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Cota y Bogotá laser cutting and engraving service and CNC router. - Uses physical tool for cutting (cutters) - The cutting tool wears out the material since it has direct contact with it. - The cut is usually clean and does not modify the color on the edges of the material (it does not burn like laser), however it may require additional polishing with sandpaper to eliminate residues and cut lines - It requires programming to generate the GCode or special code necessary for elaborate the works -Can cut, carve and engrave thicker materials, up to 50mm.

Cota y Bogotá laser cutting and engraving service and CNC router

Even with the right burs, you can cut and carve non-ferrous metals like aluminum - You can carve and engrave at angles with the right burs - Quite precise and narrow in its cuts + -0.1 mm - The corners of the "inside" cuts They do not allow right angles due to the shape of the tool (The cutters are circular) - Allows carving and roughing of materials . Parts with 3D geometries Ideal for: Preparation of advertising material, prototyping and production, layout, serial cutting, carving, digital roughing. Digital Customer Journey Mapping: Improving the Customer Experience.

Introduccion a UX para estudiantes de marketing y publicidad. Introduccion a UX para estudiantes de marketing y publicidad. How to Build an End-to-End Digital Marketing Plan. End-to-end...where to start? Abraham Lincoln once said, “give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”.

end-to-end...where to start?

Wise words. Lincoln would have made a great marketeer. Why’s that? Because preparation is the key to all marketing. Well, all successful marketing, anyway. As a specialist tech marketing agency, we have over 20 years’ experience in dealing with Vendors, Distributors and VARs and understand that time is money and the focus is primarily on results. End-to-End Digital Advertising. End-to-End Experience Design - Menu The Community Of Over 578,000 Search Close Become a member The Community Of Over 515,000.

End-to-End Experience Design -

Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) Explained. Following the recent announcement of Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) on certain browsers, Media Experts breaks down what you need to know (and how this may affect your online advertising capabilities).

Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) Explained

A little about cookies (mmm… cookies) When someone is browsing the Internet, whether it’s on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, their browser collects and stores cookies from web sites they’ve visited. Cookies tell a story of a person’s online journey: sites they’ve visited, actions they’ve taken, purchases they’ve made, user names they’ve used, etc.

It represents someone’s online footprint. The Cookieless Present: Preparing for the biggest change to digital that too few people are talking about. Macy Edwards, director of digital paid media – ClickThrough Marketing With the end of third-party cookies on the horizon, the importance of first-party cookies is growing.

The Cookieless Present: Preparing for the biggest change to digital that too few people are talking about

Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Apple have the biggest first-party data sets in the world. With their heavy reliance on accounts, subscriptions, and purchases, over the last few years, they have dominated the overall market share. This change will have little to no impact on them but this isn’t the case for everyone.

These tech giants are the walled gardens in ad tech and remain the biggest challenge to publishers and advertisers in the future without third party cookies. Facebook Ad Size in 2021 – [The Foolproof Guide] Why public transportation is a good choice for advertising – Movia Media. As we live in a fast-paced world, travelling by public transport is the most convenient way to commute to and from work.

Why public transportation is a good choice for advertising – Movia Media

Because advertisers do not wish to miss out on any opportunities to market their brands, advertising on public transportation is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Furthermore, it gets even more difficult to ignore an ad when riding on a bus, cab, or any other vehicle since the ad is always in front of us. Advertising on transit offers a lot of leverage since it can be shown to commuters from different age and income groups. So you see, transit advertisements are logical! Their services are cost-effective, and the designs are clear, and creative. While commuting, commuters have nowhere to go, and a typical commute lasts about 30 minutes, so they spend their time viewing advertisements, making this one of the best advertising strategies. Gamification Marketing 2021 (video) Advergames have been used by some of the largest brands in the world over the last 30 years.

Gamification Marketing 2021 (video)

From 7up’s “Spot” in the 90s to Burger King’s “PocketBike Racer” in the 2000s. Advergames primary purpose is to bring about activity & engagement to capture their users’ attention and link a positive experience to the associated brand. Because advergames are interactive, people don't passively watch like they do with TV commercials, banner ads or any other form of traditional advertising. The difference between user and usability testing - WeAreBrain Blog.

Written by: Samantha Wolhuter• February 26, 2020 Share For many, user testing and usability testing is just a case of semantics but truthfully it’s not.

The difference between user and usability testing - WeAreBrain Blog

Both of these types of testing differ from each other significantly and are equally as important to seeing ideas or products come to life, such as when you are planning to build your own app. So what’s the difference then? Dark Patterns - Types of Dark Pattern. Trick questions While filling in a form you respond to a question that tricks you into giving an answer you didn't intend.

Dark Patterns - Types of Dark Pattern

When glanced upon quickly the question appears to ask one thing, but when read carefully it asks another thing entirely. Sneak into Basket You attempt to purchase something, but somewhere in the purchasing journey the site sneaks an additional item into your basket, often through the use of an opt-out radio button or checkbox on a prior page. Arclight Bike Pedals: Stand Out, Ride Safe by Redshift Sports. CLARA - Bike Turn Signal Light Vest, Led Bicycle Lights. Blaze Laserlight vs NiteRider Pro 3600 DIY: ¿cuál es la diferencia? El dispositivo está protegido con cierres adicionales para prevenir fallos causados por polvo, gotas o salpicaduras.

Blaze Laserlight vs NiteRider Pro 3600 DIY: ¿cuál es la diferencia?

Sentinel 250 Bike Taillight with Laser Lanes – NiteRider Technical Lighting. Workshop Feedback Forms. Workshop Feedback Forms are an effective means of collecting information from participants about their workshop experience. These forms are prepared in advance, confidential, and completed in the last few minutes of a workshop or afterwards (anytime ranging from a few minutes to a few months later). A print-based or electronic feedback form distributed at the end of a workshop should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete, and is typically used to assess how satisfied participants are with their experience and what they have learned. If you are interested in finding out how participants have applied their new knowledge and skills, then consider conducting a feedback survey months later.

User Experience (UX) Research Platform. Project Management - A Tree Swing Story - Weekly Sharing - ZenTao. How To Build A Great Project Management Plan [Template Included] You’ve been honing your project management skills. You’ve been reading up on the various PM methodologies. Project Management Methodologies - Everything You Need To Know. Once you’ve decided you want to become a project manager, the next step is to figure out which project management methodologies are right for you and your team. The landscape of project management methodologies can seem a bit overwhelming. Whether you have a formal project management certification or you’re learning to become a project manager from experience, there’s an absolute smorgasbord of project methodologies to choose from.

And they often come with their own rules, lists, principles, and endless acronyms. We believe that finding the right project management methodology to manage your work shouldn’t be rocket science. So we’ve compiled this list of different project management methodologies to help you figure out which methods, principles and approaches you can use for each team and project. Simple to use, powerful when you need it. Las mejores luces para bicicleta del 2021 (delanteras y traseras) - la bicikleta. Qué Hace las Mejores Luces para Bicicleta? A diferencia de un automóvil, donde las luces a duras penas están en tu lista de prioridades, un ciclista como tu debería planear con mucho cuidado el tipo de luces que usarás según tus condiciones, tipo de rodadas, el marco que uses y la duración de tu recorrido.

Ten Types. Profit Model How you make money Innovative profit models find a fresh way to convert a firm’s offerings and other sources of value into cash. Great ones reflect a deep understanding of what customers and users actually cherish and where new revenue or pricing opportunities might lie. Humane by Design. UX Laws with practical examples.. The collection of laws or design… A few weeks ago, I saw that quite a stir was made about “Laws of UX”, a very simple web page that talks about the main laws of the UX (User Experience). It is a fantastic site that I 100% recommend. If we had to generate a headline about UX laws… Good design tends to follow general principles that give designers general guidelines to work with.

But for interface designers and user experience, there are also certain laws that everyone should consider. In “Laws of UX”, each law gets its own graphic representation inspired by the classic covers of minimalist books. “It’s easier to remember an object, whether it be an image or a video, than a text” Arduino Knock Tap Sensor - Sensor de golpe. - Designing Explainable Algorithms. User research analysis and repository platform – Dovetail. Instagram. Don’t try to replace the third-party cookie – look to the identifier-free future. When Google stops Chrome from accepting third-party cookies next year, only one browser in ten worldwide will be able to carry out the ad targeting we currently take for granted. But as a new whitepaper from The Drum and Nano Interactive, The Future Of Online Targeting Beyond Identifiers, points out, the elimination of the third-party cookie is only part of the story. Consumers don’t care about the technologies used to track them, they just don’t want to be tracked.

As IAB UK head of adtech Tina Lakhani says in the whitepaper: “Tracking used to be the default, and privacy was optional. We’re now moving towards a world where privacy is the default and tracking is optional.” Product and UX Design, Strategy + Innovation. Navigating app — a UX case study. Now traveling will be easier than ever. Speculative Service Design — Breana Russell. Amazon BeSide — Oscar Liaw. Amazon Beside is a grieve recovery service that allow Amazon Eco user to use Alexa to interact with someone they loved.

Personal Contribution. Creative Thinking Workshop — Rucha Virkar. MethodKit Cards - Tools for brainstorming, workshops & getting overview. Ux cards lallemand en v1. Workplace Consultancy for Umpqua Bank — Rucha Virkar. Workplace Customer Consultancy: For specific days of the month and upon request, consultants from Umpqua bank visit partner companies to serve their employees.Financial workshops and toolkits: To help the target segment become more savvy, financial workshops will be conducted in companies, as well as providing online financial toolkits through Umpqua app.Peer to peer lending: In large companies, the banking service of Umpqua becomes more decentralized.

Under the app umbrella, employees can have peer to peer lending. NEW VALUE PROPOSITIONFor the Digital Stars employees of partner companies of Umpqua Bank, Who are digitally mature but not financial savvy, We offer in-company access, financial consultancy, financial workshops, and peer to peer lending, Which will be customer centric, and more efficient, Unlike the traditional, we will serve the untouched digital as well as financial collaborations serving the community. Diccionario de Marketing y Comunicación Digital - 40deFiebre. Amnesty International - Light Sculpture on Behance.

Mejores Prácticas de Open Innovation - así es como lo hacen los mejores. Open Innovation es la apertura de los Innovation Process para permitir que las ideas, las nuevas tecnologías o la retroalimentación de socios externos fluyan en la empresa. Hay una variedad de maneras de lograr esto, por lo que siempre se deben tener en cuenta las posibilidades y necesidades individuales de una empresa. La siguiente selección ofrece una visión general de las mejores prácticas en materia de Open Innovation desde el crowdsourcing, pasando por la red de investigación, hasta el reto de la puesta en marcha.

Open innovation y beneficios Open Innovation es la apertura del Innovation Process hacia el exterior. Socios externos como clientes, universidades, institutos de investigación, proveedores o empresas de nueva creación participan en el proceso de desarrollo de ideas y nuevos productos y servicios. 36 Cognitive Biases that Inhibit Innovation. Market Research vs User Research: How To Overcome Uncertainty. We wrote this to help you choose the right research methods more easily. Using Social Media For User Research. Quick summary ↬ Social media is one of the dominant forms of interactions on the Internet.

Leading platforms such as Facebook and Twitter count hundreds of millions of users each month. In this article, I will show you how social media is a rich vein of data for user researchers. In the commercial sector, social media is a source of data about users that often gets ignored in favor of other more controlled user research activities, such as interviews and user testing. UnSchool. Lean Product Development Explained. UX Strategy Blueprint Tool — DAY 78. User research guide. Resources - ResearchOps. UX Strategy Blueprint Tool — DAY 78. Tipos de contenido: Cuáles hay y cómo usarlos en tu estrategia. Inbound Marketing: qué es, origen, metodología y filosofía. Friends Media.

Resources - ResearchOps. 21 User Researchers you NEED to Follow on Twitter in 2021. What is Mixed Methods Research? A Definition & Why It's Taking Off — OpinionX. How should I structure and write a User Research case study? Product Talk. Pilot44 - Innovation Strategies That Help Drive Growth. Appetite Creative. Examples of Rich Media Ads. Rich media ads have been around for… A guide to mobile ad types and formats - Admixer.Blog. ISI Compare. Animation Compare. 2 Rich Media Examples from Gaming Companies. Publicidad digital: Guía para entender cómo funciona. Playnomics. Playful city screens - Buscar con Google. ▷ Sensor de ultrasonidos, tipos y uso con Arduino.

A technology-driven design studio. A technology-driven design studio. What We Do. What We Do. - About. Tangible Interaction. INFINIA. TPS Engage partners with Samsung to enhance their retail experience. What the hell is Digital Out Of Home (DOOH)? 3D Naked-eye LED: What is Really 3D LED Display? El rapero Tupac Shakur “vuelve a la vida” por medio de un holograma 3D. Fold Hold: The eco-friendly device stand by Jonathan Woolf. PowerUp FPV - Live Streaming Paper Airplane Drone by Shai Goitein. Smartipresence + Fighting Robot Expansion Pack – The Crafty Robot.

Smartipresence: cardboard telepresence robot by Ross Atkin. Nintendo libera las plantillas de Nintendo Labo. Cómo hacemos cajas de cartón a medida. TribalScale. Interior Design using Augmented Reality. Unity AR Foundation AR Occlusion AR Core Depth API ! An Introduction to the Paper Packaging Structure Design. And Dezeen Announce Best Eco-Packaging Design Winner of Out of the Box Competition.

4. Lesson 2 ActivityWorksheet. 5. Pathways to Scale Toolkit. Resources for innovators - VentureWell.