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1356810-0D314CF4000005DC-482_478x180_popup. Forest gardening. History[edit] Forest gardens are probably the world's oldest form of land use and most resilient agroecosystem.[2][3] They originated in prehistoric times along jungle-clad river banks and in the wet foothills of monsoon regions.

Forest gardening

In the gradual process of families improving their immediate environment, useful tree and vine species were identified, protected and improved whilst undesirable species were eliminated. Eventually superior foreign species were selected and incorporated into the gardens.[4] Forest gardens are still common in the tropics and known by various names such as: home gardens in Kerala in South India, Nepal, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Tanzania; Kandyan forest gardens in Sri Lanka;[5] huertos familiares, the "family orchards" of Mexico; and pekarangan, the gardens of "complete design", in Java.[6] These are also called agroforests and, where the wood components are short-statured, the term shrub garden is employed.

In tropical climates[edit] Americas[edit] Africa[edit] Database Search. To the best of our knowledge all the information contained herein is accurate and true.

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However we cannot guarantee that everyone will react positively to all edible plants or other plant uses. It is commonly known that many people suffer allergic reactions to conventional foods and products. Even amongst the more commonly eaten fruits, for example, there are plenty of instances where people react badly to them: Many people are allergic to strawberries and will come out in a rash if they eat them.Some people develop a rash if they touch the stems of parsnips. Potatoes become poisonous if they turn green.Eating large quantities of cabbage can adversely affect the thyroid gland. We strongly recommend the following preventative precautions when trying anything new: Make sure you have identified the plant correctlyTry a small taste of anything new in your diet. Your online supplier for herbs and chinese medicine.

About Our Products Min TongMin Tong Pharmaceutical Company was established in Taiwan in 1938 and in 1988, it receives the GMP certification every year.

Your online supplier for herbs and chinese medicine

It has also passed the Japanese Department of Health's requirements and the Australian government's inspections (TGA) in order to export to those countries. The Company has been doing research and producing Chinese herbal extracts for decades. The extract products of herbal formulas and single herbs are widely used by clinics, hospitals and herbal pharmacies in Taiwan. Chinese herbs are considered medicine and are regulated and monitored closely by the Department of Health of Taiwan.

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