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SENSELESS DRAWING BOT. 53 o's. The revolving internet, constant dullaart 2010. Lose/lose. Lose/Lose is a video-game with real life consequences.


Each alien in the game is created based on a random file on the players computer. 4: On Critique by Brian Massumi. Widespread Hijacking of Search Traffic in the United States. By ICSI researchers Christian Kreibich, Nicholas Weaver and Vern Paxson, with Peter Eckersley.

Widespread Hijacking of Search Traffic in the United States

UPDATE, 8/25/11: There are a couple of revisions to this post which are marked inline below, and explained further here. Earlier this year, two research papers reported the observation of strange phenomena in the Domain Name System (DNS) at several US ISPs. On these ISPs' networks, some or all traffic to major search engines, including Bing, Yahoo! And (sometimes) Google, is being directed to mysterious third party proxies. A report in New Scientist today documents that the traffic is being rerouted through a company called Paxfire.

Who is rerouting this search traffic? The published research papers did not identify the controller of the proxy servers that were receiving the traffic, but parallel investigations by the ICSI Networking Group and EFF have since revealed a company called Paxfire as the main actor behind this interception. The Dangerous Politics of Internet Humor in China. Untitled. 4: Transversal Fields of Experience. Hacking With Pictures. In 2008, Australian show A Current Affair broadcast an episode that included a brief hypnotherapy session.

Hacking With Pictures

The segment was called Think Slim and the idea was that it would help viewers lose weight. This was found to be in breach of the Commercial Television Industry Code of Practice which specifically forbids broadcasting shows “designed to induce a hypnotic state in viewers”. photo credit: rheanvent Take a look at this video of an augmented-reality physics app that Bruce Sterling linked to on Beyond the Beyond. You sketch objects in 2d and then the app figures out what they should look like and renders them in 3d. Did you see that? When this thing is running, images become executable.

Drone Ethnography. Trevor Paglan, The Other Night Sky Suppose you wanted to build your own drone—well, hold on a minute—why do you want to build your own drone?

Drone Ethnography

What do you mean, “why?” The answer is, you'd go to Dronepedia first, and then to DIY Drones , where you'd find out where to get started with a simple kit or pre-made drone. But suppose you just wanted to find out some of the latest info on the US government's top secret drone projects. Paul Chan, The Unthinkable Community / Journal. Paul Chan In Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, two men wait by the side of a country road for a man who never comes.

Paul Chan, The Unthinkable Community / Journal

If done right, that is to say, if done with humor, fortitude, and a whiff of desperation, the play is as contemporary, funny, precise, courageous, and unknowable as I imagine it was back in 1952, when the play premiered in Paris. When I worked with others to stage Godot in New Orleans in 2007, we took many liberties to make it work at that place, for that moment in time. We set the entire play in the middle of a street intersection for one set of performances, and then in front of an abandoned house for another.

The actors let the musical cadence of New Orleanian speech seep into the dialogue. Waiting for Godot in New Orleans, Lower Ninth Ward performance, 2007. Communication ≠ Connection There is no doubt that advances in technology have fundamentally transformed the nature and reach of communication in social life. . ◂ Chatroulette screenshot. A Short History of The Front. Network Maps, Energy Diagrams « Continental Drift. Structure and Agency in the Global System Untitled (choreographic sketch by by Trisha Brown, 1980) The Internet is the vector of a new geography – not only because it conjures up virtual realities, but because it shapes our lives in society, and shifts our perceptions along with the ground beneath our feet.

Network Maps, Energy Diagrams « Continental Drift

Networks have become the dominant structures of cultural, economic and military power. Yet that power remains largely invisible. Artbase: Browse by Archived. Home. Paul Gilroy speaks on the riots, August 2011, Tottenham, North London. Welcome to Seppukoo / Assisting your virtual suicide. Web 2.0 Suicide Machine - Meet your Real Neighbours again! - Sign out forever! TRANSFORMATIONS Journal of Media & Culture. Issue No. 20 2011 — Slow Media Digital Suicide and the Biopolitics of Leaving Facebook By Tero Karppi “Everyone now wants to know how to remove themselves from social networks.

TRANSFORMATIONS Journal of Media & Culture

It has become absolutely clear that our relationships to others are mere points in the aggregation of marketing data. Political campaigns, the sale of commodities, the promotion of entertainment – this is the outcome of our expression of likes and affinities.” This article approaches the problem of leaving Facebook focusing especially on two art projects and Web 2.0 Suicidemachine, both established in 2009 and both offering digital suicide from Facebook as an outcome.[1] These artworks are understood not as representational identities, but rather as nonhuman actors with both incorporeal and material capabilities to affect and be affected, create sensations and be sensed, to set into different kinds of relations with other forces and their capabilities (Parikka, “Ethologies” 116).

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