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New Teachers: Designing Learning Environments. The Importance of Classroom Design.

New Teachers: Designing Learning Environments

Parent-Teacher Conference Resources (Printables & Articles) Highlights Earth Day Kids love hearing about the Earth and ways we can be better to our environment!

Parent-Teacher Conference Resources (Printables & Articles)

We've gathered some great resources to help you celebrate Earth Day (April 22) with your class. Some of our most popular activities include this Pollution Matching Worksheet, Recycling Videos and Activities, and Renewable and Non-renewable Energy Worksheet, Recycled Art Lesson Plan, and a Trash & Climate Change Activities Packet! Videos Interested in using different types of media in your classroom? We have a growing collection of videos, with related activities, for holidays and events, including: slavery & the Civil War, American History, U.S.

April Calendar of Events April is full of events that you can incorporate into your standard curriculum. Coding & Computer Science Introduce your students to basic coding and computer science! Web Poster Wizard Home. Planboard — Lesson planning made easy for teachers. Engrade. Engaged Parents, Engaged Students: Theory and Practice. The suck edchat version. End of the School Year Sanity! Activities & Resources for Teachers. ClassDojo Launches a Messaging Service to Help Teachers Keep Parents Informed. ClassDojo, a popular student behavior recording service, has launched an excellent new messaging feature in their Android and iOS apps.

ClassDojo Launches a Messaging Service to Help Teachers Keep Parents Informed

The new messaging feature allows teachers to send messages to parents about their children. The messaging featuring can be used to send messages to parents on an individual basis and on a whole group basis. ClassDojo is using the term "Direct Messaging" to refer to sending messages to individuals and the term "Broadcast Messaging" to refer to sending messages to all parents in a group. ClassDojo's messaging service, like that of Remind 101 and similar messaging services, hides the personal contact information of the teacher and the of the parents. Parents have to opt-in to receive messages from the teacher. Ma bibliographie influente. 20 Tips For A More Organized Classroom. 20 Tips For A More Organized Classroom by Carrie Wible, “It’s around here somewhere”, you mumble while desperately rummaging through your desk, the filing cabinet, the book case, the storage compartments, and the twenty other places you stash things in the classroom.

20 Tips For A More Organized Classroom

The teacher who asked for the papers is waiting, her foot begins tapping, and apparently something is wrong with her watch as she keeps looking at it and sighing. Yes! Trade Secrets: Tips and Tricks for Closing Your Classroom. Teachers: Get in Gear for Next Year. The Perfect Purge Organization pros will tell you to get rid of anything that doesn’t have a defined use.

Teachers: Get in Gear for Next Year

That’s easier said than done. So how can you make letting go less stressful? Third-grade teacher Jodi Durgin, who writes the Clutter-Free Classroom blog, says teachers should be willing to let go of anything broken or outdated. That includes lessons and materials that don’t align with standards. To help ease the pain of parting with bulletin-board borders and unused books, Durgin passes the materials along to other teachers. Denise Boehm, who teaches second grade in Florida and writes the Sunny Days in Second Grade blog, participates in a teacher swap at the end of each school year. How to Prevent Classroom Bullying Infographic. Other Infographics Bullying in the classroom is an ongoing issue that teachers have to deal with.

How to Prevent Classroom Bullying Infographic

The How to Prevent Classroom Bullying Infographic depicts the Top 10 ways to deal with bullying in the classroom: 7 Effective Templates For Teacher Feedback. Feedback in the classroom is often one-sided: the teacher gives feedback and the student receives it, generally relating to the quality of their work.

7 Effective Templates For Teacher Feedback

Depending on the level of the students you teach, you may find yourself subject to student evaluation, but generally that only comes once a semester (at least at the university level), and generally when the course is completed and grades are either done or almost done. Rue89. Sur le web pédagogique, un professeur raconte ses réflexions sur l’agencement de la salle de classe.


Comment il a pris l’habitude de s’exiler hors de sa salle, d’aller ailleurs ou même en extérieur. « Rester entre les quatre murs de ma classe limite ma pratique professionnelle : les élèves n’ont pas accès à un ordinateur hormis le mien (je reste donc le principal pourvoyeur d’informations), je manque de ressources papiers (dictionnaires, atlas, magazines attendent patiemment au CDI), le seul vidéoprojecteur interactif de l’établissement est en salle informatique et le lot d’IPAD un matériel dont je rêve encore.

Par contre, le chariot télé prend la poussière dans le labo d’histoire tandis que s’amoncelle un tas de papiers sur un rétroprojecteur que des élèves ont réveillé une fois cette année pour dessiner Marge Simpson et Mario sur les murs de la classe. Ce n’est pas une coquetterie. Lire sur Le web pédagogique. 6 Essential R's to Reduce School-Wide Bullying. The best way to reduce bullying is not with a one-time assembly or a poster campaign, but with homegrown, data-driven, sustained efforts by a caring, committed staff -- a model I call the six R's, a blueprint for effective bullying prevention.

6 Essential R's to Reduce School-Wide Bullying

I've shared this model with hundreds of educators worldwide, and on U.S. Army bases. Each "R" is crucial in creating what our students deserve -- a safe, caring learning environment that breeds acceptance and respect. 1st R - RULES: Establish an Anti-Bullying Policy Develop an anti-bullying policy that fits your school values, focuses on prevention, features strong parental involvement, builds a respectful climate, and gets everyone on board. Anchor Charts as an Effective Teacher/Student Tool. 20 Tips For A More Organized Classroom.