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New Media Rat Pack eBook – Win Big With These 52 Tips #NMX. People flock to Las Vegas for many reasons.

New Media Rat Pack eBook – Win Big With These 52 Tips #NMX

Some want to experience the nightlife while others are interested in seeing acts perform, lounging by the pool, eating gourmet meals, or even attending marketing conferences. To win big in Las Vegas you need a little luck and an understanding of the game. Similarly, if you want to make it in the world of search and social media, you need to understand what works and what doesn’t. The Rat Pack of the 1960′s was the must see act of it’s time. Fans would visit Las Vegas from all over the country for a chance to see the likes of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Dean Martin perform live. Download the free eBook in PDF format by clicking the cover image below: Washington post #socialreader #fail.

The Washington Post Company has decided to move its Social Reader app — which displays stories from Washington Post Co. publications and 90 other news organizations, including this one, on Facebook — to a standalone site at, the company told Mashable Friday.

washington post #socialreader #fail

Beginning this weekend, those who click on stories in the Facebook app will be immediately relocated to A year ago, several major news organizations, including The Guardian, Yahoo News and The Washington Post Co., launched "social news apps" on Facebook. These apps leveraged Facebook's Open Graph technology to help users discover what their friends were reading and enjoyed rapid adoption. At its peak in April 2012, The Guardian says its app had 6 million active monthly users, and sent "tremendous volumes of traffic" to its stories. "We really wanted to provide a more personalized and private experience," Ravindran told Mashable in an interview about the changes. 3 Facebook Tools That Have Your Customers Concerned About Privacy. YouTube sanctionne les "fausses" vues.

The Psychology of Cults and Marketing.

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Golden Tweets. Sortie du Rapport Social Media 2012 de Nielsen. Pourquoi les anonymes ont-ils de l’influence sur le web ? Texte publié nitialement dans le numéro deux du trimestriel Nowe Media, une revue polonaise dirigée par Eryk Mistewicz et entièrement dédiée aux stratégies de communications innovantes (web social, marketing politique, neuro-marketing, e-PR…).

Pourquoi les anonymes ont-ils de l’influence sur le web ?

Dans le numéro précédent de Nowe Media, nous avons traité de l’évaluation des Key Opinion Leaders. Nous voudrions poursuivre cette réflexion en nous intéressant à un type bien particulier de KOL qui fleurit sur le web, «Les internautes anonymes». En effet, qu’il s’agisse de blogueurs stars ou de commentateurs, l’armée des internautes masqués ne cesse de grandir, posant plusieurs questions : pourquoi et comment laissons-nous des contenus anonymes sur internet ?

Interview : « les blogs ne sont pas morts, ce qui est mort ce sont les commentaires  Social Metrics : obsession de la mesure & trafic d'influence - Social Media Club France. La gadgétisation du community management. CM par-ci, CM par-là : le community management est partout.

La gadgétisation du community management

Problème : comme la mode, le community management peut lasser. À tort.

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Instagram for Brands. Bullshitizr. Badoo is an Enigma Wrapped in a Puzzle Wrapped in Spam. See bottom for statement from Badoo It has been about a month since I signed up for Badoo.

Badoo is an Enigma Wrapped in a Puzzle Wrapped in Spam

The dating social network that began five years ago in Europe is pitching itself to New Yorkers as the next great place to meet people, using bright ads across the city featuring actual users saying mostly scripted things like “I want to break your heart,” or “I want to blow your mind. Avec Poke, Facebook se lance dans les messages éphémères. Etude sur les Métiers du Web. Cet été, TechnoFutur TIC a réalisé une enquête auprès de professionnels de l’Internet.

Etude sur les Métiers du Web

Le but étant de dresser un portrait du "travailleur" du web actuel. Gillmor Gang: The Revolution Will Be Notified. The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Keith Teare, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — fight a never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American Way.

Gillmor Gang: The Revolution Will Be Notified

The Gang feels blessed to have survived the Mayanocalypse, the Fiscal Cliff, and the complete inability of Microsoft to reverse its tailspin into massive mediocrity. You can verify that last comment by the fact that we don’t mention Microsoft once in the show. Why doesn't everyone 'social media stalk' a potential date? 11 Good Reasons Why Google Owes Nothing in Taxes. Bloomberg News reported earlier this weekthat Google used creative accounting to avoid paying something like $2 billion in corporate income taxes this year.

11 Good Reasons Why Google Owes Nothing in Taxes

Much of that savings was realized by funneling nearly $10 billion in profits to shell companies in Bermuda, which has no corporate income tax. Like other multinationals, Google uses maneuvers such as the “Double Irish” and the “Dutch Sandwich” to get its revenues safely out of the countries in which they’re made, relatively untouched. By doing so, Bloomberg says, the company was able to cut its overall tax rate nearly in half. - Social Media Report 2012. The top 10 most influential people on Pinterest in 2012.

Most Pinterest users have pinboards dedicated to window shopping, a collection of wish lists for dream homes and perfect weddings.

The top 10 most influential people on Pinterest in 2012

In Central Texas, one housing development has found a unique way to incorporate those concepts. Taylor Morrison's Ladera housing development has built the first-ever model home to take direct and deliberate cues from some of Pinterest’s most popular “dream home” boards and pins.