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Compas tres por cuatro - El Lenguaje Musical de Fátima: "DIBUJAMOS LA MÚSICA" #YoMeQuedoEnCasa. ‎GarageBand en App iOS (Creación de música) ‎Ear Trainer Lite en App iOs. Oído Perfecto (App Android) Dictado musical lite (App Android) Musical Dictation generates melodic dictations up to 16 notes, with musical notation, which are corrected by the application itself.You can choose between Atonal dictations, selecting the intervals with which you want to work or Tonal dictations (Major or Natural Minor) in which the melodic dictation notes, as well as the type of alteration (sharp or flat) are adjusted to the chosen key.Its simple interface shows one or several staves, the musical notes and an audio player with Play, Pause and Stop controls to listen, pause, and stop the melodic dictation.The operation is very easy.

Dictado musical lite (App Android)

When you open the app or when pressing the New dictation button, the staff appears with all the notes set in the chosen tonic. All the Musical Dictation settings are established by pressing the Settings button.Now it’s your task to place the notes in the right pitch. Pressing the Play button, you listen to the melodic dictation. Raquel Aller. El aula musical de Adriana. 10 vídeos para trabajar el Ritmo en el aula. Encajes musicales "Pequeño Mozart" - Pequeño Mozart. Prélude n°1 aux tubes musicaux (boomwhackers) Pink Panther, Ghostbusters, and Wavin' Flag on Boomwhackers! Bruno Mars - Count On Me (Boom Whackers) The Complete Guide to the Cup Song. Origins of the cup song It’s a craze that has swept over schools everywhere and contrary to popular belief, the Cup Song (or “Cup Game”) was not created for the 2012 movie Pitch Perfect.

The Complete Guide to the Cup Song

Both the song and game that accompanies it have been around for years and their history is an interesting one. The song – When I’m Gone – was originally written and recorded by country music group The Carter Family in 1931. The Mainers Mountaineers later recorded their own version of the song in 1937 and at this time it was a stand-alone song, with no cup-based rhythmic accompaniment. The cup routine itself is attributed to performer Rich Mullins and it started life as a rhythmic accompaniment for his 1987 song Screen Door.

The game grew in popularity and was picked up by many music teachers and camp leaders as a fun, challenging activity which could accompany any song and even made a brief appearance on the 1980s sitcom Full House. How to do the cup song And the award goes to… 8 Games For Teaching Music – Lesson Plans. It’s said that having a musical education can help your brain to develop stronger in other educational areas as well.

8 Games For Teaching Music – Lesson Plans

While I whole-heartedly support that, I know first hand how difficult it can be to teach the concept of music. Some are able to grasp it quickly and effectively while others struggle a bit more so. Review of Free Sample Materials from Music education is one area that I feel like we have really slacked in over the years.

Review of Free Sample Materials from

It was always hard for me to stay consistent, even though I knew in my head how important it was. It was just difficult to keep it up and stay motivated, especially with a lack of materials and a lack of much knowledge on my part. Which is why I’m really, really excited about this Kickstarter campaign from Tamsyn Spackman, the creator, is a “Doman mom” too (you can read more about the Doman philosophy here). Mrs. DeFrang's Music Room: Kindergarten. We know a beat is steady, and a rhythm is a combination of long and short sounds.

Mrs. DeFrang's Music Room: Kindergarten

We've been working so hard on keeping a steady beat, and now we're moving onto rhythms! Music Theory, Books, Circle of Fifths, Learn Guitar: Lotus Music. By Tom Michero This enigmatic diagram holds the secret to understanding music. You've heard about it. You've seen it. But, do you know how it can improve your playing? The Circle of Fifths contains a wealth of musical information that is extremely useful to musicians. An Introduction to Understanding Music This book is a good first book to have on the subject of making music, but even many music pros have never seen the Circle of Fifths discussed with such depth and relevance.

Music Education Resources. Compasesflamencos. Introducción Uno de los elementos más importantes de la música flamenca es el que atañe al ritmo, al compás.


Antes de ver cada uno, vamos a recordar la definición de compás. Aunque más adelante los verás pormenorizadamente, citamos los tipos fundamentales: Web para el desarrollo auditivo a través de la realización de dictados musicales. El Blog de Lenguaje Musical: Dictados. Teoría : Espacio dedicado a la teoría musical. EDUCACIÓN MUSICAL. RunBoyRun. Familia-addams. Partituras y Canciones. Musicnetmaterials. Musicnetmaterials comparte información relacionada con todo tipo de disciplinas asociadas con la enseñanza de la música y sus distintos niveles.


Se centra, sobre todo, en aspectos sobre armonía, análisis musical, lenguaje musical y práctica de la lectura musical, con más de 1.000 archivos, más de 3.000 ejercicios para leer al piano (nivel básico, medio y avanzado), ejercicios de intervalos, sección infantil, etc. Chrome Music Lab. - Outdated Browser. Interval Ear Training. APPS ANDROID by almudenalmcjm on Clase de Música 2.0 - Inicio. APPS iOS by almudenalmcjm on … no basta con oir la música, además hay que verla… (Igor Stravinsky) Innovación, Diseño y Tendencias en la Red: dilemas y paradojas - Blog sobre innovación, escrito desde una mirada crítica y humanista.

Musygaunas. Dando a nota.