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5 Inexpensive Drinking Spots in Pune. Unlike old times, Pune today is lined with countless bars and pubs.

5 Inexpensive Drinking Spots in Pune

These reflect extravagant party culture with stellar ambience, feet tapping music and choicest alcohols. However, let’s face it, we all do not have loaded wallets always. But luckily, the city houses a plethora of places where you can pay less yet enjoy the finest cocktails. In fact, they are cozy enough to set your mood and gorgeous enough for Instagram-worthy photos. Top Places to Enjoy Live Music in Bangalore.

Seeing your favorite band or singer performing live could be a life changing experience.

Top Places to Enjoy Live Music in Bangalore

Besides, watching a concert helps you understand the immense commitment, dedication and energy that go into presenting a musical piece. Mumbai offers a host of renowned Bollywood artists on vocals. However, in Bangalore, one can explore several other styles, including rock and metal, as well as soothing South Indian melodies. Mumbai to Bangalore flights operate all day at reasonable rates. So, if you wish to explore the musical scene of the electronic capital of India, consider booking yours tickets ASAP. Opus, Sarjapur Road. Easy Ways to Save and Earn Money. Money runs the world, and all of us want enough of it to lead happy lives.

Easy Ways to Save and Earn Money

But earning money is not easy. Yet, we create a heading that says easy ways to save and earn money. How is it, you ask? Well, we are talking about making the right investment decisions so that you can get good returns. That is earning, isn’t it? Basic Email Etiquette that Is A Must-Know. To add an Emoji or not?

Basic Email Etiquette that Is A Must-Know

To begin with a ‘Hi’ or ‘Dear’ or using nothing at all? Also, confused between the use of ‘Cheers’ and ‘Yours Sincerely’? Emails can be pretty confusing. And a well-written email can contribute to making a world of difference in your communication. Ovulation test: when should you take one. Are you planning to have a baby?

Ovulation test: when should you take one

If yes, then an ovulation test will be of great help to you! Why? It helps determine the time in the menstrual cycle when you are most likely to get pregnant. The test will check if there is a rise in the level of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) in the urine sample provided. What to Know For First Time ETF investors? If you are a beginner and want to start investing small sums of money, Exchange Traded Funds are the right choice for you.

What to Know For First Time ETF investors?

Exchange-Traded Funds provide you to allocate a diversified portfolio to your investment that too in comparatively lower values of investments. There are a number of reasons that first-time or young investors can rely on ETF as their first choice of investment. ETF are traded throughout the day, which is why it is considered sufficiently liquid. Also, these funds are popular for their low-cost structure. Here is some basic know-how about gold ETFs for the novice investors. Is it safe to invest in Mutual Funds in 2021. The current economic slowdown has caused sharp corrections and severe downfall in the market.

Is it safe to invest in Mutual Funds in 2021

This has led to several downhills throughout the market due to the current Covid situation. The situation has in turn impacted the investor confidence. But the good news is, according to the latest reports, there is witnessed some optimism amongst the bullish investors. With the economy opening up and businesses getting back to running at their full capacity gradually, we may expect an increase in the demand in the last quarter.

Saving tips for amateurs. How To Fight Plagiarism In The Classroom. Plagiarism and cheating in classrooms have always been a problem.

How To Fight Plagiarism In The Classroom

Even though it is a problem, students often do not understand the seriousness of the situation. This means instructors often face problems and find out ways how to fight plagiarism in the classroom. Catching students who have plagiarised or stolen from sources create problems. Top five home remedies for stomach infection. 5 most popular condom types. Popular types of integrated courses in India. So, you are planning to opt for an integrated course but confused about what it exactly means and which course should you choose?

Popular types of integrated courses in India

Well, integrated courses are gaining popularity nowadays. Let’s explore more about integrated courses and types. For decades, India had a rigid and conventional approach to higher education. In past few years, India has seen transformation in education system. The surge in the number of integrated degree programs is one of the important changes. Integrated course is a degree program that combines two degrees and after the completion of course, a single degree is awarded. Benefits of dog food. Traditionally, dogs were fed with homemade food like rice, milk, bread, meat, and fish, which were fit for human consumption.

Benefits of dog food

There was no separate food for pets. The dogs were also fed leftover food. However, with the changing times, readymade dog food is available. What Not to Do After an Embryo Transfer. Ways every working professional should ensure for tax saving. A working individual with an income can legally save upto Rs 1.5 lakhs per year just by being mindful about their investments and saving plans. Some special sections under Income Tax Act, 1961, provide various means of achieving tax benefits for the working population of the country.

These are wise ways to save considerable amounts of money every earning individual ends up spending on taxes in every financial year. Some of the best tax saving plans have been mentioned herein: 1. House Rent Allowance or HRA Under S10 (13A) of Income Tax Act, 1961, you can be saved from paying some amount of the tax on House Rent Allowance or HRA by one of the three methods provided. 2. If one invests in the various policies introduced by the government, then they can end up saving upto Rs. 1.5 Lakh per annum on taxes. Ways to give wings to your child’s higher education plan. It is every parent’s dream to see their child succeed in life. The dream is made a reality by providing the child the best education possible. However, dreams come at a cost and it is rarely possible to fulfill them without prior planning.

Admitting your child to the best educational institution can be made possible with some savings and the best child education plan. Tips to start your career after the pandemic. Life is unpredictable and we should always be ready to face every twist and turn. But the COVID-19 pandemic this has brought us the twist we could never imagine.

4 prepaid plans you need to check before buying a plan. A plan does not necessarily have to provide you only with the best package for calling, SMS and Data. In the new age, the private telecom companies as well as state owned BSNL and MTNL are expanding their scope of providing the best services to their customers. Only providing the standard benefits such as calling-SMS-data prepaid mobile recharge plan will not hold the job for them. These are the basics that any and every plan must offer. The deal breakers are the Freebies. This is what makes a plan different from the other plans by other companies. 3 Exercises Women Can Do in the Labor Room to Speed Up Delivery.

Self esteem, relaxation techniques and the right knowledge can make labor a much more positive experience, according to an article on the National Center For Biotechnology Information. It is surprising how labor pain is influenced by psychological factors, apart from the actual pressure on the cervix and contractions of the uterine muscles. Your Child Deserves a Good Pediatrician. Pediatrics is a field in medical science which deals with the health and well-being of babies, kids, and adolescents. Understanding different types of Equity fund. What are Equity funds?

Everything you Need to Know about Hirschsprung’s Disease. Hirschsprung’s disease is a congenital intestinal disorder. Understanding the Process for Mutual Fund KYC Process. Benefits of Flying Business Class. We have all dreamed and imagined about what it feels like to flying business class while making the slow shuffle from Business Class to the same old Economy Class, and even during the random browsing through the flight ticket offers.

The Business Class always tempts us with its sheer-sophistication, luxe, abundant legroom, massive cabins, comfy cushions, and a suited young man sipping on his bubbly champagne. However, that said, Business Class is not always restricted within the walls of imaginations, and nor is it reserved for the selected few. The ultimate Bangkok travel guide for the first-timers. Bangkok is one of the cities that form a gateway to South-East Asia. It is a beautiful destination likedby many and sought after by most people in the world as a travel destination; they want to visit just for the thrill of it. It can be hectic and confusing; it can also be beautiful with a number of temples, markets, and shopping malls. This food paradise, shopping haven, and the perfect tourism getaway are some of the reasons Bangkok can prove overwhelming to people from time to time.

Compare Word Documents: Make plagiarism checking easy! Plagiarism takes away credibility and might hurt your business and create a negative impression among clients. Also, legal action can be taken is copyright infringement is involved. How to create unique content for optimum SEO optimization? If a website is suffering from low traffic, something might be wrong with the approach. Famous healthy and traditional Indian Kheer recipes. Kheer is one dessert that’s liked in almost every Indian household. Childhood Vaccines: Why are they Important and which ones are needed? The Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) was launched to wipe out millions of deaths by 2020.

This immunization strategy works to strengthen immunity, improve women and child health and bring new and well-researched vaccines in the market. Best Restaurants to Try in West Delhi.

All In 1

All. Brilliant home remedies to relieve period pain. How to celebrate valentine’s in Goa. Why every investor should opt for liquid mutual funds. Most Popular Hotels in Bangalore for Binge-Eating Biryani. 3 Advantages of fixed deposit you should know. Tips for Improving Your Business in the New Year. Top 4 airtel prepaid recharge plans. Make Business Travel More Fun. 5 Markets of Bangkok You Can't Miss. Types of SIP Every Beginner Investor Should Know. 5 Tips to Improve the Egg Quality.

Investment newbies know everything about liquid bees! Job Prospects after Banking and Finance Course. Diabetes Guide - Latest Articles on Diabetes Care & Treatment. R... Rajkumar rowdy hit numbers that force you get up and dance. 6 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Maternity Hospital. Best 5 Websites to Download Hindi Songs. 5 Yoga postures that relieve you of lower back pain. 5 retirement planning tips to have a relaxed life. How to Financially Secure Your Child's Future. WaysTo Recharge Your Idea Number Online.

Common Orthopedic Problems and Treatments in Children. 3 experiences you shouldn’t miss during your Ahmedabad visit. Tips for millennial who want to retire early. 5 Long Term Investment Ideas for Tax Benefits. Wax Strips Online Buy, Cold Wax Online, Waxing Products. Ways to Build Funds for Your Kid’s Education. Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Critical Illness Plan. 2019 Bollywood romantic songs that everyone loves. The best eggless recipes to try this season. Winter Recipes that you must have in Indian Weddings. Why You Should Know the NAV Before Choosing a Mutual Fund. How Do Doctors Test Women’s Fertility? 4 Passionate songs from Kabir Singh that will make you remember your first love. 6 healthy eating tips for kids. Term insurance: Helping you save better.

What MF investors need to know about NAV? How Healthy Food Plays an Important Role in Fertility. Tips To Keep Your Wi-Fi Connection Safe. Here's how you can buy Airtel DTH without leaving your home. Muscle Pain – Causes & How to get rid of muscle pain? Benefits of Glutamine. Top Binge-Watch Shows on Airtel Xstream. Which Hindi Channels to Choose in DTH Plans? Tips For Parents To Manage Obesity Amongst Kids. Tax saving tips: Salaried persons. Tick this checklist before you buy cancer insurance. Top 7 Malayalam songs in 2019. Short Stay in Bengaluru - Here are four places to visit nearby. SIP - investment habit - every individual should inculcate.

All you need to know about a baby's diet. Do you want the benefits of 8 hours’ sleep every night? Why should you start young with mutual fund investment? 5 Star Hotels in Udaipur - Luxury Hotel Lake Pichola - The Leela Palace Udaipur. The 5 best mutual funds for the recently employed. How vintage style home decor proves to be the best one. Authorized Motorola Service Centers in Bhopal. How to Lead Your Child to a Financially Successful Future.

Axis Long Term Equity Funds, Long Term Mutual Funds. Luxury Accommodation Udaipur - Lake View Rooms at The Leela Palace Udaipur. Income Tax Exemption Limit Could be Raised. Here's How to Make the Most of It. Why a spa is a must-do on your next visit to Goa. Exploring BBA and its potential in the job market. What you didn’t know about home loan rates. Living Room Colour Combination Ideas. 7 DIY Hacks To Add Elegance To A Small Bedroom. 80C and the 5 best tax saving options.