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The Chicagoist Winter Bike Guide (Part 1: Readying Your Ride) Deck your winter ride with lights, ideally so you have 360 degree visibility (image credit: Eric Allix Rogers) Biking is wonderful. Chicago is wonderful. Therefore, biking in Chicago is pretty wonderful, right? Design Fridge – Featured After three years of trying I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have finally been featured on Design Fridge. When I became interested in Web Design this site single handedly inspired me to work as hard as I could to get to that level. So for me to be featured on it three years later fills me with joy realising how far I have come! All that hard work was certainly worth it and finally, at last, I’m featured!

Web Design Articles 10 Type Rules for an Excellent User Experience When it comes to websites and apps, good typography is more than just a pretty typeface. Letting has to be highly readable – and scannable – while providing a solid visual... Web Design Trends 2016: How Cards Dominate Design Practical as they are visually attractive, card interfaces are more than just a trend. With 2014 marking the first time mobile internet usage exceeded desktop, web design is now...

How to make working remotely work Many believe the future of work is truly digital. To us, the future of work is already here. The way we work has radically changed over the past ten years. The ability to work remotely has been democratised by the internet and today majority of companies, big and small, have remote teams or team members. At Holvi, we are an international team that is constantly on the move. Events, meetups and customer meetings keep us busy as we reshape the landscape of banking across Europe. Modern Block Quote Styles Let's create some interesting and modern styles for block quotes. We'll be using different techniques for creating a unique look for six examples. View demo Download source Today we are going to create some fancy block quote styles. Using textures, circles, and pseudo-elements, we can put some life into quotations and testimonials.

Things We're Supposed To Be Quiet About Apologists for rising inequality often argue that since most Americans’ income has risen despite rising inequality, there’s no reason to complain about inequality other than envy. So it’s worth remembering that we used to expect economic growth to deliver large increases in real income, not just a bit of a rise that’s accomplished in large part through longer working hours; and that a major reason so many have seen such small gains is that a large part of growth has been siphoned off to the very high end. Lane Kenworthy had a nice chart illustrating both points, comparing median family income with real GDP per family (for those worried about the fine points, it was nominal GDP divided by the CPI, avoiding some technical issues): This is real stuff, not some trivial envy-driven concern. But we must be very, very quiet about it, right?

The Secret Law of Page Harmony “A method to produce the perfect book.” The perfect book. This is how designer-genius Jan Tschichold described this system. Not the ok book, nor the pretty good book, but the perfect book. This method existed long before the computer, the printing press and even a defined measuring unit. JUST™ Creative - Graphic Designer, Logo & Brand Identity Specialist - Part 4 The Ultimate Guide To Hiring And Managing Remote Workers Posted on 11'13 Nov Posted on November 11, 2013 along with 5 JUST™ Creative Comments This is a guest article contributed from Joshua*. Let’s face it, the internet has completely revolutionised the way the world does business and unless you’re Marissa Mayer (I’m 99.9% certain that you aren’t), you’ve probably considered hiring remote workers in [..] Interview: Fast Changing Technologies in Graphic Design Posted on 04'13 Nov Posted on November 4, 2013 along with 18 JUST™ Creative Comments

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