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Q: What earlier sections from the Christian Origins and the Question of God series would you suggest as the most fruitful portions to go back and reread so Paul and the Faithfulness of God can be understood most fully? NT Wright: Basically the whole of The New Testament and the People of God forms a foundation on which everything else stands. Part II of The New Testament and the People of God (NTPG) outlines the method of ‘critical realism’ for historical study and the ‘worldview’ model through which we can get at the social, cultural and narrative world of a person or group. Part III of NTPG provides a historical and theological account of the first-century Jewish world, which I then develop further in chapter 2 of PFG but which remains foundational. Part IV of NTPG outlines the early history and worldview of the church which is the framework for Paul – note especially my refutation of the common idea that ‘the delay of the Parousia’ formed a major feature of its life. Academics Academics

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Current ArticlesView all » The World From Aari to Zuni Linguist Gary Simons ’74 may know more than anyone else on the globe about the world’s 7,105 living languages. Response: SPU Mag Response: SPU Mag
I’m reading Peter Morden’s Offering Christ to the World: Andrew Fuller and the Revival of Eighteenth Century Particular Baptist Life. May not sound tremendously interesting until you understand that Fuller was the British theologian that most directly undergirded the movement resulting in William Carey traveling to India. Indeed, Fuller was arguably the key figure in creating, sustaining, and defending the missionary society that sent and supported Carey (the “Particular Baptist Society for Propagating the Gospel Among the Heathen”!). Orchard Keeper Orchard Keeper
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Center for Preaching Center for Preaching If this is your first time, start with our weekly podcast - Preaching Points. If you’re looking for more in-depth conversation and instruction on preaching, check out PulpitTalk, our quarterly CD journal on preaching. For those who are just starting out in the study of preaching, you will benefit from spending a few days with our faculty at the Preachers' College. And if you would like help on a sermon you are currently preparing or have recently preached, check out Sermon Doctor Rx.
CASKET EMPTY Old Testament Timeline The picture of a blue crown represents the period of MESSIAH. God sends His beloved Son, Jesus, into the world. He is Israel's Messiah who had been promised many years earlier. Jesus proclaims the good news that God's kingdom has arrived (Dan. 2:44; Mark 1:14-15) and demonstrates the reality of the kingdom with signs, healings, and casting out demons (Isa. 35; Matt. 11; 12:28). Jesus calls people to repent, and believe in the gospel. CASKET EMPTY Old Testament Timeline
The Evangelical Homiletics Society | Dedicated to Evangelical Bi The Evangelical Homiletics Society | Dedicated to Evangelical Bi In 2002 I asked a friend “Where can I find a group that enjoys thinking and talking about homiletics as much as I do?” His answer: “You need to join EHS!” So I did.
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God Is Finishing His Mission Now Or browse by Scripture, Topic or Language. Blog Subscribe Older Posts by Tony Reinke The mission of Desiring God is helping people all around the globe find joy in Jesus Christ. Desiring God :: God-centered resources from the ministry of John
Q : Ideas That Create a Better World Q : Ideas That Create a Better World Throughout history, cultures have deemed single people sexless, barren, cursed and unable to secure their eternal placement. Jesus shattered this paradigm, or at least shifted it dramatically for Christians. Jesus never mentions earthly marriage as a prerequisite for anything in the next. “The nuclear family,” he said in so many words, is secondary to the ever-enduring Kingdom family, Body of Christ, or Church. Why do we forget this so easily?