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Strategies: predicting, skimming, scanning and reading for detail - EAP Resources Online. Predicting content To familiarise yourself with a text, it is a good idea to make predictions by looking at pictures and headings before you start to read.

Strategies: predicting, skimming, scanning and reading for detail - EAP Resources Online

Think about the following questions before you read a text: What do the pictures show? What do the headings and subheadings tell you? What topic might the article be about? Skimming Skimming involves reading quickly to get the main idea of a text. Scanning Scanning involves searching for numbers, symbols and long words in a text. Reading for detail or intensive reading We use this skill when we need to understand every work in a part of a text. The following websites give you more information about reading strategies: If you click on the files below, you will find an authentic reading text from the New Scientist magazine. There is also a question paper which could be used with a general newspaper article. Intensive reading. Intensive reading involves learners reading in detail with specific learning aims and tasks.

Intensive reading

It can be compared with extensive reading, which involves learners reading texts for enjoyment and to develop general reading skills. Example The learners read a short text and put events from it into chronological order. In the classroom Intensive reading activities include skimming a text for specific information to answer true or false statements or filling gaps in a summary, scanning a text to match headings to paragraphs, and scanning jumbled paragraphs and then reading them carefully to put them into the correct order.

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Diagram Software and Flowchart Maker. Enroll Now Free: An Intro to Cybersecurity. - K-12 Digital Literacy & Computer Science Solutions. Crie páginas da Web, imagens para redes sociais e vídeos curtos que se destacam em minutos. Aprenda a digitar. Quem quer ensinar - Programaê! Egg carton unplugged coding activity! - Teach Your Kids Code. This post may contain affiliate links.

Egg carton unplugged coding activity! - Teach Your Kids Code

Sharing is caring! On the blog today we are sharing another awesome screen free coding activity. We love designing unplugged coding activities that use objects you can easily find around your house. That’s why we’ve previously designed unplugged coding activities using Hotwheels cars, a deck of cards, and some sidewalk chalk. Today, we are going to be using Egg cartons to create a super fun coding activity that doesn’t require any screens. This unplugged coding activity will teach kids to design an algorithm to capture all the egg prizes and avoid the hot lava rocks.

Want to learn the basics of coding? Coding Concepts taught: Algorithm: An algorithm is a set of instructions given to a computer to perform a specific task. Debugging: Learning to code is not just about 0s and 1s. Interested in learning to code online? What you need: Lots of egg cartons. How to Set Up: It’s easy to get this game started. How to play: This game is quite simple. Pin for later! 13 Fun and Free Coding Activities for Hour of Code Week - Teach Your Kids Code.

This post may contain affiliate links.

13 Fun and Free Coding Activities for Hour of Code Week - Teach Your Kids Code

Sharing is caring! The Hour of Code is a global movement with students participating in 180 different countries. The Hour of Code takes place each year during Computer Science Education Week. The 2018 Computer Science Education Week will be December 3-9, but you can host an Hour of Code all year-round. The purpose of the ‘hour of code’ is to get students learning computer science for one hour. If you are looking for ways to celebrate the hour of code this year, we have got you covered!

If you would like to purchase an hour of code curriculum to use in your classroom, check out our hour of code worksheets here. Minecraft Hour of Code What’s the Activity? Take a journey through the world of Minecraft one hour of coding at a time. offers three Minecraft activities that help to teach students the principles of coding. In this activity, kids will get hands-on coding experience in the world of Minecraft. Level: Beginner coders Skills: Blocks Ages: 4+ Kodable.

Meet Cubetto - Primo Toys Cubetto: A toy robot teaching kids code & computer programming. Teach Computer Science & Coding to Kids. CS Unplugged.