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Shakespeare Resources. How to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking. According to psychologists, most people have a greater fear of public speaking than of death.

How to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

As someone who trains speakers professionally, I can attest this is true. It certainly was for me. Even after I had been speaking publicly for years, I still struggled with fear. Even when I was well-prepared. This happened nearly every time I spoke. The problem, as I eventually discovered, was I was focused on myself. My thoughts were consumed with whether or not they would like my speech, laugh at my jokes, or think I was smart. As a result, I sweated profusely. Everything shifted when I started focusing on my audience. I started asking myself, What are their needs? Suddenly, my anxiety disappeared. Now, I usually can’t wait to speak. The question I always ask myself right before I step to the podium is this: What are the gifts I want to give those attending this event? I focus on three. The Gift of Clarity. It’s amazing how a shift in perspective can change everything. 25 Essential Public Speaking Skills. Published: Oct 31st, 2007 Inspired by 25 Skills Every Man Should Know, I pondered a list of the 25 essential skills every public speaker should have.

25 Essential Public Speaking Skills

How did I do? Every public speaker should be able to: Research a topic – Good speakers stick to what they know. Great speakers research what they need to convey their message.Focus – Help your audience grasp your message by focusing on your message. Which skills have I missed? Additional Skills for Professional Speakers Note that I have not attempted to cover additional skills which professional speakers must have that relate to marketing, advertising, product development, and other aspects of running a professional speaking business.

Please share this... Six Minutes: Public Speaking and Presentation Skills. Top 10 Education Gamification Examples that will Change our Future. New to Gamification?

Top 10 Education Gamification Examples that will Change our Future

Check out my post What is Gamification & my Gamification Framework: Octalysis Education Gamification in Action. There’s a lot of potential in the field of Education Gamification. I believe that humans have an innate Desire to learn. However, much of the school system these days “gets in the way of our education If you ask children, “What is work?” Clearly there should be a way to help kids learn from what they do best – play. No longer viewed as a mundane process for presenting information while testing for retention and understanding, the modern educational challenge involves tasks of engaging students, stimulating their interests, retaining their attention, and maintaining a positive attitude in a nurturing environment Key to these goals is the effort to maintain a rich communications environment that encourages feedback and reinforcement, not only between the instructor/teacher and students, but also between the students themselves.

Top 10 Videos on 21st Century Learning. 1- Expanded Learning Opportunities 2- What is 21st Century Education 3- Educate The Heart 4- Learn to Change, Change to Learn 5- Teachers Inspire Us ( this is really an amazing video I love it ) 6- The Art of Teaching ( Sir Ken Robinson ) 7- Make your Voice Heard: Discover Democratic Education.

Top 10 Videos on 21st Century Learning

10 Basic Google Classroom Tasks Every Teacher Should Be Able to Do. Google Classroom - Tech Tips 411. Teachers Guide to Creating Engaging Assignments on Google Classroom. Guilt (Social Forces) Shorts. Shakespeare. Learning Strategies. 50K+ Growth Mindset. Critical Thinking. Favorite Poem Project. Vegan Recipes. The Only Earth We Have. Tips.

Digitalstorytelling-ebook. Creative mind. Egypt. Voice. Romeo and Juliet Lesson Plans. Teacher Guide to Romeo and Juliet by William ShakespeareHow might students use storyboards to demonstrate and to extend their learning?

Romeo and Juliet Lesson Plans

Check the resources here. Includes essential questions, plot diagram, character maps, Aristotelian elements of the tragic hero, conflict analysis, themes, symbolis, and motifs, more. Note: Storyboard That helps sponsor this site. Comparing Primary Source Documents and Romeo and JulietStudents will identify literary techniques in Romeo's speech to Juliet in 1.5. Students will compare imagery and diction in Romeo's speech to Juliet and Gough's Academy of Complements (1684). Crash Course, English Literature: Author John Green discusses central issues from Romeo and Juliet in these engaging (downloadable) videos at YouTube.

Double Teen Death HorrorOn this page, a tabloid-style summary of the play from the BBC. Gangs Throughout LiteratureThis WebQuest asks students to analyze the impact of gangs and to explore conflict resolution strategies. Drawing. Sef-improvement Inbox. Art of Animals. General Knowledge. Shakespeare. Aztec. Story Generators. Skills for Future Jobs. Mayan. William Shakespeare and Renaissance language. Digital literacy.