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Digital Humanities

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» Getting Started in Digital Humanities Journal of Digital Humanities. Lisa Spiro When I presented at the Great Lakes College Association’s New Directions workshop on digital humanities (DH) in October, I tried to answer the question “Why digital humanities?”

» Getting Started in Digital Humanities Journal of Digital Humanities

But I discovered that an equally important question is “How do you do digital humanities?” Highlighting Resources in Digital Humanities. 9780262018470 Open Access Edition. Digital Humanities Network. EADH - The European Association for Digital Humanities. UCL Centre for Digital Humanities. Journal of Digital Humanities. Stanford Humanities. Stanford scholars are harnessing the power of new technologies through an array of digital humanities endeavors.

Stanford Humanities

Current digital humanities projects are using tools like 3-D mapping, electronic literary analysis, digitization, and advanced visualization techniques in interdisciplinary research that aims to shed new light on humanities research. With online publishing and virtual archives, creators and users experiment and interact with source materials in ways that yield new findings, while also facilitating community building and information sharing. Stanford professors and students organize an array of workshop style forums to foster discussion of digital humanities scholarship. Mitchell Whitelaw.