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Salesman by profession, i love having a good conversation with a cup of coffee. Spending time outdoors combined with exercise equals healthy happy life.

Fitness coach shares healthy lifestyle tips after she was hospitalised due to use of fad diets. A full-time fitness transformation coach has shared her healthy lifestyle tips after overcoming PTSD caused by child trauma.

Fitness coach shares healthy lifestyle tips after she was hospitalised due to use of fad diets

Marissa Remy, 24, from Southern California, was severely impacted by PTSD and sometimes the only thing she'd be able to do in a week was visit her doctor, with professional telling her it was something she'd have to live with for the rest of her life. Determined to rebuild her life, Marissa started researching healthy living, but ended up hospitalized when her weight plummeted after fad diets, juice cleanses and 'weight loss' products promoted in the magazines.

But Marissa says she's now healed her PTSD for good after learning how to live a healthy lifestyle, shunning fads in favor of a healthy organic diet, yoga and weightlifting. She is a full-time content creator, with more than 59.4k followers on Instagram @marissaremy, where she posts workout videos, healthy recipes and sultry snaps of her toned figure. Bumped Brings Back Its Loyalty Rewards Structure, But With a Twist.

Last week, I bemoaned the death of another FinTech app I enjoyed while noting that it was far from the first time I’d had to do so.

Bumped Brings Back Its Loyalty Rewards Structure, But With a Twist

Yet, in the past couple of weeks, I’ve now experienced quite the opposite: the unexpected returns of previously-great tools. This delightful trend began with the rebirth of Long Game and now has continued with Bumped. If you’re not familiar, Bumped is an app I’ve been using for years in order to earn “stock back” while shopping. Unfortunately, last year, the tool saw a major overhaul as it moved from beta mode to its “1.0” model. Well, now a major part of what made Bumped great in its pilot days has been brought back to life, allowing customers to passively earn shares of stock in the companies they patronize.

Without getting too into the weeds, let’s take a quick look at the re-launched Bumped Loyalty Rewards and how it compares to the original version — so, for a quick catch-up on Bumped 1.0, I’d recommend checking out my full review. Caffeine tolerance: Why you need more and more coffee to get a boost. Before college, I hardly consumed caffeine in any form.

Caffeine tolerance: Why you need more and more coffee to get a boost

Now You Can Use Artificial Intelligence To Analyze Flavors In Coffee. Deciphering what flavor notes are present in a given coffee is more art than science.

Now You Can Use Artificial Intelligence To Analyze Flavors In Coffee

Tasters spend hours upon hours training their palates, translating the sensory information through the lens of past (highly subjective) flavor experiences to arrive at descriptors that best align with the original sensory input. But one startup is looking to take a more scientific approach to identifying flavors in coffee. The company is called Demetria and they have created an app to “detect a specific and high value sensory (“taste”) profile of green coffee.”

In a press release announcing the company, Demetria touts itself as “the first AI-powered taste and quality intelligence [software as a service] startup for the coffee supply chain.” The startup has already secured $3 million in seed funding led by Colombian-Israeli investment firm Celeritas as well as private investors Mercantil Colpatria. What Is Your Coffee Brewing Love Language? Let's face it.

What Is Your Coffee Brewing Love Language?

We all die alone. At this stage of a global pandemic, whether you're gritting your teeth through quarantine with a mate or relieved to have had the extended “me time”, there's one thing this has all proven for sure: coffee is your most important love relationship right now. But how do you prefer your brewing method of choice demonstrates that abiding, caffeinated love to you? We see you, and we've helped break it all down in the following guide that dares to ask, What Is Your Coffee Brewing Love Language? Money at 30: Credit Sesame Cash vs. Credit Karma Money Spend.

A few months back, I decided to compare two digital banking accounts from two free credit score sites: Credit Karma Money Save (then known simply as Credit Karma Savings) and Credit Sesame Cash.

Money at 30: Credit Sesame Cash vs. Credit Karma Money Spend

While it made sense to pit these options against each other given their origin, the truth is that comparing a savings account to a checking account made for a difficult conclusion. So, now that Credit Karma is in the process of rolling out its Credit Karma Money Spend account, I figured it was worth exploring how this checking option stacks up against Sesame Cash. With that, let’s take a feature-by-feature look at how Sesame Cash and Credit Karma Money Spend compare, including the pros and cons of each: Can Coffee Lower Your Cancer Risk? The Answer May Surprise You. Even if only for the smell, there are so many reasons to love coffee.

Can Coffee Lower Your Cancer Risk? The Answer May Surprise You

The latest? It appears to lower your risk of prostate cancer. A new study suggests that sipping coffee–and the more, the better–could kick your risk of ever getting prostate cancer to the curb, but the cancer-fighting benefits don’t stop there. Money at 35: Assessing and Appreciating My Financial Life. Yesterday, I turned 35 years old.

Money at 35: Assessing and Appreciating My Financial Life

I find this significant for a couple of reasons. First, it means that I’ve advanced to yet another box on most demographic surveys. Second, and likely more importantly, it means I’m now halfway to aging out of this website moniker! Kidding aside, this minor milestone comes at a time of some financial changes in my life that have also led to greater reflection in recent weeks. Above all, it’s made me realize that my life is likely vastly different from most 35 year olds. 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day may lead to longer life, study suggests. Drinking between three and four cups of Italian-style coffee a day may lead to lower mortality and lower risk of cardiovascular disease, a study found.

3 to 4 cups of coffee a day may lead to longer life, study suggests

The health benefits are possibly down to a compound called NTproBNP, the researchers added.Their findings are supported by several prior studies.Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Your daily coffee — or rather, espresso — habit could lead to a longer life and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition. "Moderate consumption" or between three and four cups of Italian-style coffee was associated with lower mortality in the study, which followed more than 20,000 participants over a period of eight years. Before the study, none of the participants suffered from cardiovascular disease or cancer.

Is There a Best Displacement for Motorcycles? Yotta Savings App Review: Gamifying Savings? No matter how hard we may try, sometimes convincing yourself to set aside savings just doesn’t work.

Yotta Savings App Review: Gamifying Savings?

And even if we do begrudgingly do it, there’s often little immediate reward for doing so — especially with interest rates currently sitting so low. Yotta Savings App Review: Gamifying Savings? This New Coffee Has Serious Health Benefits, Science Says. Coffee lovers may soon be in for a brand new wellness perk. Food scientists from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have developed a probiotic-rich coffee and tea, which are designed to boost digestive health. The two doctoral students claim that not only do these good-for-your-gut drinks contain as many as 1 billion units of live probiotics, but they can be stored at room temperature for more than 14 weeks without losing their effectiveness. And they taste delicious. While consumers can easily find fermented live and active cultures present in a number of dairy products (like raw milk, yogurt, kefir, and aged cheeses, such as gouda, cheddar, and Swiss), the inspiration behind the new beverages stems from the desire to offer people a new option rich in beneficial bacteria.

The coffee and tea undergo different fermentation processes. There are multiple coffee varieties, as well. Ugly Side Effects of Drinking Coffee Every Day, According to the Mayo Clinic. If you're a coffee lover, you already know that drinking a fourth or fifth cup of coffee can leave you feeling jittery, restless, and wildly alert. But did you also know that doing so routinely over time can promote prolonged feelings of acute nervousness and anxiety?

Or that you could partially lose control of your muscles? Healthy Living: Working Out Without Going to the Gym - Erie News Now. With stay-at-home order, Newsom dissuades travel, recommends getting outdoors. For more stories like this, check out The Chronicle’s weekly Travel newsletter! Sign up here. In an announcement of pending new regional stay-at-home restrictions on Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom implored Californians to forgo travel for the foreseeable future. The new approach to stem the third major surge of the coronavirus carved the state’s 58 counties into five regional groups. Healthy Living: Shorter days can have big impact on mental health. Healthy Living: Ways to Stay Hydrated. Revolut U.S. Review: The Top Features You NEED to Know About. Science reveals the perfect time to drink coffee for a healthy metabolism. It's a vicious cycle: Stay up late into the night and revive yourself upon waking with a cup of strong coffee.

While the caffeine may perk you up, it could also have a negative effect on your metabolism, new research suggests. According to the new study, published in the journal British Journal of Nutrition, a single bad night's sleep isn't likely to acutely impair metabolism. Having coffee before breakfast the next day can. In the experiment, participants who drank strong, black coffee after a disrupted night's sleep, and followed that up with a sugary drink had impaired blood sugar control — a marker for metabolic dysfunction.‌‌ Moderate coffee drinking is linked to health benefits like lower risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and neurological conditions, so the findings "don’t mean that coffee can’t be part of a healthy balanced lifestyle," Smith adds.

Sure, Wear Masks, But Don’t Neglect A Healthy Lifestyle. Every day we are bombarded by the amount of deaths and new cases of the virus. We are told to wear our mask, avoid gathering in groups, wash our hands, stay home if we are sick, and the latest one: get tested. But why is our state barely emphasizing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle? Our politicians should be considering the work of individuals and community organizations that work toward educating the public about the importance of healthy lifestyle behaviors. Like most in the fitness industry I am out of work and I have no control over when I can return to doing what I enjoy.

Other people may disagree, but I believe that fitness and nutrition are the foundation to prevent chronic illness and disease. Save Money by Making Coffee at Home. The Author Journey: About the Book I'm Working On. Over the past few months, I’ve been penning a blog post series here on Money@30 chronicling a book project I’m writing. Can pregnant women have caffeine? What about coffee? What a new study says - Deseret News. A new study suggests pregnant women, and those trying to conceive, should avoid drinking coffee and caffeine in general, CNN reports. Can pregnant women have caffeine? What about coffee? What a new study says - Deseret News. Yamaha unveils 'extremely compact' electric motors for e-motorcycles, cars. When it comes to electric vehicles, Yamaha’s electric bicycle division has been charging into the future while its electric motorcycle division has been oddly quiet and unproductive — at least outwardly. Today in History: Coffee, coffee, coffee.

By The Associated PressToday in HistoryToday is Tuesday, July 28, the 210th day of 2020. There are 156 days left in the year.Today’s Highlight in History:On July 28, 1945, the U.S. 7 Mistakes You’re Making Brewing Pour-Over Coffee. Healthy Living: How Long Do Pantry Basics Last? - 9 & 10 News. Healthy Living: How Long Do Pantry Basics Last? - 9 & 10 News. "Excess Coffee Consumption" Linked With Higher Risk Of Three Diseases. Mark it on your calendars, folks. On this day, Tuesday, May Nineteenth, In The Year Of Our Lord Two Thousand And Twenty, I, Zac Cadwalader, of sound body and mind, have hereby performed my once-yearly task by informing you that coffee is maybe not always so good for you. This Special Offer Makes Joining Sam's Club Even More Affordable. Here's How to Make a Dalgona Coffee Martini. Oh, you're still putting your whipped coffee on top of milk? I'll assume that means you haven't heard about dalgona martinis yet.

Healthy Living: How Drinking More Water Helps the Body. How to stay active outdoors during shelter-in-place. As Bay Area residents observe the government order to shelter in place as a means of containing the coronavirus outbreak, many who love the outdoors are looking for an escape from the monotony of being indoors at home all day. 5 Cheap(ish) Things to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee. “Oh! The coffee’s good today” is something my husband or I murmur on occasion as we slowly come alive with our first sip of the morning. How To Brew Coffee: Advice from Baristas and Experts - CNN. Air New Zealand introduces edible cups to replace single-use coffee cu. SoFi Money Adds Lyft Cash Back Perk. The Journey of a Coffee Bean (Infographic) Bonner County Daily Bee - Outdoors, Adventures, lessons and hunting tales. So, What’s the Latest I Can Pound Coffee and Still Sleep Like a Baby?

Healthy Living: The world’s ‘Blue Zones’ may reveal secret to longer life. Healthy Living: The world’s ‘Blue Zones’ may reveal secret to longer life. Feminist personal finance blogger finds success. Healthy Living: Obesity major factor in rising rates of arthritis. 3-popeye-approved-ways-to-eat-more-spinach. 3-popeye-approved-ways-to-eat-more-spinach. What You Need to Know About Renting Your RV to Earn Passive Income. Sorry, this content is not available in your region. What Does Personal Finance Mean To You? 3 Tips for Saving Money This Valentine's Day. Study: Popular coffee species going extinct - WEEK. Personal Finance Blog Income Report Roundup: 2018 Lessons and 2019 Plans. HEALTHY LIVING: 5 things to know about essential oils. Turns out people feel really strongly about where their coffee comes from.

2 Bigfoot festivals; gun, sportsmen, RV shows on Upstate NY outdoors fall calendar. Motorbikes and the law: Filtering and using tinted visors. Healthy Living: Hummus for dessert. New motorcycles to fit all riding styles. Coffee Gets First-Class Treatment at Eleven Madison Park. Healthy Living: Is your cellphone becoming a pain? Healthy Living: Suffering in silence, stop the stigma around mental illness following apparent suicide of WSU quarterback. Should the Ember ceramic coffee mug be smart? Breweries Find That Coffee Is Their Second Favorite Beverage. Loving Yourself While Losing Weight. The Good And Bad News About Coffee And Your Health. Five Reasons Women Are Taking the Lead In Financial Planning. How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home, Every Way Possible. AAA safety tips for sharing the road with motorcycles. Great Outdoors: Minnesota Fishing Opener - Fox21Online. Will the federal government require devices to slow down motorcycles? Scattershot: Outdoors news & notes - The Buffalo News.

Look out for motorcycles! Bikes return to the roads. Colorado coffee roasters, brewers do good with special coffee, beers that support nonprofits – The Denver Post. Rome Is Raising the Price of Coffee. Crystal Lagoons to promote healthy living in Middle East. 23 years of personal finance wisdom distilled into one final column. A motorcycling adventure across Iran: 'the standout attraction is the people' Problem loading page.

Make a plan to improve your finances in 2017. 21 Very Merry Holiday Coffee Blends. Welcome to Adventure Bike Rider. Adventure Motorcycle Riding Techniques. National Coffee Association Launches Coffee Career Center. 3 Ways Daylight Saving Time Affects Your Health. Prevent Colds and the Flu With These 22 Genius Tips. Global Healthy Living Foundation Fact Checks ICERs Myths. An Interview With Yuko Inoue, Coffee Masters NYC Champion. 20 Foods that Detox Your Body & Mind. Vaccination Opt-Outs Have Declined in Many US States. Medicinal Uses. 6 Important Prebiotic Foods - Absorb Health.