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jQuery & JavaScript Articles For The Community. Creating a bookmarklet with easyXDM. Bookmarklets has been common for a long time and are quite easy to make.

Creating a bookmarklet with easyXDM

But one thing that you often see when examining the code behind bookmarklets are that most of the code is just to facilitate simple cross domain communication back to the whatever service the bookmarklet supports. Following is a sample bookmarklet with support for full RPC and XHR between the page its being applied to and the supporting backend. If you want to, save the above link as a bookmark, navigate to any page on the internet, and hit the bookmark Set up the provider as usual, one example is the xhr provider The bookmark code. Faire du cross-domain simplement avec javascript. 23417268 Advanced Java Script. Scalable JavaScript Design Patterns. Introduction Welcome to the resource page for my talk on Scalable JavaScript Design Patterns last presented at Web Directions (South).

Scalable JavaScript Design Patterns

It's an extended version of the talk I gave at Fronteers and includes more information about a highly-decoupled architecture for building large applications I've been discussing recently. This version of the talk also covered live code demos of 'Aura', a framework based on some of the ideas in the presentation (see lower down for some code examples).

Microjs: Fantastic Micro-Frameworks and Micro-Libraries for Fun and Profit!

Simuler Ajax

Bootstrap, from Twitter. Node.js. Spine.js. The Top 10 Javascript MVC Frameworks Reviewed - CodeBrief. UPDATE 1/14/2012: Added Batman.js and Angular.js due to popular demand and because they looked impressive.

The Top 10 Javascript MVC Frameworks Reviewed - CodeBrief

Over the last several months I have been in a constant search for the perfect javascript MVC framework. Driven by a dire need for the right level of abstraction and features, I have tried out - some more cursorily than others - every framework I could get my hands on. Here lies a brief synopsis of each framework. Lastly, I share the framework which I ultimately decided on. Knockout : Home. JavaScriptMVC. CSS3 Mega Dropdown Menu.