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The Car Maintenance Bibles. Hello. Book Marks: The book review aggregator. The Secrets of Gymnastic Strength Training. This is what a GST athlete looks like.

The Secrets of Gymnastic Strength Training

“If the best in the world are stretching their ass off in order to get strong, why aren’t you?” – Christopher Sommer If you loved the Pavel, Poliquin, or Dom D’Agostino episodes, you’ll love this one. My guest this episode is Christopher Sommer (GymnasticBodies on Instagram/Facebook), former US national team gymnastics coach. He is also the founder of GymnasticBodies, a training system that I’m currently testing (and have no affiliation with). During his extensive 40-year coaching career, Coach Sommer took meticulous notes on his training techniques—his wins and failures—so that he could translate the best elements into a superior exercise system for both high-level and beginner athletes.

Evernote Pricing, Features, Reviews & Comparison of Alternatives. Key Features of Evernote Web clipping supportEdit rich text and sketchesMobile and Web interfaceGeolocationStore notes, web clips, files and imagesContent available on any deviceWeb clipper browser extensionsSave online resources in one placeGrab whole web page: text, images and linksSnap photos, record audio, save documents Share notes and collaborate on filesSave favorite webpagesStore all itineraries, confirmations, travel documentsEvernote Food for collecting food moments Other products include Skitch and PenultimateEvernote Clearly for clearing web contentAnnotation and markupShapes, arrows and quick sketchesGive feedback and share ideasSketch on a page and sync notes to any device Benefits Keep everything in sync.

Evernote Pricing, Features, Reviews & Comparison of Alternatives

Download. Official Release Packages Stable release 0.91 intended for production use is available.


Gallery - Interactive Video Lessons to Copy & Use. Online Drawing Lessons, Videos, And Exercises. Beginning | Intermediate | Advanced | Drawing Videos | My Techniques Beginning Lessons Three Dimensional Pyramids with Gradations – Make three dimensional form with pencil gradations.

Online Drawing Lessons, Videos, And Exercises

Use three different pencil grades to shade pyramids and create realistic depth.How To Use A Value Scale and Value Cards – Printable scale and cards.My Odd Stick-It-To-Your-Sketchbook Drawing Method For 30 Days Of Drawing Success – If you want to increase your drawing know-how or revive it, drawing for 30 days in a row seems to work for everyone and for every skill level. This is how I do it.Talking With Doodles And Other Things That Make Life More Fun – What’s more fun than playing with doodles?

Nothing! Intermediate Lessons. Online Drawing Lessons, Videos, And Exercises. Millennials report. 3D Printed Consumer Brands. How to Draw: The Beginner's Guide. The Beginner's Guide Preface Here's the truth: drawing is hard.

How to Draw: The Beginner's Guide

It's perfectly normal to struggle with it. And the internet is full of conflicting advice on the matter, making it even more confusing. I wrote this guide to help those who really want to learn how to draw. All Tech News in One Place - Page 6. Latest Tech News Top 5 most interesting things from Mobile World Congress 2016 video - CNETNEW 8 hours ago by CNET (1) Sunday's Best Deals: Quick Chargers, Humidifier, Rice Cooker, and MoreNEW 8 hours ago by Lifehacker (1) Jimmy Kimmel blows up the two big secrets of 'Batman v Superman' in 'deleted s...NEW 8 hours ago by Daily Dot 13 Practical Tips to Get More Done, One Thing at a TimeNEW 8 hours ago by MakeUseOf E.U. and U.S.

All Tech News in One Place - Page 6

Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes. So, we've tried to avoid it, but we can't any longer.

Lesson 1: Lines, Ellipses and Boxes

If you want to draw a box, you're going to have to get your head around some basic perspective concepts. The most basic concept is that when a 3D world is rendered or drawn on a 2D piece of paper, things closer to the viewer are bigger and things further away are smaller. Or, to be a little more specific about it, if two objects are the same size in 3D space, when rendered in 2D the one that is further away will be smaller than the one that is closer to the viewer. An extension of this is the idea of vanishing points. In 3D space, two lines can be completely parallel - meaning the distance between them at any point is equal. Now you may have heard of terms such as one point, two point or three point perspective. Things in our world tend to be pretty boxy. Favorite and Forget. Favorite and Forget brings only the best links every day.

Favorite and Forget

Google Advanced Search Operators Cheat Sheet ~ Supple. Use this modifier to bring up Google image search for your query. image search for puppy.

Google Advanced Search Operators Cheat Sheet ~ Supple

Image query can be further modified using these secondary parameters: Useful Sites Around the Web - Fun, productivity, everything. Draft sharing and feedback made easy. Skills for Grown-Ups. Argonne National Laboratory. Scientists Studied How Our Brains Would React to Teleportation. Teleportation turns out to be an easy thing to simulate, neurologically speaking.

Scientists Studied How Our Brains Would React to Teleportation

The rhythmic brain patterns that appear in real-world spatial navigation reappear as subjects navigate virtualized environments on a screen, and, while real-world teleportation is not a thing that exists, in a virtual environment it's just a matter of suddenly dropping a subject in new surroundings. Click. Thanks to neuroscientists at UC Davis, we now have some idea of what the neurological response is to such an abrupt change.

In a study published Thursday in Neuron, the group describes virtualized navigation experiments involving three epilepsy patients who had been previously wired with electrodes inside of their brains for seizure-monitoring purposes. Timeline of History. Flippa #1 for Buying and Selling Websites, Domains, and Apps. This House Costs Just $20,000—But It’s Nicer Than Yours. For over a decade, architecture students at Rural Studio, Auburn University's design-build program in a tiny town in West Alabama, have worked on a nearly impossible problem.

How do you design a home that someone living below the poverty line can afford, but that anyone would want—while also providing a living wage for the local construction team that builds it? Purpose Generation. Login. Passwords - how to create strong and secure passwords. So how does the browser actually render a website. Everup -