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Salesman by profession, i love having a good conversation with a cup of coffee. Spending time outdoors combined with exercise equals healthy happy life.

KTM Announces Its 2022 Adventure Motorcycle Lineup - Roadracing World Magazine. December 1, 2021 MURRIETA, Calif. – KTM North America, Inc. is pleased to introduce its 2022 lineup of ADVENTURE motorcycles, ushering in a new era of rider-focused design and ground-breaking technology.

KTM Announces Its 2022 Adventure Motorcycle Lineup - Roadracing World Magazine

Leading the way are the all-new flagship models, the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S and KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R. Taking full advantage of the feedback from riders across the globe, these 2022 ADVENTURE heavy-hitters fully encapsulate what it means to explore any terrain, from the pavement to the most unbeaten of paths. These new generation liter-class machines are the unquestioned halo Adventure models in KTM’s travel arsenal. For 2022, they take their place among a pair of incredibly capable middleweights, the agile, travel-ready KTM 890 ADVENTURE and the extreme, offroad-focused KTM 890 ADVENTURE R. Redesigned ergonomics Focusing on keener handling, the new KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S introduces a chassis overhaul that further enhances weight distribution and riding agility.

Healthy Living: Avoid Overeating This Holiday Season. Workers take coffee breaks at their own risk, Italy’s top court finds. How Growing and Consuming Coffee Can Actually Help ForestsDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine. Yayu forest Ethiopia © Emily Garthwaite/Union Hand-Roasted Coffee.

How Growing and Consuming Coffee Can Actually Help ForestsDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

[Editor’s note: The following story highlights a collaborative study released earlier this year called “The potential for income improvement and biodiversity conservation via specialty coffee in Ethiopia.” A lead author of that study was Pascale Schuit of Union Hand Roasted Coffee. An version of this story first appeared on the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, website. It has been adapted and republished here with permission.] While the coffee sector has in many ways taken a leadership role in environmental sustainability, coffee farming continues to be a major cause of deforestation and biodiversity decline in tropical countries, from the Americas across the tropical belt to Australasia.

In some regions, the negative consequences of coffee production are worsening as the global demand for coffee increases. Healthy Living: The Scary Truth About Halloween. 5 Reasons Why You Should Drink Black Coffee For Weight Loss. If you are one of those who work late till night or probably are up till dawn, then we are sure that coffee is an ultimate saviour for you.

5 Reasons Why You Should Drink Black Coffee For Weight Loss

Whether you like your coffee black or with milk or with any other mixture, there is something incredibly comforting about this beverage that soothes our soul. And not to mention that many of us even find it difficult to get through the day without a warm cup of coffee in the morning. Why Coffee Makes You Tired, According to Experts. Shelby Holliday - Your Coffee Is Getting More Expensive Due to Bad Weather in Brazil. Can I Grow a Coffee Houseplant? Can you grow a coffee plant indoors?

Can I Grow a Coffee Houseplant?

Yes! We Can Grow Coffee in California. But Should We? San Diego farmer Chris Bailey has had to think long and hard about how to sustain his family’s 40-acre citrus and avocado farm into the future.

We Can Grow Coffee in California. But Should We?

Amidst raging wildfires, heat waves, and drought, he is facing very different circumstances than his grandfather did when he began growing there nearly two decades ago. “Water’s a precious resource, but it’s also expensive,” he says. Youtube. Dying Careers You May Want to Steer Clear Of. No one has a crystal ball, but we are in a time of great change, and we want our skills to be relevant and needed moving forward.

Dying Careers You May Want to Steer Clear Of

And just as important, we want our kids and grandkids to have happy and fulfilling jobs. Which brings us to an important question: What jobs are likely to disappear or become obsolete over the next decade or so? Jobs That Disappeared If you were a carriage maker in the 1900s, it would be a hard conversation to have with your kids who came home to tell you about this new machine that was invented, the automobile.

Audiobook Review: "Get the Hell Out of Debt" by Erin Skye Kelly. After turning to the printed word for my last book review, this month, I headed back to Audible to see what money-related audiobooks I could discover.

Audiobook Review: "Get the Hell Out of Debt" by Erin Skye Kelly

What I found was Get the Hell Out of Debt: The Proven 3-Phase Method That Will Radically Shift Your Relationship by author Erin Skye Kelly. So, I decided to give it a shot — and ended up quite enjoying the seven-hour (if you were listening at 1x) ride. I have to start with something that made me laugh about this book almost immediately. Many teens are hesitant about the stock market, survey finds. Teenagers have mixed feelings about the stock market after GameStop's trading frenzy, according to a survey from nonprofit youth organization Junior Achievement USA and tax, accounting and consulting firm RSM examining their beliefs about investing.

Many teens are hesitant about the stock market, survey finds

Following GameStop's rises and falls, 39% of teens see the stock market as an opportunity to "make money quickly," while 20% believe it's "too risky. " However, 40% still think stocks are a "good long-term investment," the survey revealed. While the GameStop saga captured teens' attention, the events may have turned away some future investors, responses show. Only half of teens believe the stock market is "a good thing" for everyday Americans, responses show. Moreover, 37% of teens wouldn't invest if given money to participate in the stock market, according to the survey.

"A percentage of teens have been basically sidelined because of this," said Ed Grocholski, senior vice president of brand for Junior Achievement USA. Coffee Versus Tea: An RD Breaks It Down. Brew master: five steps to making the perfect iced coffee at home. Buying an iced coffee can be hit and miss.

Brew master: five steps to making the perfect iced coffee at home

Although it is absurdly simple on paper – coffee served over ice and stirred with milk – there are all manner of variables that can affect quality. So, perhaps it’s best you just make your own. I spoke to Stuart Wilson, the founder of Whitstable-based speciality roastery Lost Sheep Coffee and Lynsey Harley of the Fife roastery and Edinburgh cafe Modern Standard, on how to make the perfect version at home. Step one: coffee You have three choices here, but the foundation of each is the right sort of bean. Healthy Living: Sacrificing Sleep Teen Sleep Debt. Spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreen shift + ←→slower / faster ←→seek.

Healthy Living: Sacrificing Sleep Teen Sleep Debt

Types of Coffee Makers: Explained - The Seeker Newsmagazine Cornwall. For most people, coffee isn’t just a beverage, as a matter of fact, there is a very special bond between this drink and its fans. They even rely on it for energy which is why it is the first thing that they drink in the morning so it can get them through the day. Coffee fans love it so much that they find its taste and smell very comforting. If you love this beverage and can’t go a day without it then you probably brew it at home. Whether you are a long-time drinker or you have only recently started enjoying this delicious drink then you will benefit from learning about the many types of coffee makers out there.

23 Gifts For Coffee Lovers. Making a cup of coffee is deeply personal. From the beans to the brewing method, and the milk to the drinking vessel, every devoted coffee drinker has quirks and preferences that help make the daily ritual their own. Does Coffee Disturb Your Heart’s Rhythm? Atrial fibrillation is the most common type of heart arrhythmia in the U.S. and Europe, affecting millions of people every day. A-fib is a condition where your heart beats irregularly and less efficiently than normal. Some people experience a-fib without even being aware of it, but it is a serious condition that leads to an estimated 750,000 hospitalizations per year in the U.S. alone.

The causes of a-fib are not completely understood, but one widespread view is that too much caffeine might trigger it. For example, the American Heart Association’s website says that “Avoiding atrial fibrillation and subsequently lowering your stroke risk can be as simple as foregoing your morning cup of coffee.” Although the site goes on to describe more substantial treatments such as beta blockers and calcium channel blockers, the idea of simply cutting out coffee seems very appealing. As appealing as it sounds, this advice is wrong, at least for men.

Get the Most Out of Drinking Coffee, a Simple Guide. Having a warm cup of coffee in the morning is something that many millions of people enjoy every day. And coffee lovers are always after the best-tasting coffee beans and brews out there that can give them the delicious taste they love, and the energy boost they need to carry on with their day. Each person enjoys drinking coffee in their own way and at their own times depending on their preferences. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your coffee drinking experience every time without fail. Here is how you can get the most out of every cup of coffee you drink from now on. Why We Ride Motorcycles. Eu.usatoday. Five Personal Finance Tips for New College Graduates. "At this point you may own nothing but owe your student loans, most of which have a six-month grace period," Cole says. "Your goal is to be able to select reasonable repayment plans to reduce what you owe.

" 2. Create a BudgetBudget creation starts with tracking where your money comes from and where it goes in a given month. Account for all your sources of income and be realistic about variable expenses such as food, clothing and entertainment, as well as fixed expenses such as rent, loan payments and insurance. To create a simple budget, many financial experts advise using the "50/30/20" rule. "Spend 50 percent of your income on necessities like rent/mortgage, loan payments and groceries, and allocate 30 percent to splurges like entertainment, dining out and travel," Cole says. 3. "Do not rely on the 'bank of Mom and Dad' to help you with emergencies," Cole says. 4. "Your goal is to save 15 percent of your pre-tax income for retirement — yes, even at the age of 21," Cole says. Coffee from the Canary Islands. It is said that it was a shepherd in the region of today's Ethiopia who discovered the coffee plant.

Scientists rediscover lost coffee species suited to a warmer climate. In dense tropical forests in Sierra Leone, scientists have rediscovered a coffee species not seen in the wild in decades — a plant they say may help secure the future of this valuable commodity that has been imperilled by climate change. The researchers said on Monday that the species, Coffea stenophylla, possesses greater tolerance for higher temperatures than the Arabica coffee, which makes up 56 per cent of global production, and the robusta coffee that makes up 43 per cent. Coffee In Vietnam: History, Phin, Facts, And Myths. There is a good probability that you have heard of pho or banh mi thanks to the global rise in popularity of Vietnamese cuisine. Fitness coach shares healthy lifestyle tips after she was hospitalised due to use of fad diets. Bumped Brings Back Its Loyalty Rewards Structure, But With a Twist.

Caffeine tolerance: Why you need more and more coffee to get a boost. Before college, I hardly consumed caffeine in any form. Now You Can Use Artificial Intelligence To Analyze Flavors In Coffee. What Is Your Coffee Brewing Love Language? Let's face it. Money at 30: Credit Sesame Cash vs. Credit Karma Money Spend. A few months back, I decided to compare two digital banking accounts from two free credit score sites: Credit Karma Money Save (then known simply as Credit Karma Savings) and Credit Sesame Cash. Can Coffee Lower Your Cancer Risk? The Answer May Surprise You. Money at 35: Assessing and Appreciating My Financial Life. 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day may lead to longer life, study suggests. Is There a Best Displacement for Motorcycles? Yotta Savings App Review: Gamifying Savings? Yotta Savings App Review: Gamifying Savings? This New Coffee Has Serious Health Benefits, Science Says.

Ugly Side Effects of Drinking Coffee Every Day, According to the Mayo Clinic. Healthy Living: Working Out Without Going to the Gym - Erie News Now. With stay-at-home order, Newsom dissuades travel, recommends getting outdoors. Healthy Living: Shorter days can have big impact on mental health. Healthy Living: Ways to Stay Hydrated. Revolut U.S. Review: The Top Features You NEED to Know About. Science reveals the perfect time to drink coffee for a healthy metabolism. Sure, Wear Masks, But Don’t Neglect A Healthy Lifestyle. Save Money by Making Coffee at Home. The Author Journey: About the Book I'm Working On. Can pregnant women have caffeine? What about coffee? What a new study says - Deseret News. Can pregnant women have caffeine? What about coffee? What a new study says - Deseret News. Yamaha unveils 'extremely compact' electric motors for e-motorcycles, cars. Today in History: Coffee, coffee, coffee. 7 Mistakes You’re Making Brewing Pour-Over Coffee.

Healthy Living: How Long Do Pantry Basics Last? - 9 & 10 News. Healthy Living: How Long Do Pantry Basics Last? - 9 & 10 News. "Excess Coffee Consumption" Linked With Higher Risk Of Three Diseases. This Special Offer Makes Joining Sam's Club Even More Affordable. Here's How to Make a Dalgona Coffee Martini. Healthy Living: How Drinking More Water Helps the Body. How to stay active outdoors during shelter-in-place. 5 Cheap(ish) Things to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee. How To Brew Coffee: Advice from Baristas and Experts - CNN. Air New Zealand introduces edible cups to replace single-use coffee cu. SoFi Money Adds Lyft Cash Back Perk. The Journey of a Coffee Bean (Infographic) Bonner County Daily Bee - Outdoors, Adventures, lessons and hunting tales. So, What’s the Latest I Can Pound Coffee and Still Sleep Like a Baby? Healthy Living: The world’s ‘Blue Zones’ may reveal secret to longer life.

Healthy Living: The world’s ‘Blue Zones’ may reveal secret to longer life. Feminist personal finance blogger finds success. Healthy Living: Obesity major factor in rising rates of arthritis. 3-popeye-approved-ways-to-eat-more-spinach. 3-popeye-approved-ways-to-eat-more-spinach. What You Need to Know About Renting Your RV to Earn Passive Income. Sorry, this content is not available in your region. What Does Personal Finance Mean To You?

3 Tips for Saving Money This Valentine's Day. Study: Popular coffee species going extinct - WEEK. Personal Finance Blog Income Report Roundup: 2018 Lessons and 2019 Plans. HEALTHY LIVING: 5 things to know about essential oils. Turns out people feel really strongly about where their coffee comes from. 2 Bigfoot festivals; gun, sportsmen, RV shows on Upstate NY outdoors fall calendar. Motorbikes and the law: Filtering and using tinted visors. Healthy Living: Hummus for dessert. New motorcycles to fit all riding styles. Coffee Gets First-Class Treatment at Eleven Madison Park. Healthy Living: Is your cellphone becoming a pain? Healthy Living: Suffering in silence, stop the stigma around mental illness following apparent suicide of WSU quarterback. Should the Ember ceramic coffee mug be smart?

Breweries Find That Coffee Is Their Second Favorite Beverage. Loving Yourself While Losing Weight. The Good And Bad News About Coffee And Your Health. Five Reasons Women Are Taking the Lead In Financial Planning. How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home, Every Way Possible. AAA safety tips for sharing the road with motorcycles. Great Outdoors: Minnesota Fishing Opener - Fox21Online. Will the federal government require devices to slow down motorcycles? Scattershot: Outdoors news & notes - The Buffalo News.