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Year one teacher @ Stephenson Memorial...using giggles and fun to inspire my little penguins. Happy penguins = keen learners...we never give up :-)

Learning and Teaching with iPads. 11 ways to be an inquiry-based teacher. It's hard to run an inquiry-based classroom.

11 ways to be an inquiry-based teacher

Don't go into this teaching style thinking all you do is ask questions and observe answers. The Definitive Guide To Tweeting & Blogging For Teachers. Over the past few weeks I’ve been privileged to read so many great blog posts by fellow teachers on the numerous benefits of both tweeting and blogging.

The Definitive Guide To Tweeting & Blogging For Teachers

Having an online presence in order to collaborate and learn from others is now fast becoming one of the most popular and interesting ways to improve your day to day teaching. More and more teachers are getting involved in this online community, which means there are more and more opportunities to network with like-minded people. My motivation to write this post was not to re-invent the wheel, but instead to bring together the best posts that have been written on this area. It should be seen as a one-stop guide for both teachers looking to dip their toe in the online teaching community, and also the more experienced ‘Tweachers’ amongst us.


I pads in classroom

S. Children as Designers of Their Own Space 13 May 2010. Various thoughts on education by Rob Carpenter. …”Dad.

Various thoughts on education by Rob Carpenter Top 50 Maths mini plenaries ideas to use in an outstanding Maths lesson. The current buzz word at the moment is “mini plenary”, I am not going to take credit for these but below are my top 50 mini Maths plenary ideas that can be used throughout the lesson to assess learning, demonstrate progress and intervene where necessary.

Top 50 Maths mini plenaries ideas to use in an outstanding Maths lesson

You can also check out an earlier blog on the top 99 ways to demonstrate progress during an Outstanding lesson observation! You can also check out 100 Ideas for Outstanding Lessons which is a great book to help deliver outstanding lessons!! List three things you have learned todayList three things your neighbour has learned today60 second challenge – sum upWrite the new words you have learned this lesson and what they mean in mathematics (also alternative meanings in other curriculum areas)Write three/five top tips for…The answer is … what is the question? Female Teacher. The Lost Art of Nurturing Sparks.

Behind every new idea, article or resource we do is usually something that inspired or provoked us into action.

The Lost Art of Nurturing Sparks

Our CPD posters were inspired by a poster idea we were sent by @paulyb37 on Twitter. Classroom creativity! If you’re not familiar with the brilliant ‘Yes Prime Minister’, there’s a running joke throughout the series.

Classroom creativity!

Whenever Jim Hacker, the hapless Prime Minister is told by Sir Humphrey Appleby that he’s made a “courageous” decision, he panics and changes his mind. In his world, a courageous decision is definitely not a good thing — in fact it means his neck is almost certainly on the line… When our copy of ‘Brave Heads’ arrived on the doormat, guess what the first thing that sprung to mind was? (fade to a Head’s office in a where the chair of governors is peering over a sheaf of papers) 20 Apps (Games) for Play-based Learning. The No.1 App for Every Teacher….

Not all apps are created equal.

The No.1 App for Every Teacher….

The first version of Explain Everything was good. The second version is outstanding. How Japanese Kids Learn To Multiply – Amazing, No Need to Learn Japanese. Thank you to everyone who has shared this post!

How Japanese Kids Learn To Multiply – Amazing, No Need to Learn Japanese

Before we discuss this great method of multiplying numbers, if you are after a great power point slide show to use in the classroom to improve times tables and multiplication skills then you will find this useful. If you enjoyed using the resource above then make sure to check out the games and tricks available to help develop, practice and learn times tables skills. I came across this method though a Japanese friend and it shows how Japanese pupils learn to multiply in maths lessons at a young age. How to meet the needs of child prodigies? - news. Comment:4.3 average rating | Comments (2)Last Updated:28 February, 2013Section:news Some children are exceptionally intelligent and capable of racing through their education.

How to meet the needs of child prodigies? - news

Kerra Maddern talks to four such prodigies and their families about their experiences To many, the idea of a childhood genius - a prodigy, if you will - has an almost mythical quality. The tales we read in newspapers each year of young children taking GCSEs and A levels portray them as superhuman. But isn’t it an impossible paradox? Outstanding teaching using the new #Ofsted framework. 30+ of the most beautiful abandoned places and modern ruins i've ever seen.

Grammar and punctuation test: take our quiz. Warnings ignored over 'flawed' primary tests - news. Comment:5 average rating | Comments (2)Last Updated:12 April, 2013Section:news Year 6 will take the exams this summer despite advisers’ concerns The government is implementing controversial primary school grammar tests despite its own independent advisers warning that they will fail to properly assess children or improve their writing, TES has learned.

Warnings ignored over 'flawed' primary tests - news

Experts consulted by the Department for Education described the tests, which will be taken by 500,000 Year 6 students this summer, as “really flawed” exams that ignore academic research on the best ways to teach grammar. Debra Myhill, a professor of education at the University of Exeter, and Ruth Miskin, an expert on phonics and member of the national curriculum review team, were among experts who raised concerns about the spelling and grammar (Spag) tests when consulted by the government.

In praise of failure: The key ingredient to children’s success, experts say, is not success. In praise of failure: The key ingredient to children’s success, experts say, is not success Facebook | Twitter | Email | Instapaper Sarah BoesveldSaturday, Feb. 2, 2013 Mike Faille/National Post. How-we-met-julia-donaldson. Scheffler has illustrated 15 books for children's author Julia Donaldson over the course of 20 years of collaboration, including 'The Snail and the Whale' and the award-winning 'The Gruffalo'. He lives in south London with his partner. I'd only done one or two picture books when I was approached by a publisher to illustrate Julia's first story [A Squash and a Squeeze], in 1992.

15 Principles underpinning reading for pleasure. Storybird – Digital Storytelling. Storybird – Digital Storytelling Written by Teach Amazing! Storybird is a tool for creating short stories inspired by artwork. Little Story Maker App: Listening, Reading, Customizing, Personalizing  I am completely impressed with the “Little Story Maker” App by Grasshopper Apps. Leadership and wisdom: Why us and them? Outstanding teaching using the new #Ofsted framework « @ TeacherToolkit.