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Online Etymology Dictionary. Today was my first tutorial session (McGill calls... Today was my first tutorial session (McGill calls them “conferences” - I’m not sure why) with my intro ling students.

Today was my first tutorial session (McGill calls...

They’re learning the IPA, so in addition to doing some standard IPA-practising exercises, we also played IPA Bingo. It’s pretty easy to set up, and a good practise. Each student makes a bingo board with IPA symbols (as shown in the picture) and then the caller (me) says the descriptions, like “voiced labiodental fricative”, so the students have to be able to understand them in order to cross off a box. You could also do the inverse, where the boards have descriptions and the caller writes symbols, or with either board you could instead have the caller produce the sound. NACLO. Linguistics Challenge Puzzles. Read these remarks carefully for important hints on how to solve the puzzles.

Linguistics Challenge Puzzles

The following links will take you to some sample linguistics puzzles. These puzzles are copyrighted by the University of Oregon Department of Linguistics, but may be copied or printed for personal or classroom use. Exercise 3.1: Phonemic Rules. Spanish Notes. Chapter 1. 1.

Chapter 1

Conjugation. In Latin the word "conjugation" means two things: (1) the act of joining a personal ending to a verb stem, and (2) a category of verb, classed by the vowel on the end of the stem (a, long e, short e, i; see below, #7). For lack of a better term, I call the "classifying" vowel on the end of the stem, the "thematic" vowel (a term borrowed from Greek). 2. Grammatical Terms. Click here for a printable version of this handout. 3. Loeb Classical Library Books Available Online. Free online Latin resources. Is it possible to learn Latin successfully entirely from free online Latin resources?

Free online Latin resources

Yes, I think so. Learners can avoid the need for further books, etc.. Italian Language Profile. Esperanto en radio : internaciaj elsendoj: frekvencoj kaj URL. Amikaro de Esperanto en Radio - AERA (OSIEK) hu eo fr de eoN.

Esperanto en radio : internaciaj elsendoj: frekvencoj kaj URL

Perseus Collections/Texts. 12 French Verbs You Might Not Be Using. Even after nearly a decade of French classes and numerous visits to France, there were some verbs that I didn't use until I moved here and was immersed in the language and culture.

12 French Verbs You Might Not Be Using

Some I had never learned, while others just seemed unusual or unnecessary. In case you're in the same boat, here are a dozen French verbs that I find essential in France, even if my French teachers didn't seem to think so. What in French - How to translate what into French. French learners often have trouble deciding how to translate "what" into French.

What in French - How to translate what into French

Should it be que or quoi, or maybe that pesky quel? Understanding the difference between these terms is critical to knowing how to use them correctly. The problem with translating "what" into French is that it has numerous grammatical functions in English. It can be an interrogative pronoun or adjective, relative pronoun, exclamative adjective, adverb, or object of a preposition, and may be found in any position in a sentence. In contrast, French has different terms for most of these possibilities, including que, qu'est-ce qui, quoi, comment, and quel. First notebook entry: Introducing myself - Learn English - italki Notebook.

French Flashcards - Learn French Language Online. Italki: Learn a language online. English Flashcards. Polish Grammar. University of Arizona Computer Aided Language Instruction Group. Swedish Language Course. Introduction Contents of the Course Swedish Cultural Links Over 350,000 Hits!

Swedish Language Course

One of the 1003 Best Free Things on the Web, according to the 3/97 issue of Net Guide Magazine! No new lessons will be added until at least the spring of '07. Last updated August 26, 1999 (lessons); October 23, 2006 (links). Introduction. Conversational Chinese Online. By Tianwei Xie The hard copy of this book (new version) is available here: Traditional version | Simplified version Some typing errors were corrected in the new version.

Conversational Chinese Online

Those who have purchased the previous version can download the new version from here for free. Click to order: Traditional version | Simplified version The mp3 files are available here. Hungarian Language Course. Introduction Contents of the Course Hungarian Cultural Links. Suggested Order of Study. Home / Student Help Center / Suggested Order of Study The materials on this website are presented a la carte.

Suggested Order of Study

Pick and choose the categories and lessons, but read this page for some general guidelines. A Structured Step-by-Step Approach If you want to become conversational, then what you need is Camino del éxito — a complete conversation course that takes you by the hand and leads you down the "Path of success. " Ours is the only course that is completely integrated with the materials on this website, and it is exactly what you need if you want to speak Spanish conversationally. Pronunciation Section As you begin studying pronunciation, pay particular attention to the vowel sounds. Two other sounds that are problematic for English speakers are the "d" and the "r" – but fortunately the corresponding Spanish sounds are easy for the English speaker to duplicate. Memrise - the fun way to learn anything. Greek and Latin Learning Tools.