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Créez vos animations CSS3 avec l'interface de bounce.js. Vous avez toujours eu envie de faire des animations CSS mais, avouons le, la complexité du code nécessaire vous rebute ? Je vous propose de découvrir Bounce.js, une interface graphique el ligue qui vous permettra de créer vos animations sans toucher à la moindre keyframe ! Bounce est une création de @JoelBesada qui je pense vas faire des heureux parmi vous. Comme son nom ne l'indique pas, cette petite application web vous propose de créer des animations web. Pour cela, rien de plus simple: choisissez dans le menu à gauche un modèle prédéfini à modifier, ou bien créez votre animation from scratch en ajoutant votre premier "component". La suite passe par l'édition des components en question.

A vous de choisir le type d'effet qui vous intéresse (translation, rotation, mise à l'échelle ou mise en perspective), les valeurs de départ et d'arrivée, et le temps que doit prendre cette étape. De nouveaux effets sont prévus, comme par exemple l'opacité. Pure CSS Coke Can by Román Cortés. Animated Buttons with CSS3. Original Hover Effects with CSS3. CSS Creatures. Transit - CSS transitions and transformations for jQuery. What about older browsers? Transit degrades older browsers by simply not doing the transformations (rotate, scale, etc) while still doing standard CSS (opacity, marginLeft, etc) without any animation.

Delays and durations will be ignored. // Delegate .transition() calls to .animate()// if the browser can't do CSS transitions.if (! $.support.transition) $.fn.transition = $.fn.animate; Fallback to frame-based animation If you would like to fallback to classic animation when transitions aren't supported, just manually redefine .transitition to .animate. (Note: if you're using custom easing, you may need to also use jQuery Easing, and restrict your use of easing options to the ones defined there.) $.fx.speeds. Default duration Transit honors jQuery's default speed, $.fx.speeds. Custom easing Define custom easing aliases in $.cssEase. Webkit: prevent flickers Having flickering problems in Webkit?

Antialias problems in Webkit? Force hardware-acceleration in Webkits to prevent text flickering. 20 stunning examples of CSS3 animation | CSS3. The latest CSS3 properties have opened a multitude of new doors to web designers and developers. It's now possible to create animations and interactivity entirely in CSS markup, without going near Flash, Silverlight or After Effects. The inspirational experiments in CSS3 animation listed here show just what CSS is now capable of - and while some utilise the odd bit of JavaScript, no plug-ins are necessary. Be warned, though: because they were specifically created as experiments, most of these animations will only work in the very latest versions of web browsers (and some will also only work in specific browsers). To see all our CSS3 posts, click here 01. Solar system You don't have to be a web design expert to appreciate this animated model of the solar system, another one of the best examples of CSS we've found.

The demo was inspired by similar projects by Alex Giron and Nicolas Gallager. 02. 3D page flip 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. 09. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 3D Clouds 21. Original Hover Effects with CSS3. Selectors.


Pleeease · Process CSS with ease. CSS3 Create - Démos, tutoriels et expériences CSS : menus, galerie photos, interfaces web. Sprite CSS Generator — a script plugin for Adobe Illustrator. If you’ve never heard of sprites, have a look at Open a new Adobe Illustrator document or create an new artboard within an existing one.Choose File > Scripts > Sprite CSS Generator to open the “Sprite CSS Generator” palette window. On the palette window you’ll find three sections and two buttons: Spritepath A text input, where you can define the path of your sprite image file. It overrides the name of your active artboard, so that it stays stored inside your Adobe Illustrator document.

Fallbacks — SVG Check this option, if you want to use SVG as background-image and PNG as a fallback. Fallbacks — GIF Check this option, if you still support IE6 (and lower), which doesn’t support alpha-transparency in PNG. Output A text area, where the generated sprite CSS code will be displayed. Generate/Update CSS A button, which will (try to) generate your sprite CSS code. Help A button, which will display a quick guide in the output text area. Creating symbols [UPDATE] That’s it.

GraphStream - Random Euclidean Generator. Documentation / Generators This generator creates random graphs of any size. Links of such graphs are created according to a threshold. If the Euclidean distance between two nodes is less than a given threshold, then a link is created between those 2 nodes. Usage Calling begin() put one unique node in the graph, then nextEvents() will add a new node each time it is called and connect this node to its neighbors according to the threshold planar Euclidean distance.

This generator has the ability to add randomly chosen numerical values on arbitrary attributes on edges or nodes of the graph, and to randomly choose a direction for edges. A list of attributes can be given for nodes and edges. By default, edges are not oriented. By default, the graph is generated in the plane (2 dimensions) . If the dimension is 2, then attributes x and y are defined for each node. Complexity For the construction of a n nodes graph, the complexity is about O(n^2). Example Here is a simple example of use: Vincent De Oliveira - CSS & UI. Generator-ui-prototype. Générateur de Boutons CSS3 - creer boutons css3 bordure rayon ombre html5 generer code css3.

CSS3.0 Maker | CSS3.0 Generator | CSS 3.0 Generator | css3 generator. Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator - Générateurs CSS. CSS Sprite Generator | Project Fondue. CSS Sprites generator. CSS Gallery - Slashed Effect. CSS-Tricks. Quality tutorials and resources from the web - Animate.css.

Vincent De Oliveira - CSS & UI.