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File Sync & Online Backup - Access and File Sharing from Any Device. SIMILE Project. PyKota's Home.

Free PCB contest. Talk about supporting your PICList!

free PCB contest

Tsvetan Usunov <> of has offered to make a PCB free and ship it to the designer free every month for the PICList as a prize for a design contest. Contest entrys must be posted to the list and web site and will then always be available for all the members as reference designs. Tsvetan's idea is that this will encourage people to publish designs and get more good ideas out into the real world for everyone to see. Download Software Utilities for your Windows or Mac Computer.

Scapy. Security Power Tools was out in August 2007.


I wrote a complete chapter on Scapy Scapy trainings at CanSecWest, EuSecWest, PacSec. NEXT SESSION: CanSecWest march 7th and 8th, 2011 I can give trainings on many subjects (Scapy, networks, shellcoding, exploit writing, etc.). Contact me directly: About Scapy. Free software downloads. ★ 4.9 Stars (27) 292 Downloads (This Week) Last Update: Download Browse All Files Windows BSD Mac Solaris Linux jGnash is a cross platform personal finance application written in Java. jGnash is a double entry system with support for multiple currencies. jGnash can import OFX and QIF files.

Free software downloads

GnuWin32. Free download ABC Amber vCard Convertor, convert contacts from VCF to CHM, PDF, HTML, RTF, DOC, TXT, IPD, Outlook. Freeware ABC Amber vCard Converter ABC Amber vCard Converter is a useful tool that converts contacts from your VCF (vCard) files to many document formats (PDF, MS Word, HTML, RTF, TXT and others).

Free download ABC Amber vCard Convertor, convert contacts from VCF to CHM, PDF, HTML, RTF, DOC, TXT, IPD, Outlook

All you have to do is select the contacts to convert, choose the desired document format and click a button to save the contact(s) in the new format. DBMail: fast and scalable sql based mail services. Habari Project. UserDocs – cobbler. Learn more about Cobbler. See how to set it up and perform tasks. Explore advanced features that may be useful in your environment. Installation And Basics ¶ The enhanced syslogd for Linux and Unix rsyslog. Prism. Openmeetings - Open-Source Web-Conferencing. Image Writer in Launchpad. MongoDB. URL Snooper - Mouser - Software. This is the official homepage of URL Snooper, a program written to help users locate the urls of audio and video files so that they can be recorded.

URL Snooper - Mouser - Software

Many links to streaming audio and video that you come across on the web are hidden behind javascript or activex scripts. Because of this, it is sometimes very difficult to figure out the actual urls that correspond to the streams being played. URL Snooper provides easy solution to finding the URLs for all streams by by watching network traffic and identifying potential urls, especially streaming media urls. screenshot: New Features in Version 2. Grisbi - Personal Finance Manager for all. InfoGrid Web Graph Database. LaBRI - Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique. BitNami: Open Source. Simplified. Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in Python.

Alpine Linux

The Universal Embedded Operating System. Industrial grade cross-compile environment. Main Page. Thinstation - a light, full-featured Linux thin client OS. uClinux. LEAF — Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall. ScriptingAnswers Forums. Top 5 Common programming mistakes .NET developers must avoid !! Some time back, I asked a question in, about common programming mistakes .NET developers must avoid.

Top 5 Common programming mistakes .NET developers must avoid !!

The response was awesome, to say the least. I’m just listing down the top 5 developer crimes I picked, from the answers I received (regardless the votes). 1. Breaking the stack unnecessarily when you re-throw an exception This a pretty ‘old thing’ - but surprisingly, still a very common mistake. To clarify the point - What is the difference between try { ..} catch (Exception ex) { throw ex; } and try {..} catch(Exception ex) { throw; } ? And when you lose the stack trace, you can’t debug your app – and even worse, you can’t log your error details properly to your error log. The MSDN guidelines on exception handling clearly states Do not rethrow by throwing the same exception object. 2.

When ever you initialize an IDisposable object, it is a good practice to initiate it in a using statement to ensure the object is getting disposed properly, like this. Announcing HTML5 X-Icon Editor - Giorgio Sardo Blog. Along with all the other announcements, today I’m very happy to announce the X-Icon Editor, an HTML5 application that allows you to create high resolution icons.

Announcing HTML5 X-Icon Editor - Giorgio Sardo Blog

I’ll be honest: I love this tool. Let me show you why. First of all, what is a high resolution icon? The ICO format supports multiple resolutions. In the past, websites usually implemented a 16x16 pixel icon. home page. Main Page. Python Example Scripts, Python Sample Code, Python Examples. Cygwin Ports. Welcome to the newest home of the Cygwin Ports project.

Cygwin Ports

This project provides Cygwin binary and source packages for a large variety of programs and libraries, including the GNOME, KDE, LXDE, MATE, ROX, Xfce, and Sugar desktop environments. New, simplified installation instructions: Use the latest Cygwin installers (at least version 2.829): setup-x86.exe for 32-bit, or setup-x86_64.exe for 64-bit. (Note that many packages have not yet been ported to x86_64.)

Leading Enterprise Java Web Framework. Md5deep and hashdeep.