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L'art génératif, qu'est-ce que c'est ? Décoder, décrypter et répondre aux questions de votre quotidien numérique : l’Antisèche est votre rendez-vous régulier sur RSLN. La semaine dernière, en allant voir l'exposition « Multiversités créatives » au Centre Pompidou, nous vous avons fait découvrir des oeuvres numériques d'un nouveau genre. La particularité de certaines d'entre elles était leur capacité à s'auto-générer. Mais qu'est-ce que cela signifie exactement ? En vérité, qu'appelle-t-on « art génératif » ? Une oeuvre d'art est dite « générative » lorsqu'elle se base sur des algorithmes pour se générer d’elle-même.

Visual Programming Languages Introduction Please take a moment to join a Visual Programming Group in your area. There didn’t seem to be a place on the net where someone could easily see what all the different visual programming languages (Graphical Programming Languages) look like. Codes - GENERATIVE GESTALTUNG 2016-03-15RT @bndktgrs: 幸せなコーディング! Launched: Our #GenerativeDesign book has also a 🇯🇵 website now!👍 [Link] Cheers @BugNews! @Proce… 2016-03-05RT @bndktgrs: Our #GenerativeDesign book made it to 🇯🇵 #Japan! [Link] published by BNN @BugNews #veryhapy [Link] 2015-10-08Updated! All code examples of Generative Design should be ready for #Processing3 now!

dbCinema Binary Meditations Videos of dbCinema in action are screen recordings of dbCinema sessions I've done using the desktop version of dbCinema. The Full Meal Deal is dbCinema itself. With all the interactive controls. 3D Printed Reaction Diffusion Patterns Reaction diffusion system are widely studied and researched because their are argued to be linked to the chemical / biological processes that are responsible for pattern formation in nature (zebra stripes, leopard spots, etc). In addition, reaction diffusion systems exhibit beautiful motion when simulated and visualized. The gifs above showcase different growth patterns and oscillations in RD systems. To see more gifs, go here: In simple terms, reaction diffusion systems model how one or more substances (i.e. gases or liquids) change and/or combine when mixed in a container.

Livecodelab What's this? This is a toy live coding environment: programs run immediately as they are typed. Pick something from the "Demos" menu or try the tutorials. Want more info? See the intro or the docs Complexification LIVING WORKS binary.ring bit.10001 bone.piles box.fitting box.fitting.img new bubble.chamber buddhabrot city.traveler cubic.attractor deep.lorenz guts new new henon.phase henon.phase.deep new inter.aggregate new inter.momentary new invader.fractal limb.sand.stroke limb.strat limb.stroke mcp moonlight.soyuz nine.block new offspring orbitals new paths.i sand.dollar sand.stroke sand.traveler new self-dividing.line stitches substrate new trema.disk trema.spike INFORMATION about the programmer about the medium ORDERING works available production qualities ordering policies CONTACT j.tarbell @

s+v+m Collecting Virtual, Augmented and Mixed realities, places built on a tridimensional matrix where the data is materialized in space. More Immersive Spaces under the tag “Immersive Audiovisual Environments”. “Unthinkable complexity. Generative Art Links Some links to Generative Art, Math & Fractals, and other creative ways of creating computional imagery. The list is not meant to be exhaustive: rather, it is a list of my favorite links. Generative Art Software General-Purpose Software Processing is probably the most used platform for Generative Art.

Tools and Libraries Arts-Engineering Tools Used in this Course A Quick Review of These and Other Arts-Engineering Tools