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Amazing Ideas That Will Upgrade Your Home ▶3. Rolling Kitchen Island - RYOBI Nation Projects. Step: 1 After cutting your legs and supports according to the plans, mark the notches on the island legs.

Rolling Kitchen Island - RYOBI Nation Projects

Use a circular saw to make multiple passes within the lines. Step: 2 Then, use a wood chisel to remove the extra scrap left behind. Step: 3 To smooth the notices, use the Job Plus sander inside the notches. Homemade Modern Treedition - RYOBI Nation Projects. Step: 1 Cut 2x2s Cut the 2x2s using the miter saw.

Homemade Modern Treedition - RYOBI Nation Projects

Cut the following lengths and quanitities: Length x Quantity 48” x 1 44” x 4 40” x 4 36” x 4 32” x 8 28” x 4 24” x 12 20” x 4 16” x 16 12” x 4 8” x 20 4” x 4 Step: 2 Sand 2x2s Use the orbital sander to sand the sides of the 2x2s with 150 grit sanding pads. Step: 3 Assemble Use either the drill or nailer to connect the pieces together. If using the drill and screws, pilot holes are recommended. Keep the fasteners at least 6 inches from the top of the pieces so that they will be hidden. Start with the 48” center piece and work your way out towards the smaller pieces. Modern Concrete Log Holder - RYOBI Nation Projects.

Learn how to make a very modern looking, circular, concrete log holder from DIY Pete.

Modern Concrete Log Holder - RYOBI Nation Projects

This project is simple to do, is very affordable, and doesn’t take long at all from start to finish. The concrete log holder adds a nice touch to any fireplace and is very functional. Thanks for checking this out and best of luck on yours! Step: 1 We need to start by making the form with the aluminum flashing and the melamine. 55 Insanely Genius Gardening Hacks. Mason Jar Wall Planter - Stacy Risenmay. From Slab to Fab - DIY 5 Panel Door - Mrs. Do It Herself.

Let me just come right out and say it.

From Slab to Fab - DIY 5 Panel Door - Mrs. Do It Herself

I HATE slab doors. For real… And you know what really stinks? I have a 3000 square foot house FULL of them! 15 of them to be exact… and they aren’t even remotely pretty. How to Get Rid of a Popcorn Ceiling. 11 Seriously Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Home on the Cheap - Page 8 of 13 - How To Build It. The Simple Guide to Painting Kitchen Tile - How To Build It. Before you spend a lot of time and hassle to remove a tile backsplash or countertop, consider this.

The Simple Guide to Painting Kitchen Tile - How To Build It

It is entirely possible to paint that tile and get a whole new look without removing a single one! Here is the simple guide to painting kitchen tile. Over at 11 Magnolia Lane, Christy painted her brown tile backsplash with amazing results. As of her last update, the paint job was still holding strong about 5 years later–proving that you don’t need to worry about durability if you use the right products.

Clean tiles are a necessity before starting this DIY project. Shtfpreparedness. 10 DIY Sinks and Vanities (and a Tub and Shower Too!) Posted Categories: DIY Turning bowls into vessel sinks, and dressers into vanities aren't new ideas, but the difference is that the people that are in this article did it right.

Great ideas.. that we can implement. – apprisia

Also in our list are some ideas that might serve as inspiration for the next big thing in bathroom fixture re-purposing.

10 DIY Sinks and Vanities (and a Tub and Shower Too!)

IKEA Hacks. Metal barrel cupboard. Beautiful work by the German Team of Lockengeloet (St pauli, Hamburg).

Metal barrel cupboard

DIY IKEA Shelf In-Home Aquaponics - Planted Space. Dubbed "Malthus," this Ikea-hacked project by Conceptual Devices pieces together a 100g fish tank, plastic grow beds, a pump and piping onto an IKEA Broder shelf, with wheels.

DIY IKEA Shelf In-Home Aquaponics - Planted Space

Malthus is designed to be an in-home unit, and to grow one meal a day, a portion of fish with a side of salad. If you don't know yet, aquaponics is basically hydroponics + fish in a sustainable loop. The fish provides nutrients and CO2 to the plants, and the plants in turn purifies the water and returns O2 to the fish. Data Clock (Cloud + Amazon Echo + LED's = Artistic Data!): 7 Steps (with Pictures)

The key to grabbing data from the cloud to display on our data clock is to use API's.

Data Clock (Cloud + Amazon Echo + LED's = Artistic Data!): 7 Steps (with Pictures)

API's are great when developing on the web, however, most API's output JSON which is complicated for the arduino to parse. We'd rather just have the parsing done in the cloud and then deliver clean data to the arduino when we request it. This is where Thingspeak comes to the rescue! Let's walk through this process. Amazing DIY Ideas - Some Interesting Facts.

Home Planning & Decoration

33 DIYs For The Classiest Person You Know. Betsa möbler – Allt om målning. Måla köksluckor – Allt om målning. Build a DIY Root Cellar Storage - Featuring Hobby Farms. Build a DIY Pallet Sliding Barn Door and DIY Track - Feature from AKA Design + Life. DIY Super Efficient Chest Fridge Hack. Chest fridge Using vertical doors in refrigeration devices is an act against the Nature of Cold Air.

DIY Super Efficient Chest Fridge Hack

Understanding and cooperating with Nature rather than acting against it leads to much better efficiency. My chest fridge (Vestfrost freezer turned into a fridge) consumes about 0.1 kWh a day. It works only about 2 minutes per hour. He Fills A Picture Frame With Chicken Wire. What He Does Is Simply Amazing… From holding earrings to rolls of toilet paper, there are all kinds of clever ways to use frames around your house. Scroll through the images below for our ten favorite frame DIYs. 1. Earring Holder Your jewelry is beautiful, so why keep it hidden away in a box? Så gör du en snygg fotoram av gamla cd-fodral. Toilet Top Sink. Repurposed old Trampolines into a hanging Teepee Beds (Pictures)

"Have you ever driven past roadside rubbish and spotted a discarded trampoline standing on its end? I have, and after seeing this repurposed trampolines I have the urge to rescue its thrown away friends and make them into new comfy cozy hanging hang-outs. He Grabs The Red Book Off The Shelf. When It Makes A CLICK Sound? Unimaginable! Bob of I Like To Make Stuff‘s video has been viewed over 3.3 million times because it is completely mesmerizing. She Was Sick Of Looking At Her Ugly Stairs, So She Gives Them The ULTIMATE Makeover! When it comes to decorating and upgrading our homes, the stairs are often an afterthought. An Ingenious Washing Machine Made Of Little More Than A Bucket. This laundry unit uses found materials to get the job done.

Anyone can do this and the cost is minimum but highly practical and effective. The time is nigh for foot-powered washing machines. Though the concept has been explored before, two recent projects are garnering attention for their real-world feasibility in alleviating the struggles associated with laundry in regions without easy access to electricity or running water. GiraDora, created by a pair of Art Center College of Design students, is receiving accolades, and Philadelphia University industrial design students Eliot Coven and Aaron Stathum have concurrently developed a similar product with a different approach; Up-Stream is an analog appliance built around the ubiquity of five-gallon buckets, allowing users to adapt the piece with materials from their region.

The $50 Stone Shower DIY {your pick} - Picklee. Home Improvement Archives - Picklee.