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Papercaketreatboxestemplate.pdf. Paper Cake Treat Boxes: Template and Tutorial -'s Paper Clips. Finally, as promised, the tutorial!

Paper Cake Treat Boxes: Template and Tutorial -'s Paper Clips

Yes, it really did take me two days to get this ready. I hope you enjoy it. Be sure to create a FREE studio on and upload photos of your cakes when you are finished. You can even sell them, too! Click HERE for more details. Also, to help spread the word about and to build our community, please link to this tutorial and share the news that is FREE to use. Now, on to the tutorial! Supplies Download the Template (Print the template directly onto the cardstock. If you have a Cricut machine, click HERE for the template.

Price Your Art Realistically. << Back to Articles for Artists.

Price Your Art Realistically

Crawl_f_v0_h0. The Shape and Form 18.02.09 by WarrenLouw - Warren Louw. Making buildings in foamboard. Miniature building construction in foamboard by Emmanuel Nouaillier Emmanuel Nouaillier shows how to scratch build and age miniature structures.

making buildings in foamboard

This is will introduce my personal approach and techniques for scratch building and ageing buildings, pertaining to the typical northern French urban landscape of the 1940s and early 50s. I believe that a proper rendition of textures and adequate weathering of the different elements is important when making a miniature scene, where the optimal development of each small detail of a diorama becomes more a necessity to modellers who want to show, with utmost realism, models that are better detailed and weathered I will explain stage by stage in future articles how to create peculiar materials and elements and how to give the models ‘life’ while employing generic methods.

Some of the ‘basic’ tools that I use to work the foam and give it some aspects and different alterations in scale. Pepakura Designer. DIY projects, how-tos, and inspiration from geeks, makers, and hackers. MaryDoodles (Mary) on deviantART. Optical illusion cut-out and fold characters.

COPIC ORIGINAL Markers - 72 Color Set, A. Copic Marker Sets. Lackadaisy Expressions. Boy, I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I started this.

Lackadaisy Expressions

I've had requests for some sort of expressions tutorial dating back a while now, so I figured, "Sure! Borondo. Bpresing (Bill Presing) on deviantART. Drawings by Bill Presing. Amazing illustrations by talented cartoonist Bill Presing.

Drawings by Bill Presing

Tags: art, cool, Creative, drawings. Ratcreature: how to draw female comic characters (according to Wizard)... Brown_betty asked for examples "to illustrate the exactly how and why female comic characters are illustrated differently than the male.

ratcreature: how to draw female comic characters (according to Wizard)...

" And I thought, really, what's better to illustrate these things than the books teaching the style in the first place? A while ago I posted some scans from Wizard How To Draw series on drawing female superheroes (here and here), and I thought I'd post a bunch more from the first book of the series on "How To Draw: Heroic Anatomy". As everything, it starts with the basics, i.e. proportions.

First the male superhero The female example is similar, but slightly different, notice how he stands firm and straight, wheras she stands with her hips cocked a little and the leg thrust forward? Also notice in the direct torso comparison below, how the male one is ramrod straight, but she curves and leans just a little bit in the same pose? Now onwards to the chapter "Sultry Women". Next, Michael Turner explains "Sex Appeal". Zhou Fan. Beautiful colors with the thickness and brightness of animation cell art, Chinese artist Zhou Fan’s works are inspired from childhood dreams of jellyfish parades in the sky falling to the ground to become mushrooms.

Zhou Fan

She’s found that these dreams which have left a deep impression on her also capture more of her focus than reality. Quick hand-legs-foot tutorial by Hellobaby on deviantART. Frankie exclusive diy: dip-dyed shoes. Winter isn't quite here, but already folks are starting to revert back to their dreary cold weather wardrobes.

frankie exclusive diy: dip-dyed shoes



Inky: Jacob Livengood. Hello World! (Part 8) Online Portfolios on Behance. Strange-cartoons47.jpg (JPEG Image, 570 × 637 pixels) - Scaled (94%) Alexander Fedosov — worx. Alexander Fedosov — worx Keep you inspired follow ShockBlast Jack / April 17, 2012 / 16:30.

Alexander Fedosov — worx

Category: ART « » Page: 2TwistedSifter. Apr 3, 2014 The Daily Routines of Famous Artists and Scholars Published last year (23 April 2013), Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals: How Artists Work took an in-depth look at the daily routines of 161 of history’s most inspiring minds.

Category: ART « » Page: 2TwistedSifter

Data visualization artist RJ Andrews of Info We Trust created an amazing infographic of 16 of the 161 creative masterminds featured in Currey’s book. The routines… Read More » Apr 2, 2014 Picture of the Day: Eight Hours of Takeoffs at LAX EIGHT HOURS OF TAKEOFFS AT LAX Photograph by MIKE KELLEY Website | Facebook | Flickr | Prints available In this incredible composite image by architectural photographer Mike Kelley, we see every departure from LAX’s South Complex over an eight hour period.

How to Write Shape Relief Alphabet!