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Boy: Lucien Clarke Boy: Lucien Clarke We've been trying to shoot one of the Palace skate team ever since we saw their hilariously funny PWBC videos on Tim & Barry's Don't Watch That TV a few years back. Then came their own-brand comprising Versace-homaging sweaters, Chanel logo-style shirts, VHS-chic skate videos, sick graphic and web design skills. Finally, we persuaded 23-year-old Lucien Clarke to let us take a few shots. As well as being a pretty good-looking dude, he's probably the best British skateboarder since Benny Fairfax, notable for his laid-back American skate style. Lucien rides a custom Palace Jamaica-coloured deck, because he was born there and was pretty happy about a Marcus Garvey deck Palace are sending over. Thankfully, even though a lot of skate dudes can be total dicks if you don't really know them, Lucien is pretty down-to-earth for a guy whose room is full of boxes of free shit people like Supreme have sent him and even has his own DVS shoes colorway.
In 2005, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his brother started an online collaborative production company with his brother, Dan ‘Burning Dan. It was a way for them to post videos and receive criticism for them, and sparked the idea of starting a collaborative project, developing into an online community where people can go to submit, contribute and remix. The project has now developed into a TV show, streaming the first episode online before its release on air later this month. blog. blog.
RVCAloha Grafitti Featuring DMOTE, REMIO and NORM Video Longstanding skate and surf imprint RVCA took to the shores of Hawaii recently for a six-week initative dubbed #RVCAloha. While some of RVCA’s most prolific surfers and skater took part, the project also brought together graffiti writers and st... HYPEBEAST. Online Magazine for Fashion, Arts, Design and Culture HYPEBEAST. Online Magazine for Fashion, Arts, Design and Culture
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RICARDO·CAVOLO DIARY Estoy participando con los amigos de Limón&Nada en su última campaña, abogando por los juguetes y entretenimientos más básicos pero que más opciones nos dan si usamos un poco nuestra imaginación, como palos, cajas o piedras. Me han mandado una caja, una simple caja de cartón para que la transforme en otra cosa, para que sea mi juguete durante las próximas horas... Y eso he hecho. He cogido la caja, la he hecho mía y la he convertido en otra cosa... Ahora os enseño un adelanto de mi nuevo juguete.. RICARDO·CAVOLO DIARY
Hypothetically, if an object is positioned at the focal point of the
but does it float Typography, design and illustration by SasakiShun Title: @aqqdesign Folkert Photographs by Sarah Schönfeld "Sarah Schönfeld squeezed drops of various legal and illegal liquid drug mixtures onto negative film which had already been exposed. Each drop altered the coating of the film. but does it float
The Curious Brain A path of sighs through the emotions of life. A tribute to the art and her disarming beauty. Directed by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro A practical character reader Now you know! The Curious Brain
Said Seeing
Illustrations - Fabulous Rice, the works of Fabrice Ducouret