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Animación. Universidad. Administraciòn. Fuentes. TRABAJO. Politica. Utilidades. Estética. Otros. Ciencia. Zombie. Arte. Arquitectura. Ilustración. Lugares. Bill Mollison. Jorge montaña: La creatividad en pastillitas. One Economic Theory to Explain Everything. What if there were one economic Theory of Everything?

One Economic Theory to Explain Everything

One theory to rule them all, encompassing the vast sweep of history beneath its mighty wings? Well, maybe there is. And maybe the author of it is none other than your friendly neighborhood economics columnist, Paul Krugman. ¿Cómo la sangrienta historia de España dio lugar a la mayor concentración de ascensores del mundo? Cuando uno piensa en España lo que primero se le viene a la cabeza es la palabra ascensor, ¿o puede que no?.

¿Cómo la sangrienta historia de España dio lugar a la mayor concentración de ascensores del mundo?

Pues bien, lo cierto es que razones no faltan. Como se puede observar en el siguiente gráfico, el número de ascensores por cada mil habitantes es clara y comparativamente más alto en España que en el resto de países estudiados. Does England Have the Solution to the Grade-Inflation Problem? In America, more and more universities are imposing strict grading curves or abolishing grades altogether.

Does England Have the Solution to the Grade-Inflation Problem?

The UK takes an entirely different approach, and it's working. Students in Brighton, England, receive their A-level results in August 2014. 12 Hangover Cures From Famous Heavy Drinkers. What did Ernest Hemingway, Judy Garland, and W.C.

12 Hangover Cures From Famous Heavy Drinkers

Fields do to feel better after a night of overindulgence? Playboy recently shared its colorful history of correspondence with gonzo legend Hunter S. Thompson. Amongst the letters and other notes in the collection was a wild cure for a hangover that suits the over the top writer's uninhibited style. Moleskine Livescribe Notebooks: lo análogo y lo digital, por fin juntos. The age of loneliness is killing us. What do we call this time?

The age of loneliness is killing us

It’s not the information age: the collapse of popular education movements left a void filled by marketing and conspiracy theories. Like the stone age, iron age and space age, the digital age says plenty about our artefacts but little about society. The anthropocene, in which humans exert a major impact on the biosphere, fails to distinguish this century from the previous 20.

5 Misteriosos artefactos antiguos -Muy Interesante México. La gentrificación, ¿el producto de una economía hipster? Recientemente, el Wall Street Journal documentaba la iniciativa de Amtrak, la red estatal interurbana de trenes, que ha subvencionado el trabajo de la artista alemana Katharina Grosse.

La gentrificación, ¿el producto de una economía hipster?

46 photos rares de stars ensemble. Vous n’avez certainement jamais vu les photos de ces personnes célèbres réunies.

46 photos rares de stars ensemble

Et c’est normal, elles sont saupoudrées de rareté. Par contre, pour ce qui est de la photo avec Faudel et Barack Obama, on ne l’a pas trouvée. Personas que prefieren vivir en el campo - Bogotá. La huida se hace para evitar el naufragio.

Personas que prefieren vivir en el campo - Bogotá

4 GRADOS NORTE. Congreso Internacional de Diseño. This couple accidentally got married in the middle of a parkour competition, which made their photos totally extreme. Actually, I'll take that man.

This couple accidentally got married in the middle of a parkour competition, which made their photos totally extreme.

Finding out your beautiful destination wedding in Santorini is going on at the same time as the Red Bull parkour competition might throw some brides and grooms off. Especially if you found out while you were walking down the aisle. But not redditor mattyglen87, who shared the above photo of himself and his bride smooching, while some shirtless dude jumps over them. The Lies of Adolf Eichmann. German philosopher Bettina Stangneth reexamines the Nazi commander—and the true nature of evil.

The Lies of Adolf Eichmann

A sketch of Adolf Eichmann, superimposed on a map of Argentina (The Huntington/Flickr) As head of the Jewish Department within the Nazi SS, Adolf Eichmann held operational responsibility for the extermination of European Jewry through crucial years of World War II. Growth and Inequality in the U.S.: when “shared prosperity” means shared by the very few - New Economic Perspectives. (A response to Forbes’ Scott Winship) By Pavlina Tcherneva For the last few years, I’ve been studying the recovery and the kind of monetary and fiscal policies that are conventionally used to deal with recessions.

One of the questions I considered was not just how we grow, but who benefits. Why Exactly Does The Government Suck So Badly At Software? Earlier this month the Senate Subcommittee on Financial Services and General Government held a hearing in which they called on Steven VanRoekel, the nation’s top chief information officer, to explain why the federal government is so bad at developing and managing IT projects. This wasn't just about the rollout of last year, but also the other 200 major government IT programs that are delayed, over budget, or at risk of catastrophic failures. 1Reaction These 200 programs currently have a whopping $12 billion total budget that most startups--even established companies--would kill for.

And that $12 billion is just a fraction of the $82 billion the government will spend on IT projects this year alone. If the government clearly has the financial resources why are citizens more likely to see federal digital services launches go the way of instead of blooming like Facebook? 4 Myths About Apple Design, From An Ex-Apple Designer. Apple is synonymous with upper echelon design, but very little is known about the company's design process. Most of Apple's own employees aren't allowed inside Apple's fabled design studios. So we're left piecing together interviews, or outright speculating about how Apple does it and what it's really like to be a designer at the company. Enter Mark Kawano. Before founding Storehouse, Kawano was a senior designer at Apple for seven years, where he worked on Aperture and iPhoto.

Later, Kawano became Apple's User Experience Evangelist, guiding third-party app iOS developers to create software that felt right on Apple's platforms. ¡Bienvenidos a LELO 2014 Undesign Award! Jacques Rancière. Jacques Rancière (Argel, 1940) es un filósofo francés, profesor de política y de estética, hoy emérito de la Universidad de Paris VIII y European Graduate School.

"Live it. Sketch it. Share it." design competition - Inspiration & tips. Ocho planes para reconciliarse con Bogotá. Sí. El tráfico es insufrible. Sí. INCIDENTAL COMICS. Countries that excel at problem-solving encourage critical thinking. ©Getty OK computer: a unique table method helped pupils learn maths in the UK in 1960 Maths lessons have changed since Tom Ding was at school. Recalling his favourite subject, Ding remembers: “A big pile of textbooks, the teacher taking you through an example, giving you a bit of context and then telling you what page to open the book at.” 100 mujeres dicen, Vida SoHo. Mira los trabajos estudiantiles de 10 grandes directores de cine. Toda gran historia tiene un periodo de incubación en que poco a poco va gestándose, primero en la matriz social, luego en la cabeza de su creador. Los grandes directores de cine se han visto varias veces revolcados por la ola del lenguaje cinematográfico antes de aprender a surfear en él.

Tráigame un libro de García Márquez. A finales de enero pasado, en medio de uno de esos calores que matan pájaros en pleno vuelo, llegué por primera vez a Aracataca. Online journal dedicated to showcasing the most interesting and unusual out-of-copyright works available on the web.