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Burning Man Festival - An overview. Pebble, Kickstarter and the future of commerce. Pebble Left to right: Chris Lalansingh, Andrew Witte, Eric Migicovksy, Rahul Bhagat, and Adam Thagard The original promise of crowdfunding platform Kickstarter was that it could provide a new, more democratized way for people to raise money.

Pebble, Kickstarter and the future of commerce

It has delivered on that promise. It's on track to generate $300 million for fundraisers this year. Simple Online Collaboration: Online File Storage, FTP Replacement, Team Workspaces. The Enterprise Social Network. Support Ticket System. Subscription Billing Solutions. CRM Open Source Business & Social CRM Software. Enterprise Business Management Solutions : Human Capital Management. Put the internet to work for you. Designer Frames & Online Eyeglasses - $95 Rx Glasses.

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