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Michio Kaku Talks About Coming Breakthroughs. An Artist Visualizes The Terrifying, Dystopian Metropolises Of Tomorrow. Hollow Pursuits.

An Artist Visualizes The Terrifying, Dystopian Metropolises Of Tomorrow

Postcards From The Future Show What London Will Look Like After Climate Change. What will the world's biggest cities look like as climate change progresses?

Postcards From The Future Show What London Will Look Like After Climate Change

In a series called Postcards from the Future, U.K. artists Robert Graves and Didier Madoc-Jones imagined future scenes from London, transforming familiar city views according to different scientific projections. "We were hearing a lot about the potential impacts of climate change, but everything we were hearing about was just words, or very two-dimensional graphics in magazines," says Madoc-Jones.

"The only imagery we were getting was pictures or reports from places like Bangladesh…the trouble is that when you live in London, when you hear reports of people suffering in other parts of the world, you can easily forget about those things and put them to one side. " If This Is What Spaceships Will Look Like In 100 Years, You're Going To Want To Get In Line Now. Within 100 years, humans may venture beyond the solar system.

If This Is What Spaceships Will Look Like In 100 Years, You're Going To Want To Get In Line Now

What would it take to make it possible to actually live there? Icarus Interstellar, a project run by a global team of scientists, wants to achieve interstellar flight by 2100--and one of the questions they’re trying to answer is how to create an artificial environment that could support people indefinitely. 10 Jobs That You Could Have In 2030. All of the predictions we've seen lately regarding the "jobs of the future" assume that we'll even have jobs once the robots take over.

10 Jobs That You Could Have In 2030

What Will The Economy Look Like When The Robots Take Your Job? In the past 50 years, the number of people working in manufacturing, government, and agriculture jobs have all gone down or flat-lined.

What Will The Economy Look Like When The Robots Take Your Job?

As technology infiltrates parts of the labor market that it could never reach before, employment of people who do repetitive or task-oriented jobs has seen less need for human oversight or action. And your job could very likely be next. Want Money Out Of Politics? Put Some Money Into Politics With Lawrence Lessig's Super PAC. Harvard professor Larry Lessig’s business pitch seems backwards, at first.

Want Money Out Of Politics? Put Some Money Into Politics With Lawrence Lessig's Super PAC

It goes something like this: Invest in his super PAC, and get money out of politics. Donate enough money to render all the other money in politics meaningless. So what’s the return on an investment, that, by definition, wants to ruin big, private financial investments in politics? 10 Imaginative Ideas From Genius Kids To Solve Our Global Waste Problem. What if, instead of paying millions of dollars to export trash from cities to festering dumps in other parts of the country, we could export our garbage bags to virtual realities instead?

10 Imaginative Ideas From Genius Kids To Solve Our Global Waste Problem

And what if, instead of buying a new smartphone every few years before chucking it, we held onto indestructible ones for the duration of our lives? These are just a couple of ideas generated by some 270 schoolchildren over the last three years. Massachusetts-based creative research firm and marketing company Latitude teamed up with schools in France, Germany, the Czech Republic, and the United States to ask the kids how they might deal with one of today's most intractable issues: waste. Google's Self-Driving Car Is Real, And It Looks Like A Tiny Bubble-Car. We've known Google has been working on self-driving cars for awhile now, but all of a sudden, the project is real: last night, Google revealed a working prototype of its self-driving car.

Google's Self-Driving Car Is Real, And It Looks Like A Tiny Bubble-Car

The Future Of America's Roads: Smart Streets, Cars That Communicate. When Anthony Foxx was sworn in as the U.S.

The Future Of America's Roads: Smart Streets, Cars That Communicate

Department of Transportation Secretary last summer, he said he would draw on "every ounce of innovation and creativity" to make the country's vast transportation system not only safe and efficient but also modernized. Earlier this year, Foxx, one of our 2014 Most Creative People in Business, launched the Data Innovation Challenge, the DOT's most ambitious invitation to the tech community.

He gave enterprising companies and developers access to the department's data--more 2,500 data sets on everything from highway conditions and financing to railroad accidents--and challenged them to "revolutionize America's transportation system" by creating new visualization tools and apps for consumers as well as officials. Ideo Imagines 19 Concepts To Ease The Aging Process. In 1950, the average life expectancy for men and women in the U.S. was 65 and 71 respectively.

Ideo Imagines 19 Concepts To Ease The Aging Process

Now, men on average live to 76, and women can expect to live to 81. This Is What It's Like To Watch A Holographic Musician. 5 Insane Geoengineering Ideas That Won't Save The Planet. When it comes to hacking climate change, the solutions tend to match the scale of the problem. How Zombies Help Siemens Design Disaster-Proof Cities. Once there's no more room in hell and the dead start walking the Earth, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. See movies such as Dawn of the Dead and World War Z. Panic ensues. The entire grid falls over. Hospitals close down. The government collapses. Profesiones que asegurarán un empleo en el futuro - Tendencias. La tecnología y el cambio climático determinarán las profesiones del futuro. Government Service of the Future? Visions from Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates have been one of the most aggressive nations on Earth in implementing tech-driven, customer-driven government services. So, when visions of tech-driven, customer-driven services are exhibited on its soils, one must pay close attention. This is a place where today’s fictions become tomorrow’s reality with almost magical efficiency. The Museum of Future Government Services launches this week at the UAE’s second-ever Government Summit. The 6 exhibits being shown at the Museum are bold, and somewhat sobering, visions of how services ranging from border control to health care to education could be delivered in the future. Connected Air: Smart Dust Is The Future Of The Quantified World. This article is part of ReadWrite Future Tech, an annual series in which we explore how technologies that will shape our lives in the years to come are grounded in the innovation and research of today.

The year is 2035, and Sgt. Bill Traverse and his team of commandos are performing a “sweep and clean” operation through a portion of the war-torn Mexico City. Their job is to find any hidden pockets of resistance and flush them out and back through the neutral zone or eliminate them. The drones that provide surveillance overhead cannot offer much support in the twisting alleys and passageways of the sprawling metropolis and the helmet-based HUD systems that soldiers are equipped with are useless in a city where all technical infrastructure was destroyed years ago. 2020 by Trend Micro. Iftf : Government Service of the Future? Futurist Says We'll Use Lasers to Beam Our Minds Into Space Someday Soon. The idea of erasing and implanting memories is a common feature of science fiction films such as Total Recall and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Modern science can already erase and implant memories in rats, and in the future such techniques might be used on humans as well.

This Google Glass App Will Detect Your Emotions, Then Relay Them Back To Retailers. After raising a $6 million series B round, facial recognition company Emotient will open a private beta for a Google Glass app that detects users' emotions in real time. Venture-capital firm Handbag led the financing, which closed in December but was announced Thursday, bringing the total amount raised to $8 million. Emotient's technology works by detecting subtle pattern changes in a person's face. The software, which can be used to measure emotion in individuals and crowds, can tell if a person is feeling positive or negative overall and zero in on more specific emotions, such as joy, sadness, surprise, anger, fear, disgust, and contempt. Though the company envisions many applications for its technology, it sees the most potential in retail. With Emotient's Glass app, which will be available to select partners and customers, retail store workers can gauge the success of a campaign or promotion.

The other space Emotient is targeting is health care. This Is What Your Face Will Look Like In 2060. Google Glass is now old news. A Giant Bubble Fort To Give Polluted City Residents A Safe Place To Breathe. Una Pregunta Similar Es Hecha A Padres Y A Sus Hijos. Las Diferencias Son Espléndidas. Watch These Chilling Videos About The Scary Future Of Cybersecurity.

Predicciones de Isaac Asimov para el año 2014 (escritas en 1964) Isaac Asimov es uno de los titanes indiscutibles de la ciencia ficción literaria, pero al igual que colegas suyos como Ray Bradbury o Arthur C. Jared Leto On Creativity, Commerce, And Lessons From Surviving A $30 Million Lawsuit. A Literatura da Utopia. Por volta de 1516, Thomas More imaginou a chegada do Homem civilizado num paraíso natural e como esta ilha seria o lugar ideal para a construção da sociedade perfeita. Do You Know What Life Will Be Like In 5 Years? IBM's Top Scientist Does. The Race To Build The Magical Flying Bicycle You Never Knew You Needed. Spike Jonze Imagines The Future Of Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Design, Love, And Pants In "Her"

La Universidad de la Singularidad trama un futuro humano altamente tecnológico. Inside SimCity's Vision Of Tomorrow, Where You Can Build A Clean Tech Heaven Or A Drone-Filled Hell. See The Stunning Robot Army Trailer That's Got Hollywood's Attention. Future Cities Of Floating Villas And Parks, Made From Ocean Plastic. Höweler + Yoon Architecture wins Audi Urban Future Award 2012. Quantic Dream's "Kara" PS3 Tech Demo TRUE-HD QUALITY. Sight. Disney's Magic Highway - 1958. See The Stunning, Student-Made Short That Got Hollywood's Attention.