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Using org-mode as a Day Planner » Lost in Technopolis. Emacs is My New Window Manager. Unlike the previous century, this century has been defined by web applications.

Emacs is My New Window Manager

Most of my web efforts are looking up code documentation and other technical resources, and this is good using a text-oriented browser like w3m or eww embedded within Emacs. Whenever a page doesn’t render well (can you say JavaScript), I can hit the & key to bring up a web browser.. You can kick off a graphical browser to a specific URL by binding a function that calls this: (start-process "" nil "xdg-open" " Keep in mind, running X window applications without a real window manager will overlay Emacs, which is only an option if the window is temporary. Update: Since I wrote this section, a number of people have mentioned some light-weight window managers. Link abbreviations. This is the official manual for the latest Org-mode release. 4.6 Link abbreviations Long URLs can be cumbersome to type, and often many similar links are needed in a document.

Link abbreviations

For this you can use link abbreviations. An abbreviated link looks like this [[linkword:tag][description]] Abbrev Mode. By Xah Lee.

Abbrev Mode

Date: . Last updated: . Emacs's abbrev feature lets you type a short word and expand into a full word or code template. Log In. Hotkey to Open File Fast. By Xah Lee.

Hotkey to Open File Fast

Date: . Last updated: . Here's a command that lets you open file fast, by typing a letter or digit. You can use this instead of Emacs Bookmark. Put the following in your emacs init file. (require 'ido) (defvar xah-filelist nil "Association list of file/dir paths. M-x emacs-reddit. Advanced searching. Thus far, we have explored different ways to query the various types of metadata attached to an org entry.

Advanced searching

But what if you would like to search the entire text of your org entries? Org Mode - Organize Your Life In Plain Text! Okay, I admit it.

Org Mode - Organize Your Life In Plain Text!

I'm a clocking fanatic. Vimqrc. OrgMode tutorial. Handling links. Store a link to the current location.

Handling links

This is a global command (you must create the key binding yourself) which can be used in any buffer to create a link. The link will be stored for later insertion into an Org buffer (see below). What kind of link will be created depends on the current buffer: Org mode buffers For Org files, if there is a ‘<<target>>’ at the cursor, the link points to the target. Otherwise it points to the current headline, which will also be the description1. If the headline has a CUSTOM_ID property, a link to this custom ID will be stored.

Emacs-Settings/ at master · incandescentman/Emacs-Settings. GNU Emacs Manual: Saving Abbrevs. 29.5 Saving Abbrevs These commands allow you to keep abbrev definitions between editing sessions.

GNU Emacs Manual: Saving Abbrevs

M-x write-abbrev-file RET RET Write a file describing all defined abbrevs. Emacs For Writers. How do I outline/hide/show text when writing prose? - Emacs Stack Exchange. Here is what I take to be your goal: The ability to focus on a particular chunk of text while getting the rest of it out of your way,The ability to move big chunks of text around quickly.

How do I outline/hide/show text when writing prose? - Emacs Stack Exchange

This solution uses only out-of-the-box Emacs functionality: GNU Hyperbole Manual. Short Table of Contents Table of Contents GNU Hyperbole The Everyday Hypertextual Information Manager.

GNU Hyperbole Manual

EmacsWiki: Hyperbole. GNU Hyperbole - The Everyday Hypertextual Information Manager. Table of Contents Preface GNU Hyperbole is maintained by the author Bob Weiner and Mats Lidell. In 2016, GNU Hyperbole was greatly expanded and updated with full compatibility for Emacs 24.4 through the latest Emacs releases. GNU Hyperbole is now available for download and installation via the GNU Emacs package manager. For Hyperbole news, open issues, or to browse the source code online, visit the Hyperbole Project page. Summary. Org Mode - Organize Your Life In Plain Text! Okay, I admit it. I'm a clocking fanatic.

I clock everything at work. Living an awesome life for 01/03/2017. By Sacha Chua on Jan 03, 2017 02:21 am. Going paperless, replacing my notebooks and journals with 1's and 0's. The motivation is always clear but the execution almost always falls short. At least, that has been my experience with trying to go paperless in the past. I just couldn’t find anything that could beat the simple, intuitive, and fast user experience of picking up a pen and scribbling in a hard covered notebook. Not only is paper easy to use for the person creating the material, it is also easy to share, or keep secure. But, “insert all obvious motivations for going paperless”, so I rolled my own solution that addresses the above shortcomings. I have been using this setup for 8 months now with mostly positive results, this is the full story.

What does Tikhon Jelvis's Emacs setup look like? - Quora. Alt code reference sheet. For those wondering! Spacemacs: Emacs advanced Kit focused on Evil. Org Mode - Organize Your Life In Plain Text! Okay, I admit it. I'm a clocking fanatic. I clock everything at work. Org-mode makes this really easy. I'd rather clock too much stuff than not enough so I find it's easier to get in the habit of clocking everything.

This makes it possible to look back at the day and see where I'm spending too much time, or not enough time on specific projects. Without clocking data it's hard to tell how long something took to do after the fact. I now use the concept of punching in and punching out at the start and end of my work day. Punching in defines a default task to clock time on whenever the clock would normally stop. Org mode is awesome. Getting Started With Org Mode. Using Emacs - 24 - Org Capture 2. Not much in today's actual post. The video is a continuation of the last one on org-capture. The video goes over how I set things up to pop up a new frame to do a capture even if emacs isn't on screen (as long as it's running) by hitting F1.

I would have preferred to bind to C-c c - the same as within emacs but I havn't figured out how to do that in Ubuntu or Mint Linux yet. Here's the elisp code for the configuration file to do the heavy lifting. I can't for th elife of me remember who's blog I found it on. Org Mode - Organize Your Life In Plain Text!

Read your RSS feeds in emacs with elfeed. The package elfeed is an excellent feed reader for Emacs. The project web page has great documentation, and you should read that to cover the basics. I thought I’d share some of the details of my setup. Open Last Closed File. By Xah Lee. Bind Number Pad Keys. By Xah Lee. EmacsWiki: Emacs Snapshot And Debian. GitHub - caiorss/org-wiki: Wiki for Emacs org-mode built on top of Emacs org-mode. Mu4e 0.9.16 user manual: Keybindings. 4.2 Keybindings Using the below key bindings, you can do various things with these messages; these actions are also listed in the Headers menu in the emacs menu bar. key description =========================================================== n,p view the next, previous message ],[ move to the next, previous unread message y select the message view (if it's visible) RET open the message at point in the message view searching --------- s search S edit last query / narrow the search b search bookmark B edit bookmark before search j jump to maildir M-left,\ previous query M-right next query O change sort order P toggle threading Q toggle full-search V toggle skip-duplicates W toggle include-related marking ------- d mark for moving to the trash folder = mark for removing trash flag ('untrash') DEL,D mark for complete deletion m mark for moving to another maildir folder r mark for refiling +,- mark for flagging/unflagging ?

Emacstips. Here are some tips and tricks for using Notmuch with Emacs. Emacstips. Purcell/emacs.d. Untitled. Google search from inside emacs. How to Set Emacs's User Interface. By Xah Lee. Date: . Last updated: . This page shows you how to set up many preferences in emacs. Emacs for note-taking / outlining, quick demo. Text Pattern Matching (regex) tutorial. Using Eww Web Browser. By Xah Lee. Date: . OrgMode tutorial. Official Forum - World of Tanks Console. How to set the font size in Emacs? Yahoo mail Account to Thunderbird Using IMAP. Add Your Yahoo mail Account to Thunderbird Using IMAP To set up your Thunderbird client to work with Yahoo: Open Thunderbird and type your name, Email address and password Click Continue Tick the check box on IMAP(remote folders) and click on Manual config Now we need to manually enter in our settings similar to the following.

SLN4724 - POP server settings for Yahoo Mail. GitHub - ralesi/ranger.el: Bringing the goodness of ranger to dired! Up close - GIF on Imgur. GitHub - technomancy/better-defaults: A small number of better defaults for Emacs. EmacsWiki: Tiny Tools. EmacsWiki: Category Dot Emacs. Planet Emacsen. A GNU Emacs Themes Gallery. Emacs - GNU Project. Living an awesome life for 05/09/2016. ConfigTricks – Mutt. ConfigTricks – Mutt. Vim tips and tricks: multiple windows. Gmail in Mutt - Jordi Romero. The Homely Mutt. Org as a Word Processor. Configuring Spacemacs: A Tutorial - Tristan Hume. Mu4e: an E-mail Client for Emacs. An Introduction to the Z Shell - Table of Contents.

Mu4e 0.9.16 user manual: Keybindings. Vim documentation - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia. Vim documentation - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia. Untitled. Vi ref. VIM Reference Card. VIM Quick Reference Card. Dired ref. Use Spacemacs's improved evil-mode bindings in emacs : emacs. Mu/mu4e at master · djcb/mu. Helm-mu/helm-mu.el at master · emacs-helm/helm-mu. Sacha chua mu4e. Mu. Living an awesome life - learn - share - scale. Index of /notebook/emacs/ Eclair, etc. : Techie Stuff. Eclair, etc. : Techie Stuff. Tech evangelist, connector, geek.

Index of all posts. Org-auto-comit-init. Org Mode - Organize Your Life In Plain Text! Journaling with org-mode. Advanced searching. Planner-el. EMACS WIKI. Planner mode. Google - Emacs Redux. How I use Emacs and Org-mode to implement GTD. Index of /notebook/emacs/ Planner-el. Planner-el. Planner Quick Start.