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Carl Honore praises slowness. S.O - Love is. The Ability to Disagree. Dan Gilbert asks, Why are we happy? Barry Schwartz on the paradox of choice. Richard St. John's 8 secrets of success. John Wooden on true success. David Logan on tribal leadership. Steve Jobs: How to live before you die. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action.

The 20 most-watched TEDTalks (so far) Today, on the fifth birthday of TEDTalks video, we’re releasing a new list of the 20 most-watched TEDTalks over the past five years — as watched on all the platforms we track: TED.com, YouTube, iTunes, embed and download, Hulu and more … What a great, mixed-up group this is!

The 20 most-watched TEDTalks (so far)

Talks about education and creativity, sex and fish, whizzy tech demos and big questions about the universe … it’s a cool snapshot of what we find interesting. S.O. "So It Begins" Low Testosterone (Low T) Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment by MedicineNet. Low Testosterone Summary Low testosterone can affect both men and women.

Low Testosterone (Low T) Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment by MedicineNet

Causes of low testosterone in males include undescended testicles and injury to the scrotum. Low testosterone in females includes ovary conditions. The Moment That Lasts Forever. In an instant, your life changes forever.

The Moment That Lasts Forever

Your car skids off the road. Your plane clips a wing on landing. A motorcycle runs a red light and heads straight at you. For the rest of your time on earth, the sights, smells, and sounds of that instant will be seared in your memory.

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