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A digital marketing & technology agency with the acumen to give a whole new meaning to your business websites through the implementation of Sitecore CMS.

Customer Retention Strategies. Customer Experience Channels. Customer Experience Platform. Customer Experience Analytics. Customer Experience Analytics. Customer Experience Platform. Customer Experience Channels. Customer Retention Strategies. ExactTarget Implementation Services - edynamic. Adobe Marketing Solutions - edynamic. At edynamic, our vision is based upon bringing your customer experiences to life through one of the industry’s leading digital marketing platforms, the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Adobe Marketing Solutions - edynamic

With the help of Adobe’s products, we have been able to optimize and personalize customer interactions to build a customer base, extend loyalty and retention while driving revenue for multiple organizations. Harnessing the power of the Adobe Marketing Cloud suite, we help marketers leverage deep customer insights that drive personalized experiences through content marketing, social engagement and campaign management. Digital Marketing with Adobe Marketing Cloud We work towards building more engaging, personalized connections with customers and driving increases in marketing returns on investment through relevant, compelling experiences across web, mobile, social, email and offline channels using Adobe’s products for: Sharepoint Implementation Experts. Acquia Solutions Partner. Marketing Automation Agency - edynamic.

There’s much more to Sitecore experience and CMS platform than meets the eye. Sitecore, the industry-leading customer experience and web CMS platform, helps customers build and run dynamic, personalized and highly-sophisticated websites.

There’s much more to Sitecore experience and CMS platform than meets the eye

Unlike typical content management systems, Sitecore also focuses on providing stellar customer experience to web visitors thus leading to higher website engagement and superior conversions. Sitecore experience platform includes web content management, digital marketing and analytics capabilities and arms marketers with a set of great tools to augment content marketing and digital engagement. Per industry surveys, only 15% of current Sitecore customers use this platform to its full potential while a majority of these customers use Sitecore only for its content management features. Our Sitecore team has put together a compelling list of key features in Sitecore that marketers can implement and leverage to significantly improve their digital presence and convert web visitors into prospective customers. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Sitecore 8 XP – A dream for digital marketers.

Sitecore has introduced the new Sitecore XP 8 last January and it promises richer experience marketing while eliminating the complexity that has held the marketers back.

Sitecore 8 XP – A dream for digital marketers

Know every customer and share any experience throughout the customer lifecycle. In this webinar, Abhiraj Banerjee, VP of Digital Marketing Solutions at edynamic will walk you through why Sitecore 8.0 is a game changer that will help marketers step up on their digital marketing initiatives across channels and customers. The webinar covers: Personalized, multi channel marketing with the Sitecore 8 experience platform. It is time for marketers to shed cobwebs and dependence on multiple marketing tools and IT teams to run high-velocity marketing programs.

Personalized, multi channel marketing with the Sitecore 8 experience platform

What’s more – in times where customers are buying from brands that speak to their preferences – how about a platform that enables you to get real-time insight into customer behavior and insight and shape your next message to them quickly, efficiently and across all touch-points. Enter Sitecore 8. A platform that can truly redefine personalized, multi-channel marketing. Considering a Sitecore 8.0 Upgrade.

Why should you upgrade?

Considering a Sitecore 8.0 Upgrade

What are the risks and how can you plan for them? What is the easiest and best way to do this? Sitecore launched Sitecore 8.0 in early 2015. Updating to the new version brings A-list marketing capabilities such as the Sitecore Federated Experience Manager, Experience Profiles, Path Analyzer, Predictive Analytics by Machine Learning, optimization and launch of multi-channel campaigns, the xDB with big data crunching ability and a sparkling new user interface. Given the Sitecore 8.1 is a major release with a full suite marketing platform being released, many existing Sitecore customers are and have been considering an upgrade but are still unsure of the best reasons to upgrade, the risks attached and the best approach to do so. Sitecore CMS Best Practices Implementation Audit Guide. Did you know?

Sitecore CMS Best Practices Implementation Audit Guide

Your investment in Sitecore can yield better returns through an in-depth analysis and recommendations program. To justify massive investments incurred by organizations on CXM/CMS platform, economies of scale should be practiced religiously. For an organization that expects better returns, system integrations, solution architecture, release management, training and ongoing maintenance are all of utter importance. One-to-One Marketing with Sitecore 8.1. Today, customers are in control.

One-to-One Marketing with Sitecore 8.1

They decide where to engage with your brand and content and therefore it has become an imperative for marketers to possess the ability to deliver consistent experiences at any touchpoint that the customer prefers. Lately, several marketing platform vendors have been acquiring technologies to build marketing clouds/suites that potentially allow marketers to create and deliver multi-channel experiences. But each such suite offering varies in its sophistication and delivery capabilities. The exception to this fast becoming norm of inorganic capability acquisition in the marketing technology space is undeniably Sitecore. Taking shape as a pure web content management system in 2003, Sitecore has, over the years, organically transformed into a complete digital marketing platform with the release of its latest version Sitecore Experience Platform 8.1.

B2B Financial Services Digital Marketing, Website Development - edynamic. Marketing ObjectiveThe customer wanted to improve B2B customer acquisition for its Corporate Cards group business across several markets, regions and countries.

B2B Financial Services Digital Marketing, Website Development - edynamic

It also wanted to reduce its cost of acquisition and marketing operations. Note : Only a selected sample of capabilities/features have been displayed in the roadmap. B2B Demand Generation - edynamic. Digital Marketing Operations. The Marketing Operations Model Successful Marketing Operations are critical to marketing success.

Digital Marketing Operations

The scope and scale of marketing operations are expanding. Business and client needs are growing exponentially. Marketers are continuously upgrading themselves to deliver faster and better. However, drowned in the well of competition, for most marketing teams, agile marketing is unheard of. Some challenges that impact success include:

Customer Experience Management. Insurance Website Development - edynamic. Edynamic integrated Sitecore’s web content management solution and delivered a brand new site in less than four months.

Insurance Website Development - edynamic

Challenges:Aviva’s core objective was to reposition the website as a key engine for branding as well as customer, agent and employee acquisition. Their aim was also to ensure an enriching best-of-breed experience that completely revitalizes the Web journey of their end users. Previously, Aviva was using IBM WebSphere Content Manager (IWCM) as a CMS. However, some of the challenges they faced included: Difficulty in using a dated version of IWCM Lack of training for IWCM internally to use and manage the CMS Challenges in customizing and/or developing new features and applications on IWCM Bandwidth and infrastructure requirements were too high to maintain the website Solutions: Working with Sitecore partner, edynamic, the evaluation process was a comparison between IWCM, Sitecore, Ektron and Oracle among others.

Digital Services for Technology Companies. Edynamic successfully migrates the website of a High Technology Company to Sitecore CMS, while adding five international regions to it. The short timeline and other challenges were accomplished using an innovative approach to deliver the project in record time.

Requirements Main objective of this project was to drive more lead flow to streamline the global demand generation process. The original website was based on static PHP files with limited content management abilities International regions did not have regional websites Two thousand pages of content needed migration and translation into five languages Solutions edynamic’s architected solution included: To deliver on time and reduce potential risks, content migration and translation workstreams were performed early in the project. Digital Technology Implementation Partners - edynamic. Law Firm Websites Development - edynamic. Edynamic delivered an industry leading site that engages audience and communicates the value proposition of the brand. edynamic created a website for a combination of three leading law firms SNR Denton, Salans and Fraser Milner Casgrain. edynamic was engaged to deliver a website that positions the new firm as an industry leader.

Requirements:The requirement was to deliver new websites for Dentons in the US, UK, Middle East and Africa, Europe, Asia and Canada using a CMS platform. Edynamic: A Global Digital Marketing & Technology Agency. Digital Marketing & Technology Insights: Blogs, Videos, eBooks and Webinars. Marketing Automation Agency - edynamic. Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner - edynamic. Background Vertafore, the leading provider of connected technology and information solutions to the insurance industry in North America, has been working with edynamic as their digital partner since 2011 on Sitecore and Eloqua programs.

Law Firm Websites Development - edynamic.