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New ways of interaction. EXPM - CHANNEL. An Experiment with Remote. Haotingchang. Create Digital Motion. Digital Puppetry: Tryplex Makes Kinect Skeleton Tracking Easier, for Free, with Quartz Composer. Via the experimentation of the movement+music+visual collective in Ireland, we see another great, free tool built on Apple’s Quartz Composer developer tool. Tryplex is a set of macro patches, all open source, that makes Kinect skeleton tracking easier.

There’s even a puppet tool and skeleton recorder. Aesthetically, the video below is all stick-figure stuff (which is the only reason I can imagine why it’s getting any dislikes on YouTube). But it shouldn’t take much imagination to see the potential here. For one example, see the video at top — something that must make Terry Gilliam get hot and bothered (or wish he had been born later). Features: Synapse support, for interoperability with other Mac and Windows visual apps and depth image visibilityOSC messagesLoads of examplesPuppet toolSkeleton recording3D sculpting and modeling ideas Have a look: A gallery of goodness: More info on that video at top:

Chrome Experiments - Home. Tell Them Nothing of the Things I Thought About and Created While I was Sleeping. Mary Huang. Concept The design of typefaces is founded upon principles from the days of metal type, when creating individual fonts was a laborious process and constrained by physical requirements.

Mary Huang

Most digital type design follows those same conventions, but technology gives us opportunities to make type design more spontaneous and personal. TYPEFACE uses custom coded letters drawn from mathematically generated curves controlled by distinct variables that determine such character- istics as x-height and slant. This design approach allows for a more natural, handwriting- like rendering. Not only does this contrast with the geometric qualities generative type experiments tend to take, but also challenges the conventions of typing versus writing. For more details, read more on my blog posts about the project. Implementation TYPEFACE was built in Processing using the OPENCV library for face recognition and blob detection.

Process This started out as a quick one week experiment project. Exhibitions. / C. E. B. Reas. The Best Designs » Web Design and CSS Gallery » The Best of Web Design. Arduino. I call it a new season because during the fall/winter/early spring, since the quietness of the outside makes it a perfect time for multimedia creation.Now that I am back from my yoga retreat for the summer I’ll be catching up with all the project that keep going forward!


I took 2 month of time this […] Read more – ‘New season !’. I know it’s been a month now that I haven’t blog! Too much is happening here – from wordpress moving to version 3, to my come back to school (in information technology) to all my project moving forward, and summer kicking in ~ there wasn’t much time left. I also prepared a introduction to processing […] Read more – ‘k-12 presentation’. I created my first prototype of the mixer. So here is my first step into my plan to make my own mixer. This is a real beginner post – if you never played with arduino and laser you might find it fun, but it’s at the ‘hello world’ stage of arduino programing. We are All Transistors. AV Festival. About Mongrel. Transmediale.

The Dumpster: A Visualization of Romantic Breakups for 2005. Miller Puckette. MediaArtTube's Channel. Index : Jonas Fritsch.


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