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Jennibellie Studio. Free Minecraft Steve head, printable template mask ~ FPSXGames. I have put together a template to create your own Minecraft Steve mask.

Free Minecraft Steve head, printable template mask ~ FPSXGames

Build your very own Steve head with this easy papercraft template. Great for kids Minecraft themed parties or if you just want Steve head as a mask. If you don't want to download and create your own Steve head, you could always buy the official Minecraft Steve mask over at Jinx Also in the below image is the pickaxe papercraft template you can also create. Search papercraft to find more great Minecraft papercraft ideas. Baking Soda Dough Sea Art.

Recycled magazine coasters. My latest after-dinner-while-watching-TV project: woven coasters made from magazine pages.

Recycled magazine coasters

To make a coaster like the green one above: 1. Tear out 6 magazine pages. Cut off the ragged edge on each, then cut each page in half lengthwise. Kids Activities. Blog - What's New on Spoonful? Father's day card ideas. Free Lapbooks and Free Templates, Foldables, Printables, Make Your Own Lapbook. Lapbooking templates. SparkleBox.

Cute DIY Mugs for Father’s Day! While this would be a great gift for any holiday/occasion, or even as a simple summer craft for the kiddos, with Father's Day just around the bend, we thought these DIY mugs would make a lovely project to work on with your kiddos!

Cute DIY Mugs for Father’s Day!

We've seen the idea floating around on Pinterest; ceramic mug + Sharpie markers + bake for 30 minutes at 350 = custom mugs! However, it wasn't until we stumbled across this tutorial from Having Fun at Home, that we realized it would make a great kids craft! Of course, there are concerns that warrant extra supervision; the mug is breakable and a potential hazard if dropped, and Sharpie markers can leave marks on clothing, skin, and other items if not used carefully, but with direction, we're certain that your little crafters can handle the responsibility of using the craft items properly.

On another note, it might be a good idea for your kiddos to have a decorating direction/vision before actually putting marker to mug. 50 Recycled T-Shirt Tutorials. - The Imagination Tree. JJs CRAFT PARADE 430+ BOARDS (CraftParade) on Pinterest. Paper tart: How to Make Plastic Shrink Charms from Recycled Plastic. I have been playing with making my own shrinky dinks from recycled plastic packaging.#6 clear plastic works the best - I tried #1 and that just went all rubbery and milky.

paper tart: How to Make Plastic Shrink Charms from Recycled Plastic

I'm not the first to come up with this technique so I'll list a few places I found that inspired me at the end of this post. On to to the tutorial! First, gather your materials.Scissors, #6 plastic container washed and stickers removed (I use rubbing alcohol to get the adhesive off) fine tip permanent marker, fine grit sand paper, colored pencils, and a heat gun or an embossing gun. Step 1: Cut out the tops and bottoms of the plastic containers to get nice flat pieces of plastic. I found that the sides warped alot, so I don't recommend using them. Step 2: Draw your design on the plastic with the permanent marker. Step 3: Sand the back of your image.

Step 4: Color the sanded side of the plastic with colored pencil. View of the back of the piece after it is completely colored in. C is for CRAFT!: Homemade Air-dry clay recipe, and apple charm tutorial. Good morning fellow crafters. :] To celebrate back to school,I'll share with you my homemade air-dry clay recipe and a little beginner's tutorial of how to make an apple charm.

C is for CRAFT!: Homemade Air-dry clay recipe, and apple charm tutorial

An apple necklace would be a sweet gift for teachers or friends on the first day of school,don't you think? ♥ I adore anything miniature,I don't really know but teeny weeny things always seem to make me squeak! ^^ Of course you can skip the recipe and coloring part if you have bought polymer clay already,but I'll start with the ingredients so everyone can make something miniature today! Homemade air-dry clay recipe (Air-dry, no baking required) A unit (cup,spoon,handful whatever!) 1 unit cornstarch. 1 unit all-purpose white glue (think Elmer's glue! Baby oil. Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl except the baby oil until it forms clay. First it's going to be reaaally sticky,and you'd probably hate your life and this blog (kidding) XD But after all the powder goes into the dough,life will be bright again. lol. Marie Grace Designs: Our favorite clay ornaments.... How to make your own air dried porcelain with common household ingredients.

Anything that is quick, affordable and makes beautiful things is a craft winner for me . But…I often find myself uninspired for something new and different. I’ve found it in air dried porcelain (aka Porcelana Fria). What will someone make with 3 cups of white glue (PVA) 3 cups of cornstarch (Corn flour) one tablespoon of white vinegar one tablespoon of glycerin (health food or hobby shop), and 2 tablespoons of canola oil? The beautiful mouse and necklace pictured (compliments of Espirit ) is the answer! Amazingly simple and a GREAT school holiday project, get the kids into the kitchen to cook up some home made, air dried, porcelain.

Dahlhart Lane: How to make Paper Clay. I fell in love with sculpting with paper mache during my first project five years ago.

Dahlhart Lane: How to make Paper Clay

However, I never really found a recipe that was worth the time and effort and mess that it took to get what I wanted. As a result, I used Celluclay for most projects. However, I recently stumbled upon an incredible blog called, Ultimate Paper Mache where Jonni (the artist and blogger) shares all sorts of tips, tutorials and recipes to help anyone on their way to successfully paper mache-ing.

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