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How to do parallel testing with TestNG Java Test Framework? Parallel Testing With the TestNG Java Test Framework Karishma Nimavat, Jessica Cyrus, Nex, Introduction.

How to do parallel testing with TestNG Java Test Framework?

How to manage your own team of Offshore Software Development or QA Testing? Offshore Software Development or Offshore QA Testing is the best solution when you have a big business and works load is more to handle now by your team only.

How to manage your own team of Offshore Software Development or QA Testing?

Offshore Software development and QA Testing have many benefits and help one in his/her tight Schedule. Selecting one Offshore Software Development company or Offshore QA testing Company is also needed some research and some points which anyone has to consider. Here, I am not talking about how to manage the team you hire for Offshore Software development but I am talking about the team manger that is providing Offshore Software Development Company. Software Testing Article - Selenium QA Testing: Provide better result in less time. Once some software has been developed by using latest technology, this is the right time to test project before it is delivered to client.

Software Testing Article - Selenium QA Testing: Provide better result in less time

Software testing may be manual or automated as per client needs or requirements. Both have different hardware requirements and project costs included. There are various open source testing tools are also available in market that are much better than any other commercial testing too. Before you opt for some open source testing tool, this is necessary to check the same on various performance parameters and advantage it offers. Selenium QA testing is one of best testing tools that is immensely popular and offer various advantages to clients. 8 Points: Why your business needs software consultancy services « Nexsoftsys-Software Outsourcing and Testing Services.

With the ever changing technology trends, Software Companies should always be able to deliver quality solutions based on current market trends.

8 Points: Why your business needs software consultancy services « Nexsoftsys-Software Outsourcing and Testing Services

Also, business experts should have right skills to adapt technology trends in the right way. The best way is to hire experts for best Software consultancy services who could work in different IT environments. Software outsourcing Company optimizes business resources, reduces risks, and offer best solutions for tough business problems. Outsourcing partner not only saves time but gives you most competitive software solutions as needed by your business. They also have specialized management solutions with correct business efficiencies and multiple costs benefits. Choosing right outsourcing partner for best Software consultancy services, not only improves efficienciesbut decreases overall project costs too. Automated Software Testing Market Global Industry Report 2019-2025. A global report on Automated Software Testing Market Industry Published in 2019-2025 in details.

Automated Software Testing Market Global Industry Report 2019-2025

Most organizations plan their application software to be a quintessential fit for their customer’s demands. They hire the best employees and use cutting edge technologies. How to develop better AI-based testing for software developers? New technologies are introduced in the world almost every single day, but not all of them have the power to radically transform industries and organizations all across the globe.

How to develop better AI-based testing for software developers?

Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, is a technology that is penetrating all walks of life and impacting it like never before. Be it e-commerce, healthcare, Cybersecurity, application development or software testing. Artificial intelligence is the key to making industries progressive and ready for the future.

According to research by Gartner, artificial intelligence will be omnipresent in all spheres of technology. Having said this, it will successfully make its presence even more prominent among the top investment priority of CIOs by 2020. The worldwide scope of artificial intelligence is expanding with each passing minute and is expected to reach $6.36 billion just in North America. What is the relationship of Machine learning & software testing in a modern trend? Let's go through the relationship of Machine Learning and Software Testing and its impact to this modern era.

What is the relationship of Machine learning & software testing in a modern trend?

Analyzing the quality of your software is one of the most fundamental tasks in an enterprise. When you think of a product for your customers, you want it to be perfect. You imagine it to turn out to be something that quintessentially fits into your customer’s life. Because you know that there is nothing more important than the satisfaction of a customer, which helps you earn both revenue and reputation in the market. As comforting as it may sound to design and deploy a dream product, it is equally difficult to implement it in practice. Create & test Virtual Agents in Dynamic 365 for customer services. Those above weren’t mere examples of Artificial Intelligence, but also excellent examples of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Acquisition.

Create & test Virtual Agents in Dynamic 365 for customer services

We all know that Customer Service is an integral component of a successful business, and hence AI is considerably powerful in this sector – it had to be! After all, in 2019, Microsoft launched their very own Virtual Agents in Dynamics 365 that helps companies come up with their very own ‘Siris’ and ‘Alexas’. Note: Virtual Agent has been launched as a Preview in Dynamics 365. This means that the present version is made available so that people can use it and give feedback.

The final version may defer in several aspects, including privacy and security. How to use the Mouse & Keyboard event in Selenium Webdriver? Introduction While performing manual testing, we perform various mouse and keyboard events which can easily be automated by the use of Selenium-based commands.

How to use the Mouse & Keyboard event in Selenium Webdriver?

Selenium provides multiple methods to handle all mouse and keyboard events with advanced user interactions API. 5 Growth Hacking Strategies to Increase Your Brand. Back in the 90s, whenever a new product was launched in the market; the prime source for user acquisition was to invest heavily in advertisements.

5 Growth Hacking Strategies to Increase Your Brand

The media for ad placement could be billboard, magazine, digest, newspaper, tv ads, etc. Communication between advertisers and people was scarce, and often difficult, because of the lack of communication facilities. The brand pushed its ads to the public and there was no feedback directly from the public to the marketers. With the advent of technology, the means of advertisement evolved too. Now, in a glimpse, marketers can access real-time analysis of their campaigns, helping them to learn or drive innovation from their campaigns.

What is growth hacking strategy? The story of David and Goliath are popular expressions explaining ‘growth hacking’ in marketing. Sean Ellis coined the term (growth hacking) in 2010 when trying to come up with a new job description. “A growth hacker is a person whose true north is growth.” 1. 2. 3. 4. Did you know? 5. UI Trend 2019: What are the latest trends in User Interface? User Interface is the collaboration of the design as well as the information architecture. User Interface is developed making sure that every element is easy to access and understand. The UI of any product is the connecting point between the product and the customer. Therefore, it has to be of the highest quality. Which are the IDE Vulnerabilities that we can detect for security purpose? With the increasing demand for high securities in IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and related products, companies have concerned themselves with security threats that might expose or cripple their customers.

Which are best-embedded software testing tools in demand? Sharing is caring! In this article, we will talk about some of the leading and most efficient open source software solutions that are ideal for embedded software testing. Embedded software testing has its own world. And, in this world, most of the developers of the products or the hardware are basically taking care of writing the test codes as well. Steps to detect defects early in the software development cycle to save time and energy both. In this quick paced environment, almost all the companies are moving towards automation. Starting from marketing to finances, from development to testing, automation is seeping in almost every sphere of the business. Therefore, a lot of testers are quickly moving from manual testing to automation testing. Although, the transition from manual testing to automation testing has become quite convenient because, now, there is a lot of scope of learning the automation testing techniques, tools and trends.

Which are the importance aspect of scalability testing & their attributes? Software development industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world. In fact, it is regarded as one of the leading industries across the globe. Software development is all about creation a technological product which is aimed to solve the problems of the users or make the life of the users much more convenient. In software testing what matters the most? the human or artificial or intelligence? Importance of Blockchain, IoT and cloud computing in business organization. 8 things: Why a business needs a software consulting services? Which are the testing steps to which we can't ignore to go through successful software development process? All information about the Amazon Web Services. How to find bugs in testing methodology? Applying role of testing in the world of Augmented Reality. Two Reasons why enterprise business should have to use data masking. In this digital age, the threats against an organization’s data are massive and the consequences of a breach are extremely devastating for a business.

8 steps for easy and smooth software testing. Why choose a BDD framework? A complete guide with example. What are the most common types of errors and failure of software testing? Introduction to BDD in testing and how it’s work? API Testing Benefits, challenges, mobile applications testing. An API or Application Programming Interface is a set of rules and programming instruction and method which is used to access the web-based application and mobile application.

Step-by-step guide – How to Integration of Maven & Jerkin with seleni… 5 important testing process issues which may fail your applications. Do you want to achieve more growth in your software testing company? 6 Top DevOps Tools for All Your Development and Operations.