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Student Agency In The Library

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From Student Voice To Student Agency. Ed-Talk: Learning with an Emotional Brain - Mary Helen Immordino-Yang. The Shift from Engaging Students to Empowering Learners. 7 Things That Happen When Students Own Their Learning. The Key To Raising A Happy Child. Ben Kort's Self Checkout Materials – Google Drive. 2142541. Self checkout in a school library - Z the Library Chica.

Library Procedures from Tiffany Whitehead

2018-19 Student Book Budget First Steps. Merri Anna Allred's Self Checkout Tips/Resources. Librarians Talk About How Self Checkout Works For Them. Adding Student Voice with the Junior Library Council. One of my goals is to increase student voice in the library.

Adding Student Voice with the Junior Library Council

This has always been a bit of a challenge, since my school serves preschool to second grade. This year, I started the Junior Library Council (JLC) to help meet this need. The JLC is based on the model shared by Andy Plemmons. For several years, he has shared information about his Student Book Budget Project. For this project, students gather data about the kinds of books that should be added to the library. Who: The first thing I had to decide, was how to incorporate this type of project into an already-packed school day. What: We met for an hour once a week for eight weeks. Once we had collected our data, it was exported into a Google Sheet. From there, we checked the library catalog for what books we already had based on the topics on our master list. One of the big pieces of the Book Budget Project that Andy identifies in his blog is the impact that meeting with vendors has on students’ decisions.

What They Learned: Self Checkout - Tonia Eriksen. 3) For younger students that do not remember their identification number, have teachers send the students to the library with their library card or hand them out at the beginning of class.

Self Checkout - Tonia Eriksen

I made name tags for my students and added their barcode to the back. Items and links are below to make the students library cards/name tags like the ones in the picture. If cost is an issue, barcode labels can be put on index cards. Destiny Self-Checkout2.pdf.

Self Checkout Directions from Carl Harvey

Genrefying Your Library WITHOUT Changing Call Numbers. Let's Connect!

Genrefying Your Library WITHOUT Changing Call Numbers

How Genrefication Makes School Libraries More Like Bookstores. “It used to be when a class would come in,” Taylor said, “I’d have a line of 10 kids that needed to ask me, ‘Where’s this book?’ Or where’s this or that.” After genrefication, she said, “some periods came in, and there wasn’t one kid that needed to ask me anything, and they all found books in half the time.”

A child who previously floundered “went right over to the Humor shelf, and it took about 30 seconds,” she added. Genrefication: Removing Barriers to Access. Small Steps?

Genrefication: Removing Barriers to Access

Or Giant Leap? I am always up for a new challenge and don’t often shy away because something might be “too hard” or “too much work.” In fact, those are my least favorite words to hear in a school. The idea of genrefying a library’s collection, whether it’s called “Dewey Light,” “ditching Dewey,” or “bookstore model,” is appealing because it empowers users to help themselves. When I walk into a bookstore, I can usually find the section I’m looking for without asking a salesperson for help. Flipping Your Library with Genrefication. As the world changes and new learning is required, more and more librarians are considering genrefication as a way of organizing books instead of doing them the standard way by author last name. Genrefication is the methodical process of reorganizing books by genre or category. It’s also sometimes called the “bookstore method,” as that is the way most bookstores are organized today.

Benefits of Genrefication A time-consuming task, librarians must ask themselves what the benefits of completely redoing their collections are. The genrefication of an elementary school library. Genrefication Defined - In Defense of Library Genrefication. The term genrefication made its way into Urban Dictionary in 2008 and is defined as "the process or idea of classifying music, film, literature, or other such mediums into specific genres or categories.

Genrefication Defined - In Defense of Library Genrefication

" This general definition is valid; although for the current case, genrefication is discussed with specific regard to public and school libraries. As such, genrefication is explored as a means of classification that is either an addition to, alternative to, or an adaptation of the traditional Dewey Decimal System.While genrefication is the featured term of choice, the general concept is sometimes referenced using other descriptors: bookstore model, subject-based cataloging, or nontraditional shelving. It may, although is not required to, coincide with movements to make collections Dewey-free, Deweyless, or un-Deweyed.

5 Steps to Subject-based Library Classification. If your library has not been heavily weeded lately, take this as an opportunity to do so. Books that are not being checked out are taking up valuable real estate in your library and may be keeping students from finding the books they want to read. You’re taking the time to lay your hands on each and every book; make the most of that process and decide if that book should still be part of your collection. For many books, the genre is obvious based on the cover and title. The subject headings on the copyright page (or in your library catalog) are a great tool for determining a book’s genre. Some books may fit easily in several different genre locations. Step 3: Make the Move. Genrefication, or, Making our Library More Reader Friendly - BubbleUp Classroom. The Library Genrefication Project - Mrs. ReaderPants. Skip to content FacebookPinterestInstagramShopping-cartEnvelope Menu September 10, 2011.

The Library Genrefication Project - Mrs. ReaderPants

Ditching Dewey: Choosing Genre Categories – Mighty Little Librarian. One of my favorite things to talk about in library land is the genrefication of our library.

Ditching Dewey: Choosing Genre Categories – Mighty Little Librarian

I frequently get questions about this from folks who have read my blog posts or have seen me present. I blogged about the process all along the way, from the tagging my fiction books, to genre shelving fiction, to ditching Dewey in nonfiction. Those posts were basically my reflections and thoughts from when I made the move. For a while now, I’ve been wanting to write a more comprehensive blog post that I can share as a reference for people interested in genrefying their library.

After our AASL presentation, I realized that a series of blog posts would be the way to go. Intro to Genrefication - Village Elementary. Genrefying a High School Library. #FAMEFlashPD - How to Genrefy your Library!