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长途中继交换机和长途交换机in English,长途中继交换机和长途交换机translation,长途中继交换机和长途交换机Chinese English dictionary These are the 300 most frequently used characters in modern Chinese. Together, they account for approximately 65% of the characters typically encountered in a modern Chinese newspaper. These characters make up the Class I character set in the flashcards tool available on this website and as part of the Clavis Sinica software. To find out how many of them you already know, take the Chinese Character Test at the Beginner level and note your score at the end.
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214 KangXi Radicals - All 214 undefined NB : This page will blink when the gif format characters are loaded. The second Qing Emperor, KangXi, (reigned 1662-1722) decreed the compilation of a dictionary of all chinese characters used in China. When it was completed in 1716, it was duly named after him, The KangXi ZiDian, or KangXi Dictionary. 214 KangXi Radicals - All 214
There have been several systems of radicals in use at various times during the history of the Chinese language. The following describes the Unicode system of radicals, which is based on the traditional 214 radicals of the Kangxi dictionary. The main difference between the Unicode and the Kangxi radicals is that the Unicode system has been extended to classify both simplified and traditional Chinese characters, as well as characters which are used only in Japanese or Korean. 1 stroke[edit] 1. Index:Chinese radical Index:Chinese radical
Mandarin Chinese Count/Measure Words - A measure word (liàngcí 量词 量詞), also known as a classifier or a count word, is used along with numerals to define the quantity of a given object or objects, or with "this"/"that" to identify specific objects. Usage depends on personal preference and dialects. For example, some people use 三部车 (三部車) and others use 三台车 (三台車) to mean three cars. Mandarin Chinese Count/Measure Words -
Chinese Pronunciation -- How to use Pin Yin Chinese Pronunciation -- How to use Pin Yin “Just give me the basics!” That’s what this Chinese pronunciation guide is all about. It’s all that you need to know Chinese pronunciation to get by. The 80% that’s important.
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Our site is now usable on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android smartphones and music players. Use the same URL as usual. The webpages will adjust their layout to your device automatically and will generally support the same features as the desktop version. The iPad and Android tablets have been supported for awhile and will continue to display the same full size webpage normally displayed your laptop or desktop computer. YellowBridge Chinese Language and Culture

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Laowai Chinese 老外中文 Categories: Hanzi | 4 Comments » WARNING: This article is an explanation of the footnote in my conceptual breakdown of foreign language teaching. It’s really written more for language teachers and testers than learners. Language instruction is typically divided into four skills: 4 Skills for Most Foreign Languages But for learning Chinese, the visual skills involved are so special, I recommend breaking writing down into two separate skills: typing and handwriting.

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De Anza College :: Mandarin :: Home Welcome Do you know how to speak Mandarin? Do you know how many people speak Mandarin in the world? De Anza College :: Mandarin :: Home
Here is an easy-going bilingual program. The program is in flash and you'll learn about modern Chinese. What's more, you can master the skills of using Chinese to communicate. Also you can master vocabulary and oral Chinese; furthermore, this program will enhance your Chinese listening ability. You are working your way to become an expert in Chinese! Learn Chinese Learn Chinese
Learn Chinese for free with online lessons Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with over a billion native speakers. The official language of the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China, Chinese has many different dialects, many of which are not mutually intelligible. Livemocha entrypage
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There is probably no subject on earth concerning which more misinformation is purveyed and more misunderstandings circulated than Chinese characters ( 漢字 , Chinese hanzi , Japanese kanji , Korean hanja) or sinograms. --Victor Mair from the foreword to Ideogram , by J. Marshall Unger Most of what most people think they know about Chinese -- especially when it comes to Chinese characters -- is wrong. This website is aimed at contributing to a better understanding of the Chinese languages and how romanization can be used to write languages traditionally associated with Chinese characters (such as Japanese, Korean, and especially Mandarin Chinese). Pinyin Info offers many readings by scholars.
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