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4 Financial planning habits you should have. Most of us often choose an occasion of New Year or other prime time to reset our habits.

4 Financial planning habits you should have

But the recent Corona time has forced us all to rethink our financial habits. The good news is there is no bad time to start practicing healthy financial habits. And by instilling these 4 financial planning habits you can eventually achieve financial goals. 1. Set financial goals Setting financial goals is the first and most important step to achieve financial success. 2. What to Plan for If You’re Approaching 30? 5 Career options to pursue in data analytics. In the last couple of years, a field of data analytics has seen a lot of growth and interest from the beginners.

5 Career options to pursue in data analytics

Thus, many youngsters and college pass outs have turnedtowards the data analytics coursesin India. But what after once you get the data analytics certification? What are the career options you get? If all these questions have been troubling you, then you have come to the right place. Here is a list of job opportunities you can get as a Data Analyst: IT Systems Analyst. How to Protect Unborn Child Against Delhi's Air Pollution?

UNICEF has declared that pollution can affect babies even before birth, impacting their growth in the womb.

How to Protect Unborn Child Against Delhi's Air Pollution?

In fact, risk of premature birth or low-birth weight are heightened due to air pollution. Mothers who are exposed to toxic air are likely to deliver babies with high chances of long term cognitive and physical damage. Immunological diseases like asthma are also quite common. A WHO survey has warned that the air quality in Delhi is the worst among the 1,650 major cities across the globe. So, if you are residing in the National Capital Region, adopt these steps for a risk-free pregnancy. 1.

Even if you are able to breathe properly or the air looks clean, it could be contaminated. 2. During heavy traffic and peak office hours, make sure to stay indoors. 3. How to manage sugar cravings during pregnancy. While some women may dislike sugar during pregnancy, others might crave for sugary food.

How to manage sugar cravings during pregnancy

Visit your gynecologist, and you’ll probably be advised to keep the sugar intake 25 gm or less (4-5 teaspoons) per day. Sugar is very addictive, and too much of it can be unhealthy for both the mother and the baby. Eating a lot of sweets or processed foods during pregnancy can have a negative impact on the growth of the baby. Here are some tips for pregnant women to control their sugar cravings: Eat a balanced diet: Include all types of food groups such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains in your diet. Best Tips to Keep Your Child's Heart Healthy. Before the advent of echocardiography, the rate of congenital heart disease was 5-8 per 1,000 live births.

Best Tips to Keep Your Child's Heart Healthy

After performing echocardiogram, it was found that 10-12 children per 1,000 live births had non-stenotic bicuspid aortic valve defects and 5% have septal defects, according to an article on the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Owing to these figures, pediatric cardiologists say that it is crucial to raise a heart healthy child. Adults are inclined towards keeping their hearts protected, but have you ever thought about your little ones? Teach them to make good lifestyle choices from a young age, which will continue throughout their life. Infectious Diseases: Causes, effects, and treatment. Infectious diseases are the health disorders caused by infection-causing agents using the human body for surviving, reproducing and colonizing.

Infectious Diseases: Causes, effects, and treatment

Since these pathogens affect the body at different levels, it is essential that a pregnant woman understands the causes, symptoms and treatment of these diseases and takes care of her health by regularly visiting the best gynaecologist at a multispecialty hospital in Hyderabad. Let’s dive deeper into understanding infectious diseases.

Types of infectious diseases The most commonly known agents causing infections are fungi, bacteria, protozoa, viruses, parasites, and prions. Infectious diseases can be classified on the basis of these agents. VIRAL INFECTIONS – Viruses enter the host body and release their genetic material into the host body’s cells, taking control of the cells’ internal machinery. Commonly occurring viral infections: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is also an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus. Like this: Code Plagiarism: Simple Ways to Avoid It. Plagiarism today is not limited to publishing houses and educational institutions.

Code Plagiarism: Simple Ways to Avoid It

One of the increasing forms of this practice is source code plagiarism. It is much more serious than academic breach, where a code is reproduced or copied without the written permission of the original producer. In fact, simply converting the code into a different language or altering it also constitute plagiarism. As more students enroll in computer science courses, the prevalence of this act is rapidly increasing. Here are a few simple ways to ensure that your programming assignment is free of duplicate content and receives worthy recognition.

Use an Anti-Plagiarism Tool. IFT Purchase Terms & Conditions and Satisfaction Policy. IFT Purchase Terms & Conditions and Satisfaction Policy Purchase Terms & Conditions.

IFT Purchase Terms & Conditions and Satisfaction Policy

IFT World. Why IFT IFT is a leading CFA® Program exam preparatory institute providing complete online packages.

IFT World

Since 2011, we have successfully prepared thousands of students for all three levels of CFA® exam. Read what our customers have said about IFT and also contact an IFT Ambassador in your area by clicking on the map below! What our Customers Say Show Testimonial About. Cost of IVF: Affording infertility treatment in Hyderabad. A woman’s fertility peaks between the age of 18 and 25.

Cost of IVF: Affording infertility treatment in Hyderabad

However, in today’s times, women are getting married in their late 20s or 30s. This is the period when there is already a significant decline in fertility. Also, gynecological conditions like uterine fibroids, wherein tumors develop within the womb, can occur when the first pregnancy is pushed to a woman’s thirties. A Detailed Look into Pregnancy Ultrasounds. Worldwide, 7.9 million babies, which is 6% of the total births, suffer from serious congenital defects, according to a global report by March of Dimes. In India, the number stands at 1.7 million, annually. Most of them can be detected with the help of an ultrasound scan for pregnancy, which helps with early treatment. Additionally, is it an important diagnostic function to ensure the growth and development of the fetus is taking place as it normally should.

These tests are also performed for non-medical reasons. Why is your retirement plan incomplete without mutual funds? Tips for First Time Parents for Taking Care of a Baby. Benefits of Liquid Mutual Funds during Emergencies. How Is Pid Treated And Diagnosed? Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or PID affects the female reproductive system with mild or no symptoms at all.

It can also lead to tubo-ovarian abscesses, salpingitis and pelvic peritonitis. In fact, 94% of all sexually transmitted diseases are related to PID, according to an article by ResearchGate. In PID, bacterial infections travel from the vagina, through the uterus to the fallopian tubes. Therefore, make sure you visit the best gynaecologist in Bangalore to get yourself diagnosed and treated on time. Before making an appointment, here’s all you need to know.

Diagnosis of PIDA few common symptoms of PID are heavy vaginal discharge, difficult urination, tenderness of the ovaries and cervix, pain in the lower abdomen, fever with chills sometimes, and abnormal bleeding during menstruation. Investment Trends Millennials Love. Millennials have been doing a lot of things differently from the previous generation. They not only have definitely set the trends with their methodical approach and the ability to think outside the box but have also totally changed the investment scenario of today. With their hunger for taking risks, among other things, the following are some of the trends that the millennials have set today. It is time to take a quick look. 5 Traditional Dishes You Must Try In Bangkok. Bangkok is synonymous with skyscrapers, thai massages and affordable flea markets. What to Look for in a Pediatrician? Becoming a parent can be one of the most beautiful experiences in the world.

But it also comes with a lot of responsibilities, such as choosing the right paediatrician for your little one. This is even more difficult in a country like India, where there is already a shortfall of medical personnel. In fact, there are less than 50,000 pediatricians in India’s urban centres. The good news, however, is that you can find the best pediatricians in cities like Hyderabad, Delhi and Bangalore. 5 impressive features of Next-gen Hyundai i20. What Is An Anomaly Scan And How Is It Done? Ultrasound scans are recommended during pregnancy to detect multiple pregnancies and the position of the fetus and placenta, according to an article by the National Health Service.

These are usually non-invasive and safe tests. It is the most effective way to detect any abnormalities and check the overall growth of the fetus. How is Down Syndrome Treated and Diagnosed Among Children? Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder, where Chromosome 21 develops abnormalities, according to an article by the World Health Organization. 5 nutrition tips for toddler diet. Tricks to know before you bake any cake. Often the fluffy and delicious blocks of joy do not turn out as good as you might have been hoping them to.

If you do not create the perfect cake every time, you might start doubting your own abilities. You might realise midway through the process that you might have completely forgotten about a certain ingredient. Cake recipes are not really that tough. 10 Most famous Indian desserts. Indian desserts are very much unlike western dishes. While there are sweets that are often treated as desserts, there are those like aam shrikhand and rice kheer recipe that will keep you licking your hands long after they are gone. Creating these delicacies at home is no easy job. While you do not always require a myriad of ingredients, the patience you would require is paramount. Without further ado, let us take a look into the most famous Indian desserts. Binge on Super Content over the Holi Weekend on Airtel Xstream.

Airtel customers can choose from 10,000+ Indian and global movies, shows as part of their exclusive Thanks benefits Enjoy your favorite digital content over Smartphone, TV or PC only with Airtel Xstream This year’s Holi celebrations bring the added benefit of an extended weekend and Airtel customers can make the most of it with some super digital entertainment on Airtel Xstream. Airtel Xstream, which is one of its kind converged entertainment platform, offers access to over 10,000 movies, shows and documentaries along with LIVE TV. Diabetes Centres in Bengaluru - Best Diabetologists in Bengaluru. Planning a Road Trip? Here's How to Make it an Experience of a Lifetime. Best prepaid plans by Jio in 2020. As we entered the next decade, brands and companies have made their focus on expanding their customer base in 2020. Jio, with the largest general connectivity in India, has offered some of the best prepaid plans to its customers.

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5 Most Beautiful Churches of Kochi. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo - Songs that revive romantic memories! How to Make Smart Investment Choices for Tax Saving. What should be healthy eating plans for preschoolers? How electric cars will change India 2020? Tests and Prevention Methods Involved in High Risk Pregnancy. Romantic famous songs starring Allu Arjun. Don’t commit these mistakes to grow your money fast through SIP. How SIP proves most powerful for your investment portfolio? 4 Commonly Faced Post-partum Issues. 4 Most Popular Mobile Recharge Websites. How to Prepare Your Daughter for Her First Period. Buy Veet Hair Removal Products Online At Best Price.

Top 7 latest Rajasthani songs. How to plan a quick trip to Kerala? 6 important terms you need to learn before investing in mutual funds. 5 Symptoms of PCOS. How to choose the right baby diet chart plan. Tips to plan a balanced diet for 6-month old baby. Prime Causes of Male Infertility You Should Know About. These latest Telugu Songs are ready to rock your day. 6 sex education tips every parent should talk to teenagers.

Importance of Handwashing - Something Every Parent Should Teach Their Kid. 6 Tips for planning a financially secured retired life. How to gain weight in the right way? 4 Things you must know before buying term plans with maturity benefits. Tips For Parents To Manage Obesity Amongst Kids. 6 things to know about DTH. मांसपेशियों में तनाव - कारण और दर्द से कैसे छुटकारा पाएं सिरदर्द के प्रकार, कारण और उपचार. What’s All the Hype About Airtel Postpaid Plans 499? Why This is the Right Time to Invest in Mutual Equity Funds in India. 7 Best Songs By Taylor Swift. Plan for a stress-free retirement with these 5 easy tips.

Here’s how you cure knee pain naturally. All you need to know about Sensex. Have a low-risk appetite? Invest in debt fund. 5 superb storage ideas for small bathrooms. 5 Things to take care of before you retire. - AAuthorized Motorola Service Centers in Jaipur. The 5 best things to eat in Delhi this season. To the Land of Dhokla: Things to do in Ahmedabad. Are you aware of the different types of mutual funds? 20+ Modern Indian Living Room Decor ideas. 5 Golden Rules to Enjoy Your Post Retirement Days. Have a financial need? Get a mortgage loan. What is Mutual Fund's Net Asset Value(NAV)? How NAV is Calculated? 4 Cool Wall Stickers to decorate your Bedroom. How Mid-cap funds work for beginners. Guide to Choosing the Best Annuity Plan in 2019. Types of Mutual Funds to manage your savings and investments.

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