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Electronic Music Tutorial (How to write beats)


DM1. Patterning. Praxis Beats. User interface case study: Patterning. The folks at Olympia Noise Co recently came out with a new circular drum machine for iOS called Patterning, and it’s pretty fabulous.

User interface case study: Patterning

The app’s futuristic look jumps right out at you: flat-colored geometric shapes with zero adornment, in the spirit of Propellerhead Figure. There’s nothing on the screen that doesn’t function in some way. It’s a little dense at first glance, but a complex tool is bound to have a complex interface, and Patterning reveals itself easily through exploration. The sequencer is a series of concentric rhythm necklaces, one for each sound: kick, snare, hi-hat, and so on. The circles down the left side select each sound in the drum kit. Patterning has an exceptionally clever way of handling drum hit velocity. Patterning handles polyrhythms in a similar manner to the equally futuristic Rhythm Necklace app. There are some features in Patterning that I haven’t seen in any other drum programming interface. My two complaints about Patterning are minor, but significant. Patterning by Olympia Noise Co, Pre Release Beta Demo for iPad, Drumjam v1.3.2 new features. Native Instruments - iMaschine User Guide - With

13 Quick Tips For Making Music With iMaschine On Your iPhone. As part of our idea to song series, I’m writing some music using iMaschine as a starting point.

13 Quick Tips For Making Music With iMaschine On Your iPhone

This has been quite an eye opening process for me in many ways. iPhone Music App Tutorial: Mastering iMaschine. This four-part tutorial walks you through the basics of using iMaschine to sketch out grooves.

iPhone Music App Tutorial: Mastering iMaschine

This is an amazing app that lets you throw down ideas in a quick and easy way using quality sounds and a bit of sonic manipulation. We delve into some basic set-up ideas, move through recording your first drum beat, help you add bass and keyboard sounds to your groove, and then help you personalize your sound using effects. After you’ve worked through the basics of iMaschine on your iPhone, we’ve got an added bonus – 13 quick tips to take you even further.


How To Make A Great Kick Drum - With Lenny Kiser. Attack Drums review – Waldorf’s highly anticipated drum synth app hits the App Store. As I posted a few days ago, Waldorf’s new drum synth app Attack Drums – and which many iOS musicians have been eagerly anticipating since it was first announced some months ago – has now arrived on the App Store.

Attack Drums review – Waldorf’s highly anticipated drum synth app hits the App Store

Having now had a few days to explore the new app, has Attack Drums been worth the wait?

Waldorf Attack

Drum Programming. iMPC. SeekBeats 1.0.3 Promo. Electronic Music Tutorial (How to write beats) Easybeats 3. Drumperfect. How To Make Epic Electronic Beats. On the most part electronic beats are pretty straight forward.

How To Make Epic Electronic Beats

Most of the work lies in processing and programming variations. Dodge & Fuski dubstep production tutorial - #1 drums. Shure Drum Mastery Workshop 10: EQ'ing your drums with Jay Stapley. Otek's Guide to Drum Programming! Thought bucket » The Theory of Drum Programming. This article was originally published in 2004 PrefaceTools of the tradeThe basics of Beats Functional elements of the beat Primary and secondary hits Kicks Snares Rides Auxiliary and other hitsFeelAchieving RealismAchieving “Fake-ism” (or, Fun things to try)TimbresKick soundsSnare soundsHiHatsCymbalsDrum machines of noteAuxiliary percussionTips and other items of noteAppendix: resources on the web If you’ve found this article helpful, please make a small $2 donation via paypal by clicking the button.

Thought bucket » The Theory of Drum Programming

Donation is optional, but very appreciated. Beat Dissected. Making drum programming hipper. *Hi Nick, This is a bit off topic, but I’ve been asked for advice about this constantly from live loopers who like to use drum machines in their live performances and I make a lot of money teaching people the information that is contained in it, so I thought it might be a useful OffTopic post. also, while we are at it, I wonder if it might be good to have a very, very brief bio of who I am for the Rick’s Ramblings page, just so people who don’t know me have some context for who I am and what I do in the live looping world.

Making drum programming hipper

What do you think? Happy New Years, Rick* Hi folks, Thought bucket » The Theory of Drum Programming. Otek's Guide to Drum Programming! Free Lessons -  Pete Lockett Percussion. BEGINNERS GUIDE TO BONGOS - 6 Video lessons FRAME DRUM FOR BEGINNERS - 6 video lessons TABLA VIDEO LESSONS - An introduction to the instrument Kanjira page Req page Bongo page Tabla tutorials Indian rhythms Moroccan grooves.

Free Lessons -  Pete Lockett Percussion

Maschine tutorial - Finger Drumming - By Tim Kroker.


Savant drum programming genres from 78bpm to 340bpm - YouTube. DAW & Drum Machine Swing. Swing functions were first introduced to drum machines 34 years ago, but the concept still causes confusion.

DAW & Drum Machine Swing

In this extended instalment of Passing Notes we explain what the swing setting does and how you can use it to add groove to your drums and more. Funkbox Loopy MIDI Sync - YouTube.

Different drummer

DrumJam. Impaktor. SeekBeats. Finger-Drumming. Easily Make 4 Different Drum Beats - Korg Gadget. Beat Dissected. Drum tutorials. How to make a woofershaking kickdrum - Ableton Tutorial Tuesday. 6 Bass Sequencing Tricks From Daft Punk. Daft Punk Bass Tutorial on MIDI Sequencing.

6 Bass Sequencing Tricks From Daft Punk

One of the best ways to learn about producing music is to see the actual notes used to make other people’s songs. This process allows you to discover the thousands of tiny adjustments needed to produce a strong bassline, intricate drum track, or a moving piano solo. This tutorial will show you the notation for one of the funkiest basslines in modern house music: Daft Punk’s Around The World. For this lesson you will need: A music composition program capable of MIDI sequencing. Daft Punk’s Around The World Around The World was released in 1997 on Daft Punk’s debut album, Homework.

Click here to listen to a MP3 sample of Around The World. Like most house music, Around The World uses repetition – lots of repetition. Setting Up Your Music Software The purpose of this tutorial is to analyze common notation techniques used in funky basslines. Bass Pattern 1: So Simple It Hurts At the beginning of the song, the first bass pattern is introduced. Producing Rhythm: How to Add Amazing Feel to Your Tracks. The Ultimate Guide to Drum Programming - EDMProd. It’s been a while since I wrote an “Ultimate Guide”, or mega-post.

The last one, I believe, was on writing better and more memorable melodies which many of you found helpful. BeatHawk by UVI The Epic Guide for iPad - TheSoundTestRoom. January 24, 2015 Tags: groovebox Of the more well known and similar apps like iMPC Pro and iMaschine I found BeatHawk to be the easiest to use. Its a lot of fun too and has a very intuitive workflow making it very simple to get started straight away, in fact you can have a decent song finished in around 30 minutes, that’s a complete track with several patterns. It comes with a load of great samples, loops and instruments already installed and then you have the option to purchase more pack via in app purchasing. The price of the IAP’s is also pretty reasonable. Beat Dissected.