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World Intermediary Liability Map (WILMap) European Internet Foundation. EuroDIG. Memopol. Coming Soon page. Subreddit on FreeCulture. Free Culture, Lawrence Lessig Lawrence Lessig shows us that while new technologies always lead to new laws, never before have the big cultural monopolists used the fear created by new technologies, specifically the Internet, to shrink the public domain of ideas, even as the same corporations use the same technologies to control more and more what we can and can’t do with culture.

Subreddit on FreeCulture

As more and more culture becomes digitized, more and more becomes controllable, even as laws are being toughened at the behest of the big media groups. What’s at stake is our freedom—freedom to create, freedom to build, and ultimately, freedom to imagine. revision by Auntie_Imperial— agoview source. Surveillance & Society Homepage. Diplo Internet Governance Community - Stay networked. Get informed. Broadcast your projects. Video - CFPWiki. From CFPWiki Opening Day: Privacy Tuesday, June 14, 2011.

Video - CFPWiki

ITU's facts&figures of Internet Usage. Global Voices · Citizen media stories from around the world. - Ideas for a Better Internet. EPRA. Future of Privacy Forum.

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