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World Bank Poverty Net Home Resources and Support to Alleviate P. Accounting Terms - English and Spanish. l- a logistique du commerce électronique. 039;s E-Commerce-Marketing Channel. Sommet des Amériques 2001 - Québec. Financial Glossary. IFRI. ProgeTerm. Encyclopédie du développement durable. Dictionary of Financial Terms - TIAA-CREF Library. MacroEconomics Glossary. Ability-to-pay principle the view that those with greater income should pay more in taxes than those with less income. (14) absolute advantage a situation in which a person or country is more efficient at producing a good in comparison with another person or country. (17) accounting profits total revenue minus total costs where total costs exclude the implicit opportunity costs; this is the definition of profits usually reported by firms. (9) ad valorem tariff a tax on imports evaluated as a percentage of the value of the import. (18) ad valorem tax a tax that is proportional to the value of expenditures. (7) adverse selection in insurance markets, a situation in which the people who choose to buy insurance will be the riskiest group in the population; analogous situations apply in other markets. (13) aggregate demand the total demand for goods and services by consumers, businesses, government, and foreigners. (19) asset something of value owned by a person or a firm. (24)

Diccionario de Bolsa (Dico de la Bourse, en esp.) 資金繰りができず、サラ金からお金を借りました、という方は、近年、増加傾向にあるように見えます。

Diccionario de Bolsa (Dico de la Bourse, en esp.)

急なリストラや減給以外でも、冠婚葬祭の資金が必要になったときなどに、普段からギリギリの生活をしていると、お金が足りず、サラ金から借りることになってしまうケースもあります。 そもそも、資金繰りに失敗して、借金をするというのは、かなり危険なパターンではあるのですが、それ以上に、さらなる失敗にはまり込んでしまうことのほうが、重大です。 その失敗とは、サラ金から借りたお金を、自分のお金のように感じてしまうという失敗です。 Market Values Blue Book by Orion Research of Scottsdale AZ. Finance Resources (HUUUUUGE) Campbell R. Harvey's Hypertext. Over 8,000 Entries and 18,000 Hyperlinks The largest financial glossary on the Internet The glossary of the New York Times, Thomson-Reuters, Forbes, Yahoo-Finance, CNN-Money and many others Keep up to date on the latest finance lingo with my new iPad/iPhone app Download from iTunes Go to definitions organized by letter Credits Order my book with the 2002 Pulitzer Prize winner for financial writing, Gretchen Morgenson of the New York Times Order via AmazonOrder via Barnes and Noble Links.

Finance Resources (HUUUUUGE) Campbell R. Harvey's Hypertext

Finances et juridique - dico. Nomenclatures économiques - Economic classifications (UCL-IRES) English-Spanish Tax Glossary. Results: giorgio armani (1+) Money (understanding it) Néologie micro-économique index. Lexique bancaire. Vocabulaire de l'e-business - Industries Techniques. Vocabulaire Lexique économique (U de Moncton) Glossary of Accounting. Development Initiatives. Futures_trading.htm. Lexique de l'utilité publique. Stock Quotes. OECD Thesaurus. Consomania, guide d'achats. Finance - NUMEROUS TERMINOLOGICAL LINKS !!! Dow Jones. Douane - lexique multilingue. Dictionnaire commercial - MULTILINGUE. Dictionary of financial and stock market jargon. ù Dictionnaire. TransportVillage, le portail du transport et ses services annuai.