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Free Sewing Lessons, Tips & Techniques. Tutorials | Menswear Sewing Patterns | Thread Theory Designs. Sewing 101 - Fabric Uses. 10 Good Sewing Tips and Tricks. 20 Ways To Improve Your Sewing. Improve your sewing by marking things that matter Prioritize pattern size for a better fit Learn the difference between topstitching and edgestitching by Barbara Emodifrom Threads #79, pp. 38-40 Besides all the surprising things that I've inevitably learned from the ingenuity and talent of my students, one of the most interesting aspects of working with lots of sewers is how one begins to see that almost everybody (myself included), no matter how skillful or experienced, has a few blind spots, or areas where they could improve their results.

Of course, blind spots will vary from sewer to sewer, but they tend to occur in areas you think you have down cold. So, I suggest reading through the following wide-ranging list of potential pitfalls (developed in the course of conversations with my students and other teachers, in our relentless pursuit of ever-more-satisfying sewing projects) with as open a mind as possible. 1. 3. 4. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 15 tips from industrial sewing. Today, we have a very special guest post from local sewing legend, Sharon Blair. Sharon runs Portland Sewing, where she and her faculty teach a wide range of classes including industrial techniques. I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon recently and asked her to fill us in on some tips home sewers can take away from industry practices. -Sarai image: industrial sewing machine by kerem79 I like to sew. I call it my “Zen.” That’s what sewing with an industrial machine can do for you.

But there are many other techniques from the industry you can use to improve your sewing and the look of your garments without buying the machine. Change your seam allowances. There are so many other fun and interesting techniques to use when making a professional garment. About Sharon: Fashion entrepreneur, designer and writer Sharon Blair studied couture sewing in Paris. Štepalica: Tutorials & Sewalongs. WeAllSew « SEW-lutions guidelines for sewing. Free Books: Sewing Projects, Ideas, Tutorials, & Techniques: Sew Daily. Pattern Runway. Sewing tutorials (all kinds)

Stitcher's Guild Sewing Forum. Lily Abello's Sewing Resource Guide. Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing. Directory Of Free Sewing Patterns, Tutorials & Projects. THE SEWING DIVAS sewing, design, fashion. Sew Chatty. Tips and techniques « The Selfish Seamstress. Oh my goodness, selfish readers, I cannot believe the outpouring of warm wishes in the comments on my last post. Thank you so very, very much for your many kind notes. Reading them almost makes Selfish wish that she had even a tiny little heart instead of a hard lump of rock in her chest, because if she did, she would surely have been very moved by all of your touching sentiments and congratulatory wishes. And so, as a gesture of something akin to gratitude, here’s a little present to you- a DIY project so quick, simple, and trendy, you’ll either say, “Now why didn’t I think of that” or “Duh, I already thought of that.

You always think you’re so smart, Selfish Seamstress, but you’re really NOT.” (Also, there were some questions in the comments on my last post, so I’ll address them at the end of this post- stay tuned.) $128.00 * 0.8 + NYC sales tax = still too expensive for novelty gloves But I loved how edgy they were- a ladylike shape with a sort of urban industrial mix of materials. Split Hemz | The Blog. Sewing Classroom | Professor Pincushion. Sewing School. Welcome to the Sewing School! I get a lot of emails and comments asking about how to do certain sewing related things and where to find old posts on my blog and so in an effort to consolidate the tutorials and sewing advice you find here on A Fashionable Stitch, I’ve made up this handy dandy Table of Contents page to navigate you through what’s available here.

It’s due to be added to every now and then, so check back when you are searching for something and can’t find it. Happy Sewing Adventures! Xoxo, Sunni Making a muslin or a test garment (also known as a toile) is a great way to find out if certain alterations are needed for a particular pattern. Alterations for Pants/Trousers Getting a pair of pants or trousers to fit perfectly can be one of the hardest fittings we ever do as sewists. Flat Pattern Adjustments Flat Pattern Adjustments are adjustments made to the pattern before you make a muslin. Ready to add a few techniques to your to your sewing box? Need a little inspiration? Tutorials, tips, & tricks  |  Coletterie. Sew Mama Sew! Tutorials & guides.

All Free Sewing - Free Sewing Patterns, Sewing Projects, Tips, Video, How-To Sew and More. Freeneedle (all kinds) SewNso's Sewing Journal: pleating 101. Pleating 101 There are a few ways to pleat fabric for smocking, but the easiest and fastest way is by using a smocking pleater.

My previous post was all about the anatomy of a pleater. This lesson will show the steps in pleating the fabric. The very first step is to make sure your fabric is on the straight grain. Using a wooden dowel, roll the fabric strip onto the dowel, keeping all torn edges stacked together. In the picture above, I always line up the torn edge with a groove in the pleater a couple rows past the last threaded needle.Note: Different pleaters pleat fabric differently. Slowly, begin turning the hand crank on the right side of the pleater. As the pleats load up on the needles, you can begin pulling the fabric off the needles and onto the pleating threads. Another little trick I have when pleating is that I use my left hand to keep the fabric taut as it goes thru the pleater. Once the piece is pleated, pull the end of the fabric off the needles. Happy Smocking! 101 Sewing Tutorials for Summer!

The Sewing Loft - Page 9 of 53 - Sewing Tips | Easy Projects. Sewing Tips Directory. I have been wanting to make this sewing tips directory forever. A list of all the best sewing tips, tricks, and techniques from around the web all in one spot. I had some pinned, some bookmarked, others referenced on my other posts, and some just in my head. Finally, one tidy list – kind of like a yellow pages for the best sewing tips. I hope you find it useful too, because it took and if you just go on and on about how great it is I will feel much better about the kink in my neck from all the linking :). So bookmark it, pin it, or feel free to link to it – just please don’t copy and paste it (that would make me sad with a kinked neck!).

I will continue to update this as I find more too, so if you have one that should make the list, let me know! Stitches General Tips and Techniques Sewing Machine Zippers Bias Tape & Piping Shirring Seams Making and Working with Patterns Hems Fabric Adding Fasteners Applique Buttons Handy Articles Phew! ~Destri Tagged as: sewing tips & techniques. Sewing Classes, Patterns, Reviews & More. The Stitching Scientist — Free Sewing Patterns. Fashion Incubator » Tutorials. New here? This is an index to all the tutorials and series published on Fashion-Incubator and was last updated August 14, 2012. Be sure to check back frequently for progress. All tutorials and projects are free but I do appreciate donations. If money is too crass, consider selecting a book from my Amazon wish list. If you like the material on this site, you’d probably like my book too so please consider purchasing it. Book sales pay the bills around here.

You’re welcome to the material for personal use but it remains my property and I reserve all rights. The zipper tutorials (lapped, centered and invisible) Be sure to read visitor comments at the close of each posting. Welt pocket tutorials: Be sure to read visitor comments at the close of each posting. Jacket, vest and leather tutorials Also see the “nameless tutorial series” below this heading.

Nameless Tutorial series aka the facing/lining/hem juncture in tailored jackets and suits (jacket bagging).