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This Pearltrees page serves as a place to view my professional resume, profile and a collection of academic endeavors demonstrating my skills and knowledge across information and library related disciplines and applications.

In May 2021 I am projected to receive my Masters of Information with a concentration in Library and Information Science from Rutgers University. Over the course of the program I have learned to utilize various digital platforms for the purposes of learning, instruction, collaboration, presentation, curation, and professional development. Please explore this snapshot of these academic experiences within the context of my goal as serving as an elementary education to better understand my skillset and professional perspective. Jessie Hudson Resume 2020. Jessie_Hudson_501ProfileDoc. Graphic Novels - More Than Pictures! Blendspace. Explora Secondary...YOUR database. An introduction to this database and why it matters!

Explora Secondary...YOUR database

Middle School Research: A few questions to get us started! Are you an professional searcher (and yes, that is a real job)? Probably not. Most of us aren't. Did you know only 10% of Americans even know the most basic Google tricks! Have you ever sat down looking for SOMETHING but weren't even sure what that something was? What is a database anyway? Database Research is important... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Tell me more about Explora Secondary. - It is FREE in Georgia with a public library card number or GALILEO account (another great database) . - Explora Secondary is a SURROGATE database. . - It is designed for YOU right NOW.

On a Mission: Tricks for beginning a search in Explora Secondary... Now, let's search for something that matters to you. Do you need to convince your parents that there are benefits to teenage gaming and that you actually need more time not less with your controllers? 1. 2. 3. 4. Ok. PREVIEW HOME - Middle Schoolers ... How to Get Ready for High School. In response to the lack of available information and support: "We really couldn't decide between Marist and Westminster so I had to put together an excel spreadsheet with the information....

PREVIEW HOME - Middle Schoolers ... How to Get Ready for High School

I had to dig high and low to get all the information. " - Paige Feagin, SMES Mom "The process of applying out to middle school was somewhat daunting and thank goodness I could rely on friends that had been through the experience before. Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva.

What is next? A guide for parents and teachers around finding the next stories...

Bone. Group 8 - Education by Jessica Hudson on Prezi Next. 514_RLO_Hudson_J by Jessica Hudson on Prezi Next. Kevin Henkes Study by Jessica Hudson on Prezi Next. TheScreamingStaircase_HudsonJ by Jessica Hudson on Prezi Next. Copy of Ibi Zoboi by Jessica Hudson on Prezi Next. 200+ Climate Change-Common Core Curriculum ideas in 2020. Instructional Activities: As students learn from the texts on this board, these activities (for teachers and students) provide a chance to see the science in action.

200+ Climate Change-Common Core Curriculum ideas in 2020

Tips and tricks for teachers Pinned by Angela K We report on a move to incorporate climate change into the core curriculum in public schools nationwide. What is the reasoning behind the move? The upside: plastic is durable and it lasts forever. The downside: plastic lasts forever! This wind turbine project is a great way to experiment with wind energy! Find resources about the environment, pollution, and Earth Day activities in this Smithsonian Institute Learning Lab collection. Linking students to where and how they get their food and climate change. Take a look at NASA's Climate Time Machine and track changes to the earth's climate since across 4 categories: Global Temperature, Sea Ice, Sea Level and Carbon Dioxide. Connecting to the Common Core Standards for High Schoolers Posted by Jacqueline Hertz. Glaciers are melting.

200+ Climate Change-Common Core Curriculum ideas in 2020. 515 - Assignment #1. Smore Newsletters for Education. FREE Resource for our HIES Lower School Teachers!

Smore Newsletters for Education

Create Authentic Learning Experiences Your HIES libraries pay for a subscription to Maps 101 for YOU! Supplement existing lessons, use their free lessons or build a unit around an interactive map! Smore Newsletters for Education. HIES Lower School Digital Library Project Platforms COLLECT and SHARE!

Smore Newsletters for Education

DESIGN POSTERS and PRESENTATIONS 1. Skype: Mystery skype to meet students across the world 2. 3. 4. PHOTO WEBSITES to use for PROJECTS Students will practice finding, editing, sharing and citing photos for projects and presentations with these easy sites that require less credit for sources. 1. 2. 3. Collections. Smore Newsletters for Education. Created for RU515: Fall 2019 with Professor Jennifer LaGarde Jessie Hudson - Future School Librarian My name is Jessie Hudson, a current graduate student at Rutgers University working on my Masters in Information with a focus on School Librarianship.

Smore Newsletters for Education

I am a mom, Atlantan, part time substitute teacher, newbie Tweeter, yogi, amateur cook, avid reader, concert goer and college football fanatic. This Smore represents my efforts this semester at building my first Personal Learning Network. At the hub of this new venture is Twitter, to which I am almost completely new, and had to build a network from scratch. I utilized each week's modules to discover professionals and organizations that could expose me to exciting developments in education and new evolving role of librarians in a digital world. Professors Connected Through Rutgers University Joyce Valenza: @joycevalenza, "Assistant Professor Rutgers University SC&I, teacher-librarian, learner, SLJ blogger".

RU514 Final Guided Inquiry Unit Project.