fulbright communities. Cast your vote on facebook here! 13th January 2014 There is a new book about hitch-hiking: American Eyeball.
Come Watch My Free Online Travel Course! Two months ago, I was asked to do an online travel course with Creative Live. Creative Live is an organization that runs free online classes on everything from… The Future of Guidebooks with Travel Legend Pauline Frommer A few years ago, I interviewed travel legend Pauline Frommer, picking her brain for great travel tips. Since that time, the guidebook company that bears her family name…

Nomadic Matt's Travel Site : Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer

Nomadic Matt's Travel Site : Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer
Zen Backpacking Welcome and enjoy your tour. Here you will find various information regarding many of the aspects of backpacking. This site may not be a comprehensive guide to everything backpacking, but you should find some useful information here as well as a collection of ideas, concepts and such not found elsewhere on the web. Basics Backpacks Sleeping Bags Zen Backpacking
Z Hotels Z Hotels And you don't skimp on style. Or pay grand hotel prices. The Z Hotel is where you sleep, in a city that doesn't. It's dead central.
"For decades, North Americans have been tempted to spend a year or two working in Japan, where English commands an almost reverential respect. The demand for language tuition remains strong in Japan, although recession in the late 1990s resulted in the closure of some major companies when fewer Japanese people were willing to pay for expensive English lessons. Consequently, competition for teaching jobs in Japan has become more acute. Be prepared to spend a sizeable sum of money while conducting the job hunt because of the high cost of living in Japanese cities. But many people persevere because of their commitment to an extended stay in Japan and also because of the potential earnings. Once established, the financial rewards for teaching English in Japan can be considerable." Teaching English in Japan
Teaching in Japan –No Fluff or Hype Teaching English in Japan Can be Your Ticket to … Exploring a country with thousands of years of culture … Earning a nice salary in a respected position … Learning a fascinating language with real business potential... All while having an adventure that can change the way you look at the world. If you’ve been thinking about teaching English in Japan as a way of experiencing a new culture, learning a new language or just trying something fresh and exciting, this site is for you. Working overseas is a big decision.
Imagine what life would be like if you could work from anywhere. You would no longer be confined to your 9 to 5 work schedule and you could go out and do the things you enjoy. The good news is that this scenario is completely possible. How? By becoming a digital nomad. Digital Nomad Explained
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