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Chords. Common Chord Progressions - Theorytab. Chords & Lyrics. Chrome Music Lab. Untitled. Lyric writing. FLStudioUser. Music_Theory_for_the_Computer_Musician.pdf. Music Crash Courses. Best Method To Make Beats In FL Studio - FL Beat Tutorials. Today I was browsing through forums and a question came up.

Best Method To Make Beats In FL Studio - FL Beat Tutorials

What is your preferred method to make beats? I figured this would be a great time to discuss beatmaking methods and give some FL Studio tips at the same time. This individual was specifically looking for the method you are using to create your beats. There are many different ways to do it including: Loop recordingComposing notes in the piano rollRecording live instruments First of all I want to point out that there is no right or wrong way to create a beat. So let’s look at some of the common methods and you can pick a beat making method that works best for you. Composing Notes In The FL Studio Piano Roll This method of beatmaking involves opening up FL Studio and composing notes on the piano roll as you compose the track. The major downside of using the piano roll is that it is so much harder to improvise parts. Loop Recording In FL Studio. Building Beats in FL Studio. Now that FL Studio has the doors more officially opened towards the Mac, lots of new users are coming out of the woodwork.

Building Beats in FL Studio

This lends to its renewed growth as a platform. But, because it’s technically running within a Windows emulation on your Mac, it can get a little confusing. For PC users, having strange Explorer windows pop up is no big deal, but Mac guys may be left scratching their heads. Also, the Step Sequencer is amazing for drums, but how do you get more intricate? FL Beat Tutorials - FL Studio Tutorials and Beat making Tutorials. Music Scales - Frequency, Notes, Octaves, Tuning, Scales, Modes, Pentatonics, Transforms - Yala Abdullah.


Music Scales - Frequency, Notes, Octaves, Tuning, Scales, Modes, Pentatonics, Transforms - Yala Abdullah

FL Studio Tutorials: Song Structure (Part 1) [S01EP8] Mandolin Practice Tips. A woman recently sent a message, saying, she’d be interested in hearing the process of learning a new tune.

Mandolin Practice Tips

What Makes A Tune Easy to Learn This has been on my mind lately, because I’ve found that learning by ear has many benefits over learning from tab or standard notation. Tab and standard notation allows you to correctly learn the tune from the beginning. However, it can draw out the amount of time one takes to learn a tune. When learning by ear, we have to listen to the tune repeatedly, which helps us get the tune stuck in our mind. Once we’ve figured all this out, then what? Figuring Out the Key The Key and the Scale Used for Various Tunes Sets the Tone. - Chordfinder for Keyboards. 3-key-chord-chart.jpg (JPEG Image, 542 × 656 pixels) Music Theory Cheat Sheet: Scales, Keys, Chords. The title of this post might be a little grandiose, but it’s (somewhat) true.

Music Theory Cheat Sheet: Scales, Keys, Chords

Last post, I made reference to a cheat sheet that I had dreamed up for yall and I neglected to explain how to use it! What a jerk I am. So, I thought I’d clue you in about how to use this nifty resource. The cheat sheet consists of three different sections: Keys, Chords and Chord Construction. Key Click to Biggify The columns of this section correspond to different notes of the scale, the rows correspond to different keys. F#? Of course, you can do the opposite, as I’ve done in the last post, and figure out what key a melodic phrase is in by finding what key contains those notes. Music Theory Cheat Sheet. MusicTheoryCheatSheet.jpg (747×1869) Piano room: chords and scales.

Warbeats. - Free Loops Samples Acapellas Vocals Downloads Royalty Free Music. 37 music production tips from the pros. Head out into the wild world of the internet and it seems that everyone has a music production tip to offer you, but what you really want are words of wisdom from the people who've been there and done it.

37 music production tips from the pros

Lucky for you, then, that we've collated 37 tips from experienced professionals. If you can't learn something from these guys, we can only assume that you know it all already. 1. Liam Howlett, Prodigy "Buy Superman albums. 2. "Putting rhythm parts down simultaneously is the essence of capturing a human feel. 3. Free NI Massive Course - EFX Design. Guitar Archives - NI Massive Tutorials. Electric Guitar with NI Massive and Guitar Rig in FL Studio An interesting look at the behinds the scenes process of creating an amazing synthesized electric guitar using NI Massive and Guitar Rig inside of FL Studio.

Guitar Archives - NI Massive Tutorials

How to Make a Classic Dub Pluck with NI Massive This is a must watch NI Massive video tutorial for anyone interested in producing any style of dub music or new variation of dub. 26 essential synth tutorials. Thanks to today's über-powerful, super-affordable software instruments, making synth-based music has never been easier.

26 essential synth tutorials

However, while it's possible to buy, download and install a plug-in in seconds (there are many that you don't even have to pay for), the fundamentals of synth programming still apply. Happily, MusicRadar is here to help you master them: we have an abundance of step-by-step guides, videos, tips and other tutorials that will get you to the sound you're looking for in no time.