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Paletton - The Color Scheme Designer. 2017 03 22 Convocatoria 2017 ultima. Redimensionado Proporcional. Con redimensionado proporcional, me refiero a que una imagen cualquiera, se redimensione dependiendo de la proporción de la resolución del monitor, sin que se deforme o pierda calidad en el proceso.

Redimensionado Proporcional

La idea es que se haga al mismo tiempo en que la ventana del browser se mueva, sin tener que esperar que se adapte a la resolución del computador. Este es otro de esos trucos CSS donde uno se hace esa dolorosa pregunta: "¿Por qué no se me había ocurrido antes? ". Pero bueno, para qué lamentarse si se puede disfrutar de la solución. Al grano entonces. Si se tiene una imagen bastante grande como para que actúe como una atractiva imagen que vaya a aportar al diseño y contenido del sitio, y no mermar la usabilidad y accesibilidad de la web con su gran peso y colores distractores, podemos aplicarla de fondo.

Dijit Accessibility Strategy — The Dojo Toolkit - Reference Guide. Support High Contrast /Images Off Customizing the dijit widgets look and feel is very important, as is performance.

Dijit Accessibility Strategy — The Dojo Toolkit - Reference Guide

The Dojo team uses background images in the creation of the widgets because it allows the look and feel of the widgets to be easily customized by modifying the CSS. WAI Web Accessibility Tutorials. Using aria-labelledby to provide a text alternative for non-text content - WCAG WG. Status User Agent Notes [To be published separately] Jaws 13+ support Example 1 with IE and FF NVDA 2012.3 supports both Example 1 and Example 2 with FF.

Using aria-labelledby to provide a text alternative for non-text content - WCAG WG

Font Awesome & Accessibility. Manually make your icons accessible When using icons in your UI, there are manual techniques and ways to help assistive technology either ignore or better understand Font Awesome.

Font Awesome & Accessibility

Icons used for pure decoration or visual styling If you're using an icon to add some extra decoration or branding, it does not need to be announced to users as they are navigating your site or app aurally. CSS3 box-sizing property. Grilla CSS Responsive / Fluid + Fixed. A Complete Guide to Grid. CSS Grid Layout is the most powerful layout system available in CSS.

A Complete Guide to Grid

It is a 2-dimensional system, meaning it can handle both columns and rows, unlike flexbox which is largely a 1-dimensional system. A Book Apart, Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout. Move out in front of the curve and learn how to use CSS Grid Layout today.

A Book Apart, Get Ready for CSS Grid Layout

Learn exactly what you need to know, from line-based positioning basics to evaluating template areas, with a detailed explanation of the new spec. Rachel Andrew guides you through experimenting with the grid and understanding browser adoption, and provides working examples to tinker on, so you can start pronto! What Are Briefs? Briefs are ebook-only guides to essential fundamentals, of-the-moment techniques, or deep nerdery on a single aspect of a topic. Whatever the book, you’re only a quick break away from learning vital, practical know-how. Grilla CSS. Menos código, más velocidad Una de las varias herramientas para aumentar la velocidad de carga de las páginas de un sitio es hacer una estructura CSS/html robusta y con el menor uso de código posible.

Grilla CSS

Esto disminuye la cantidad de llamados a servidores, facilita a los robots de los buscadores el registro del contenido ya que el contenido es más que el código y está más agrupado y no atomizado en distintos pequeños contenedores. Escalable y crossbrowser Escalable. Top 24 Simple, Yet Beautiful CSS3 Table Templates And Examples. HTML5 offers web developers a choice of pre-built elements that can be used to extend the functionality of a website beyond the ordinary, whereas in the old days we might have had to use visual imagery to explain things better, thanks to advancements in JavaScript (jQuery), HTML5 and CSS3 — it is now possible for developers to create and style dynamic HTML5 content without the need to use heavy programming concepts.

Top 24 Simple, Yet Beautiful CSS3 Table Templates And Examples

One such element that continues to help assess online data better is “table” — the table element can be used to display raw data in a selection of different appearances; tables. HTML tables are not necessarily something that everyone will be using on their websites, however they are incredibly helpful when it comes to presenting data through rows and columns, and also for organizing data and information in a more accessible way. Bootstrap CSS Bootstrap is the most famous front-end development framework on the planet, it’s being used everywhere; well, almost!

Download. CSS3 Generator. Generator de sombras CSS. Tablas accesibles < Técnicas de accesibilidad < Curso acelerado < Notes on Using ARIA in HTML. 2.1 First rule of ARIA use If you can use a native HTML element [HTML51] or attribute with the semantics and behaviour you require already built in, instead of re-purposing an element and adding an ARIA role, state or property to make it accessible, then do so.

Notes on Using ARIA in HTML

Under what circumstances may this not be possible? If the feature is available in HTML [HTML51] but it is not implemented or it is implemented, but accessibility support is not. If the visual design constraints rule out the use of a particular native element, because the element cannot be styled as required. If the feature is not currently available in HTML. 2.2 Second rule of ARIA use Do not change native semantics, unless you really have to. For example: Developer wants to build a heading that's a button. Do not do this: Accesibilidad práctica con HTML5, CSS3 y WAI-ARIA. A Complete Guide to Flexbox. Background The Flexbox Layout (Flexible Box) module (currently a W3C Last Call Working Draft) aims at providing a more efficient way to lay out, align and distribute space among items in a container, even when their size is unknown and/or dynamic (thus the word "flex").

A Complete Guide to Flexbox

The main idea behind the flex layout is to give the container the ability to alter its items' width/height (and order) to best fill the available space (mostly to accommodate to all kind of display devices and screen sizes). A flex container expands items to fill available free space, or shrinks them to prevent overflow. Most importantly, the flexbox layout is direction-agnostic as opposed to the regular layouts (block which is vertically-based and inline which is horizontally-based).

While those work well for pages, they lack flexibility (no pun intended) to support large or complex applications (especially when it comes to orientation changing, resizing, stretching, shrinking, etc.). Puroguramu: Cómo sombrear filas alternas con CSS3. A esta forma de presentar filas se le suele llamar cebra. Caso Tabla <table class="zebra"><thead><tr><th>Col0</th><th>Col1</th><th>Col2</th></tr></thead><tbody><tr><td>Item</td><td>Item</td><td>Item</td></tr><tr><td>Item</td><td>Item</td><td>Item</td></tr><tr><td>Item</td><td>Item</td><td>Item</td></tr></tbody></table> Normalmente, las tablas presentan sus celdas con un borde.

Para ocultarlo, se puede usar el atributo html border="0". Sin embargo, también se puede hacer usando estilos, con algo como: Caso Lista. CSS3 background-clip. All colors - hex colors, rgb colors, and named colors, such as blue, green, red, brown, yellow, and orange. CSS Styling of dgrid. The new dgrid is a powerful, but lightweight grid component.

It is specifically built to be easily styled with CSS, rather than relying on programmatic properties and changes. The dgrid makes numerous element classes available to reference from CSS and avoids inline styles as much as possible to ensure ease of CSS customization. Stylesheet Loading Order. Tryit Editor v3.0. Vertical-align. Modulo de las tablas HTML5. CSS table cell hover change background color - CSS-Tricks. # March 19, 2013 at 5:42 pm Hi, I’m trying to for a CSS ‘menu’ script that when a table cell is hovered the cell background color changes. Here are 2 good examples of what I’d like, in action (note: this doesn’t reflect my personal music taste!) : (It is highly preferred to have ‘cells’ that contain logos, such as amazon, iTunes, etc.) Tip: Cambiar estilos de Checkbox y Radio Button con CSS3. Style Placeholder Text.

Tabla Caracteres ASCII - Conversion y Equivalencias Hexa - Octal - HTML Entities. La tabla ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) es un juego de caracteres creado en 1963 y publicado en 1967 para representar el alfabeto latino, otros caracteres alfanumericos y comandos para control de textos (nueva linea, tabulacion, etc) en sistemas informaticos. Entity Conversion Calculator.

Optimizar fuentes web — Web Fundamentals. Fuentes web. CSS 3. Páginas web HTML / XHTML y hojas de estilo CSS. Bartolomé Sintes Marco. CSS Pseudo-classes. Align-content. The align-content property is a sub-property of the Flexible Box Layout module. It helps aligning a flex container's lines within it when there is extra space in the cross-axis, similar to how justify-content aligns individual items within the main-axis. Note, this property has no effect when the flexbox has only a single line. Responsive Data Tables. By Chris Coyier On In addition to the techniques below, see this roundup of additional explorations of this problem. Garrett Dimon: Data tables don't do so well with responsive design. Just sayin'. He has a good point. Responsive design is all about adjusting designs to accommodate screens of different sizes.

Unidades VH y VW de CSS3. En este tutorial vamos a conocer las unidades vh y vw, que introdujo la versión 3 de CSS. Seguro muchos de nosotros conocemos las unidades px, em, rem, % y pt, pero quizás no todos conocían o usan las unidades de medida vh y vw.