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TV tuner and Ubuntu.url Greetings! I've installed Ubuntu and have been trying it out for a couple weeks. Must say I'm enjoying the hell out of Linux. So long Windows...! TV tuner and Ubuntu.url
Ubuntu not recognizing my onboard GPU (780G) No Hybrid Crossf (...) .url
VMware Player allows you to run entire operating systems in a virtual machine, which runs on top of Ubuntu or Windows. To the guest operating system (the one running inside the virtual machine), it appears as though it were running on its own PC. The host operating system runs the VMware Player, which provides the guest with things like network access. It can be downloaded for free from VMware. Virtual machines configured with an operating system and applications ready to perform a specific function are called virtual appliances. An appliance can be created using certain VMware products, or you can download ready-made appliances. VMwarePlayer - Community Ubuntu Documentation.url VMwarePlayer - Community Ubuntu Documentation.url