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Alex Grey. Story People Home. 1000 journals - Journals. Wasted beauty. Forked from: [BetweenAS3]uzumaki. Littlesweets.

Muel - Fluid Sculpture. S Best Photos by Bunnyrel. Endless Interestingness. 50 Captivating Slow Shutter Speed Photos. Using a slow shutter speed allows for a completely different style of photography - from light painting to capturing smooth water effects.

50 Captivating Slow Shutter Speed Photos

This article features a quick introduction to this style of photography, followed by 50 really amazing examples of the technique in action. Hopefully you'll leave feeling inspired! Shooting With a Slow Shutter Speed. Highspeed Photography: Drops. G A L L E R Y. Photo Gallery of Large Format Fine Art Photography - World Sceni. Levitated Daily Source, the good source. Distinctive design to ripen minds.