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Cool Cat Teacher Blog It is official, I'm moving from Blogger to Wordpress. It has taken almost 4 months but it is as ready as it is going to get. I've powered up the wordpress over at and made the jump from weebly. (nothing against weebly, it is a great place for static sites.) I thought some of you might want to know why I am moving and also how I did it:
In our continued quest to gain more information about students’ learning, growth and progress, a standards/competency-based grading system has provided our school and our district timely, detailed information regarding the specific competencies that students have (or have not) demonstrated proficiency… Read more → A few months ago I was planning to attend a principal’s meeting near my state capital. Since I was going alone, I asked a principal friend from a neighboring district if we could ride together. Little did I know how… Connected Principals | Sharing. Learning. Leading.

Connected Principals | Sharing. Learning. Leading.

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"We don't get it. One day she says we should do one thing, and then the next day she says something different." This statement is felt by all but spoken by Carmen, a student from one of the two communities involved in the project. The Maya youth in the Guatemalan pueblos of Chirijox and San Juan La Laguna speak Spanish and their indigenous language. My language limitations leave me temporarily in the dark. I do not completely comprehend her words, but the anxiety is evident. Latest Blogs on K-12 Education Reform