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Temboo. Convert JSON to Collection. C# - Could not load file or assembly 'System.Net.Http.Formatting' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the path specified. C++ - error LNK2038: mismatch detected for '_ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL': value '0' doesn't match value '2' in main.obj.

Untitled. Visual Studio 2012 C++ Project Settings. Overview To build an ST-Developer application, the C++ compiler must know where the header and library files are, and what libraries to link against.

Visual Studio 2012 C++ Project Settings

The sections below describe how to do this within Visual Studio 2012 and 2013. The sample programs for each AP are also a great place to see how these are configured. To make it easy to tell the C++ compiler where to find the ST-Developer header files and libraries, we use environment variables set by the ST-Developer installer. The ROSE variable points to the ST-Developer install directory, ROSE_INCLUDE points to the header file directory, and ROSE_LIB points to a preferred library directory.

Finding Header Files Tell the compiler to look for header files in two extra directories. Within Visual Studio, right click on your project in the Solution Explorer and bring up the project's Properties dialog. Select the C/C++ category of properties and, pick the General options under that. Linking To Static Libraries. What is a linker, and what are dynamic and static linking? Using addons in Visual Studio [howto] OpenFrameworks 007 - graphics.

OpenFrameworks 007 - graphics. LISA - LISA: Leaders in Software and Art. Antonio Roberts. Comics Sans Must Die ended some time during the week of GLI.TC/H 2112.

Antonio Roberts

Although it only lasted just over a month long, the creation of Comic Sans Must Die actually started in July 2010 when I stumbled across the Geomerative library for Processing as a way to manipulate SVG files. After a bit of fiddling with one of the example files I was able to take (almost) any SVG file and gradually reduce it over time. This “destruction” is exactly what happens when you press Ctrl + L or Path > Simplify in Inkscape. It reduces the amount of nodes in the paths to simplify their construction, resulting, at times, in a very polygonal shape. Processing Sketches. Geomerative Tutorial. Part 1. A beginners tutorial to using the Geomerative Library developed by Ricard Marxer.

Geomerative Tutorial. Part 1.

Part 1. Original tutorial written by Mark Webster & published 18/09/2011. This is an introductory step by step tutorial to using the Geomerative Library. It includes basic information about the function of various methods and classes within the library and should be of particular help to graphic designers and artists who wish to work with fonts and text. All sketches provided have full comments explaining important aspects of the library. >>> You can download all the necessary files for this tutorial here. Generative Typography with Processing - Tutorial by @AmnonOwed. In this tutorial we will show you how to explore the creative possibilities of typography with code.

Generative Typography with Processing - Tutorial by @AmnonOwed

Using the programming environment Processing, we will be going through a wide variety of techniques and algorithms. These code examples all have one thing in common: they start with type. But while they all use typographic base forms as a starting point, they subsequently move into very different creative territories. Some use an aggregate drawing technique, much like a traditional painting. Placing layer upon layer to create subtle trails or interesting shape compositions. OfBook - OF structure. By Roy Macdonald Let's get into openFrameworks (I'll refer to it as OF from now on).

ofBook - OF structure

The philosophy chapter talks about OF in very abstract and conceptual manner, which is really useful for understanding the design of the OF environment. Open Archives Initiative. Connecting to a streaming endpoint. Overview Establishing a connection to the streaming APIs means making a very long lived HTTP request, and parsing the response incrementally.

Connecting to a streaming endpoint

Conceptually, you can think of it as downloading an infinitely long file over HTTP. Authentication The following authentication methods are supported by the Streaming APIs: Note: Basic auth support was removed from public streaming endpoints on June 11, 2013. The Baker’s Dozen: A 13-Step Crash Course for Using LINQ. How many software tasks DON’T involve reading through data?

The Baker’s Dozen: A 13-Step Crash Course for Using LINQ

Answer: very few. Developers work all the time with database data, XML data, DataSets, collections, lists, and arrays-all with different syntax and functionality for each one. Developers who write T-SQL code often covet set-based language statements when they work against other types of data. Additionally, developers who have coded against strongly-typed custom collections wish they could write SQL database queries with IntelliSense. Language Integrated Query (LINQ), a set of extensions to the .NET Framework for the next version of Visual Studio codename “Orcas”, brings the promise of integrated and uniform query capabilities to increase developer productivity when working with different types of data. Using AngularJs, ASP.NET MVC, Web API and EntityFramework to build NLayered Single Page Web Applications.

Download sample application A screenshot of the sample application.

Using AngularJs, ASP.NET MVC, Web API and EntityFramework to build NLayered Single Page Web Applications

Contents Introduction. Cropper Plugins - Source Code. Getting started with AngularJS and ASP.NET MVC - Part One. Articles in series: Introduction Client side MV* frameworks are all the rage at the moment, and my favourite by far is AngularJS.

Getting started with AngularJS and ASP.NET MVC - Part One

This article will show you how to hit the ground running with AngularJS while using my favourite server side MVC framework, ASP.NET MVC (5). Source Code. LINQ to Twitter - Authorization with twitter 3.0 no longer works in stateless solution. PLEASE HELP!!!