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Building a Customer Value Index. Over a three year period, Alan Weber helped the Caterpillar Truck Division to build the first comprehensive database of trucking fleets in America.

Building a Customer Value Index

He showed Caterpillar how to use that database to build a customer value index, which was used to direct the sales force efforts to focus on the most profitable retention and conquest targets. The result of his work was to build Caterpillar market share by 2% -- a long term gain of perhaps a half a billion dollars in increased sales. I asked Alan to explain the heart of his system – the customer value index. This article is the result of that request. Arthur Hughes Many corporate leaders seldom understand how to combine analytical tools such as RFM, lifetime value, and customer segmentation to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing and sales effort.

There are seven questions that every database marketing driven company strives to answer about all the prospects or customers they can identify. 5 customer-centric metrics to implement today. 8 KPIs Customer-Centric Marketers Should Use. Customer-case-studies  VisionEdge Marketing. Many of your colleagues travel your same path.

customer-case-studies  VisionEdge Marketing

It’s been our privilege to facilitate and accelerate their mission to more tightly connect marketing to business performance and measure the value of their marketing. Download these cases to learn how they benefitted from collaborating with VisionEdge Marketing. The National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) is the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) primary national research and development laboratory for renewable energy and energy efficiency. NREL works with agencies and public and private organizations around the world to support the appropriate deployment of renewable energy technologies. Customer Engagement Index – Marketing Automation & E-mail Marketing. How to Create a Customer-Centric Culture. What makes the great companies so great?

How to Create a Customer-Centric Culture

It’s the service and experience the customer receives when doing business with them. The companies that get it are customer-centric. They put the customer at the heart of decisions, ideas, marketing, system design and more. It is definitely not the product. The product can be truly amazing, even a lifestyle changer, but that’s not what makes a company great. On the other hand, there are companies that sell the same products as everyone else, but the customer experience they offer really does set them apart. However, many Ace Hardware stores are only one-tenth the size of one of these larger stores. Ace doesn’t promise ‘friendly’ service. Creating customer centric culture for your organisation. Implementing and measuring a customer centricity framework. Measure Customer Loyalty with Customer Satisfaction Surveys - QuestionPro Blog. With all the talk of data security as of late, it is important that we address another aspect of security – namely customer security.

Measure Customer Loyalty with Customer Satisfaction Surveys - QuestionPro Blog

Marketers measure customer loyalty and spend considerable time and resources attempting to understand and master it. This has been going on for as long as there has been competition. As a topic, customer loyalty has been thoroughly researched by academics and practitioners alike. A few things that we know about loyal customers: 1. On the point of satisfaction: customer loyalty and satisfaction are not the same construct. Profitability, as far as loyal customers are concerned, is muddied as well. Bringing the discussion back to how to measure customer loyalty, we can turn our eyes to a process developed by the market research firm Burke, Inc.

A secure customer is jointly: very satisfied, definitely would repurchase and definitely would recommend. Getting to know your loyal customers is worth the time. Secure Customer Index. Measure Customer Loyalty with Customer Satisfaction Surveys - QuestionPro Blog. Verschillen tussen klantbeleving in B2B en B2C: customer touchpoints - CustomerTalk.

In dit laatste artikel over de verschillen tussen klantbelevingen in B2B en B2C draait het om de contactmomenten: touchpoints.

Verschillen tussen klantbeleving in B2B en B2C: customer touchpoints - CustomerTalk

Om een optimale customer experience mogelijk te maken, is het van belang dat de klant een consistente ervaring heeft, onafhankelijk van het touchpoint waarmee hij in aanraking komt. Customer Journey Mapping. This is the second paper in the customer experience management series.

Customer Journey Mapping

The first paper – Managing the experience of your customers – introduced the customer experience concept. It presents the rationale for designing and managing the experiences of customers in line with the brand, in order to increase loyalty and advocacy, and thus profitability. This paper introduces customer journey mapping (CJM) in the context of customer experience management. It looks at what it is, why we should do it and the approaches that can be used to undertake this. The Customer Centric Employee training course-Midrand, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. You will spend the first part of the day getting to know participants and discussing what will take place during the workshop.

The Customer Centric Employee training course-Midrand, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

Students will also have an opportunity to identify their personal learning objectives. Learning Objectives To begin the workshop we will frame the key learning objectives, communication, relationship building, and conflict resolution. Training module 1 - Customer Centricity - SEECEL - South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning. Customer Experience Management Assessment. Customer Centricity Checklist. Experience Matters. The Customer Centric Approach to Marketing and Selling. From CRM to CEM – monetizing real loyalty. Partners. Voice of the Customer. Pagina-inhoud "Siska helped us greatly in shaping and refining our CRM strategy.

Voice of the Customer

The constructive feedback on our original ideas and valuable inputs were instrumental in bringing together our many requirements and developing a coherent implementation strategy. Siska always kept in mind our ultimate goal to design processes that create value both for our company and our customers. " ---- Koen Cremmery, Global Commercial Excellence Manager, Bekaert NV ​ "Based upon a broad and deep experience in the CRM area, Siska is surely one of the leading CRM subject matter experts! AOL refuses to cancel poor mans account.

Ontmoeten, inspireren en netwerken. Customer Journey Mapping is een praktijk- en resultaatgerichte techniek voor het verbeteren van de klantbeleving over alle kanalen (internet, telefoon, email, winkels etc.) heen.

Ontmoeten, inspireren en netwerken

Door bijna letterlijk in de schoenen van de klant te gaan staan en dus vanuit zijn/haar perspectief ‘de reis’ van de klant te doorlopen worden heldere inzichten verkregen om interactie met de klant te optimaliseren. Niet alleen bestaande klantprocessen, maar ook innovaties kunnen op deze wijze vormgegeven worden. U leert op basis van de inzichten over klanten te kiezen voor die zaken, die van belang zijn voor de klant én voor het merk. Homepage - PvKO. Colofon - Customer Talk - Alles over crm, klantstrategie, digital marketing, social business, e-commerce, customer experience en meer.

Bloovi - De interessantste Digitale Community van België. Customer-centric-banking. Quora. Six Differences Between Customer-Focused Companies and Operations-Focused Companies. Some companies really understand customer service.

Six Differences Between Customer-Focused Companies and Operations-Focused Companies

They know how to hire for it, train for it and deliver it. Other companies claim to give customer service, but in reality, they are grounded in an operations mentality with rules and policies that allow for little flexibility, preventing them from being anything more than just average or satisfactory. Here are a few observations of the differences between customer-focused companies versus operations-focused companies: Empowerment: A customer-focused company empowers employees to make decisions that are for the benefit of the customer.

They have guidelines versus rules and take the approach that if it isn’t illegal, immoral, won’t cost the company money (although sometimes that’s still okay), and won’t harm the company’s reputation, then consider doing it to take care of the customer. Ontmoeten, inspireren en netwerken. Strativity. Customer Experience Consultants.