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Mechanical Engineering Services

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The company provides mechanical product engineering design, drawing, 3d cad modeling, prototyping, reverse engineering, etc.

Design Services for Tanks & Pressure Vessels Complying to ASME Standards. Industrial Equipment Posted by Kashyap Vyas on August 29th, 2016.

Design Services for Tanks & Pressure Vessels Complying to ASME Standards

How Outsourcing Rapid Prototyping Projects Can Still Be Beneficial. Additive manufacturing, Rapid prototyping and 3D printing are the acronyms of the same new technology that is increasingly challenging the traditional manufacturing approach.

How Outsourcing Rapid Prototyping Projects Can Still Be Beneficial

Although, 3D printing has been in the picture since many decades, its potential use has been recently identified as more studies are being carried out to make more materials printer friendly. As a matter of fact, manufacturers have already started applying this technology to revamp their existing products and bring-in a whole new set of customized product designs. There’s even an increase in number of vendors that offer rapid prototyping services for conventional manufacturing units. However, there’s a strong debate within the engineering community about restricting the activity of RP in-house rather than outsourcing it to supply vendors. The real product is manufactured using conventional subtractive manufacturing techniques such as CNC machining. About Author: Why Create 2D CAD Drawings When You Have 3D CAD Models. Posted by Kashyap Vyas on August 8th, 2016 2D CAD drawings have been with us since decades; they do this very important task of providing product manufacturing information to folks on the shop floor.

Why Create 2D CAD Drawings When You Have 3D CAD Models

These CAD drawings are the ultimate communication tools for engineers and are responsible for actual product manufacturing. Even when they look complex at times, we all love to decode the information out of the annotations that define the geometry. AutoCAD Mechanical 2D Drawings; not going obsolete in 3D World. CAD Engineering Posted by Kashyap Vyas on August 15th, 2016 It’s been more than 10 – 12 years, but I still remember buying all the required material such as a drafter, HB pencil, 2H pencil, and a 2B pencil; during my first year of mechanical engineering.

AutoCAD Mechanical 2D Drawings; not going obsolete in 3D World

However; if I take a look back at my entire academia and the mechanical engineering career, I hardly remember instances where I used a pencil for preparing mechanical engineering drawings or drafts on paper. Though several really fast 3D CAD modeling software with complex functions are evolving and evolving to be the best with every new release, we cannot neglect the fact that still approx. 30 – 50% of engineering resources are utilized for preparing 2D drawings, especially in small or medium level engineering firms.

Retail Shopfitters Help Your Store Attract More Customers. Retail shopfitters have actively played a crucial role in building a successful business in today’s concurrent market dynamics.

Retail Shopfitters Help Your Store Attract More Customers

Not to forget that the customers are attracted by the design of the shop or your retail store. If your retail shopfitter, with assistance of 3D CAD designers, has helped you to set it up in the best way, then it will definitely attract more customers. The products in your store need to be displayed in a unique and creative manner. Products placed randomly, on sheet metal shelves or wooden racks for that matter, may have negative effect on the sales and revenue of your store, whereas it is a natural phenomenon that the customer’s eyes will get attracted to beautifully and neatly organized product line. Different products need to have a different approach and the factors like height, depth, size or width of the product and the shelves or racks, needs due consideration. How Furniture Manufacturers Can Turn Their Engineering-to-Order. How Furniture Manufacturers Can Turn Their Engineering-to-Order (ETO) Processes Profitable Jul 20, 2016 -- Customers today do not demand products that companies sell to them; rather they ask for products that are customized to their specific requirements.

How Furniture Manufacturers Can Turn Their Engineering-to-Order

Customization could range from anything to size, shape, color, style, special features and conveniences. For furniture manufacturers however, this is not new. Almost every product developed by furniture manufacturers involves a large degree of customization to it. Design Sheet Metal Roofs that meets Standards, Building Modules & Aesthetics. »News»Building Products» Design Sheet Metal Roofs that meets Standards, Building Modules & Aesthetics Building Products Posted by Kashyap Vyas on July 20th, 2016 Client demands have changed and are evolving big time.

Design Sheet Metal Roofs that meets Standards, Building Modules & Aesthetics

No more satisfied with conventional products that simply adhere to the design and budgetary needs, customers now want each element of a building project to fulfil certain expectations across a range of aspects. Adopting Modular Design Approach to Survive the Squeezing. Adopting Modular Design Approach to Survive the Squeezing Petrochemical Market in Middle East Jun 27, 2016 -- Being a major leader in the global oil market, Middle East holds over 48% of global oil reserves as well as 40% of global gas reserves.

Adopting Modular Design Approach to Survive the Squeezing

However, the region’s refining and petrochemical sector is struggling to compete globally due to changes in feedstock and uncertainty of oil and gas prices. Optimizing the operations in this scenario is no longer an alternative but a necessity. While several projects are in the process of construction and commissioning, the region is already suffering from a shortage of skilled and experienced engineers across all areas of the industry. To survive in these conditions, Middle East companies must encourage the use of modular design approach or standardize designs to address the operational challenges, bridge the skill gap and preserve their global market share. Fuel Efficiency – Core Focus of Aerodynamics - The Engineering Exchange. In the automotive industry, Aerodynamics has long been put to work to improve the performance.

Fuel Efficiency – Core Focus of Aerodynamics - The Engineering Exchange

The art and science of making automobiles more “slippery” is now focused on miles per gallon rather than miles per hour. Tomorrow’s vehicle’s– are more likely to be “Aerodynamics Wonders” rather than today’s automobiles on road. With the increased emphasis on fuel efficiency – automotive manufacturers, aerodynamics engineers and designers are spending more time on those “unseen” aerodynamics improvements. (Image Source: Machine Design Procedure: an Engineer’s Guide to Mechanical Design and Development. Machine Design Procedure: an Engineer’s Guide to Mechanical Design and Development Sep 18, 2014 -- Machine design is not guided by any rigid rules; however design is not a random procedure either.

Machine Design Procedure: an Engineer’s Guide to Mechanical Design and Development

There are a number of factors that can aid a machine design process. Outsource Mechanical CAD Design Services to Indian company for Optimum ROI. The Cockrell School of Engineering unveiled the third innovative 3D print vending machine at an American university on the 4th of September. The concept is for the students to use it for free where they can upload their own CAD designs to printers and can collect the “built” product on receiving then notification. We all are aware that in the past two decades the world has witnessed exponential importance to Mechanical CAD designs. 5 Points Every Analyst Should Follow to Make Design Development through FEA Meaningful - Blog. Computer aided design and analysis is widely being practiced in the engineering community. However, as new FEA tools continue to make simulation process easier, it has been increasingly tried and tested by novices. While modern tools have attempted to make the life of an analyst much easier, it is simultaneously raising the threat of its misuse.

The results obtained through finite element analysis largely depend on the engineering judgment of the engineer, his assumptions and careful application of loading conditions. As such, FEA in wrong hands can produce destructive outcomes, especially when someone relies on the results completely and do not opt for an experimental test. For the FE method to be meaningful, there are few points one should take care of, before executing the analysis. Identify and Define the Problem The foremost requirement is to identify the problem and its definition.

Incorporating Engineering Ethics for the Credibility of FEA Results. Engineering Analysis Resources Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is one of the most frequently used methods for design and development of an engineering product. Its benefits range from faster design development, cost savings and innovation in design. Over the years now, this digital design approach is developed extensively to model complex physics with accuracy. However, it has to be very well understood that despite the improvements in solver capabilities, its credibility is entirely based on the engineering judgments made by the analyst. It isn’t simply a tool that will work on its own, once you upload the geometry. 5 Tips to Incorporate Simulation Driven Design for Your Next Product Design Project. Simulation has taken over the conventional manufacturing approach for many industries. However, research shows that many small and mid scale manufacturing organizations are skeptical about including the technology in the product development process and prefer to use these tools past the design release.

For organizations looking to adopt the simulation driven product design, it is indeed difficult to re-consider the entire product development process. There are several complexities present for organizations that must be eliminated to involve analysis-led design process for product development. There might be resistance from the internal team due to lack of expertise, or even the fear of investing too much in developing the infrastructure. As such, incorporating simulation is similar to any major business transformation process and requires support from the top level management to bring a change in the organizational culture. Acoustic Analysis Using Energy Modeling – Building Design For Occupant Comfort. Energy modeling allows designers to simulate a building’s energy performance during the early design and concept phase itself.

It provides engineers with a display that is highly visual and interactive. As a result, engineers can analyze the results and device appropriate solutions; they can also communicate extensive databases and complex concepts in an intuitive and effective manner. The widely known array of a building performance factors that can be analyzed and validated via energy modeling includes – day light analysis, energy performance analysis, temperature distribution, Shadow analysis, studying reflections and visibility analysis, light pollution analysis etc.

However one of the lesser known, but highly important and inseparable part of energy modeling for building performance includes – acoustic analysis of sound. How to do Energy Analysis of Existing Buildings with Rapid Energy Modeling? Posted by: Nikunj Patel | Posted on: February 26th, 2014 As building construction regulations are becoming even stricter towards attaining sustainable development and saving energy, Rapid Energy Modeling has become an important part of any construction project, today. It facilitates energy analysis of a building, identifying different elements and how much energy each is consuming in a day. Building Energy Efficient Products for a Better Tomorrow Using CFD. The world is badly in a need of products that are energy efficient, as global energy consumption levels increase at an alarming rate. A Guide to Hire the Right CFD Consulting Company. Choosing the right CFD consulting partner to solve your engineering problems is often a mammoth task.

10 Mistakes that makes you pay more for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Finite Element Analysis for Plastics and Rubber Components. The use of linear analysis is limited for materials that do not undergo large deformations and retain their original shape and size, once the loads are removed. However, in practicality, every material available in nature possesses some sort of non-linear behavior. Outsourcing: A Profitable Decision for the Automotive Industry. The continuously growing demands from the developing regions of the globe and a pressing need to develop economical automobiles are keeping manufacturers busy in seeking a profitable position in the market. How to Efficiently Manage Assembly Modeling Process in Solidworks. Developing CAD model for large and complex assemblies require a lot of planning and organization.

Benefits of Using Rapid Prototyping Technique for Jigs and Fixtures. A manufacturing shop floor cannot be imagined without jigs and fixtures. While jig helps in improving repeatability, accuracy and interchangeability in manufacturing of products, fixtures are used to securely locate and support the work to ensure conformity while manufacturing. The production efficiency as such relies heavily on these tools, despite being virtually invisible during the manufacturing process.

Comparing Sheet Metal Drawings Vs Casting, Explaining Flow and Control. Twice a month it seems, we as engineering design support service providers, receive emails from Building Products and Components Manufacturers, Furniture Manufacturers & Fabricated Metal and Alloy Manufacturers with questions including “can this part be made?

They basically are referring to Metal framed windows and doors, ornamental or architectural metal products, prefabricated metal buildings, and structural metal and metal plate work products, elevators, facade, and at times heavy gauge components, industrial burners, and medical equipments. Sheet Metal Designing to Forming to Cutting floor, BIM Strengthens the Fabrication Process. 10 HVAC Components, Sheet Metal Designers are Cautious with in Ductwork Projects. 3 Products We Design, That Every HVAC Sheet Metal Fabricator Should Use. Why Material Models Matter for Metal Forming Simulation? Allow Product Engineers to Perform Geometry based Forming Checks to Reduce Sheet Metal Forming Issues.

Sheet Metal Design Reuse, SolidWorks PDM Benefits Building Product Manufacturers. Best Practices to Strengthen Your Sheet Metal Design. Sheet Metal Bending Is A Non-Subtractive Fabrication Process. The Secrets Of A Successful Mechanical Product Design. Optimizing Cost Estimation Capabilities: A Key to Successful Project Outcomes for EPCs. Building Frugal Products Using CAE Tools for Emerging Markets. Supporting Sheet Metal Product Design by Shifting from an Outsourcing to Productivity Partner. Removing Unnecessary Conservatism from Product Designs. Compressed Air: New Battery For Our Bright Future. Is Generative Design the Future of CAD? The Need for Next Generation Collaboration Tools for True Digital Transformation.

Cloud CAD: Our Make-believe Evolution. 3D Printing and its ambitions in Oil and Gas. Developing Products for Future Success. Don’t Follow Leaders; Build Your Own Digital Strategy that’s Right for You. CAD Collaboration Tools: Why You Need Them and What Benefits Can You Expect? Enhancing Your Product’s Technical Communication with SolidWorks Composer. CAD Standardization To Deal With Multi-CAD Problems. 3 Things You Probably Didn’t Knew About Rapid Prototyping. Hi-Tech CADD Services — Development of an Optimized Oil Storage Tank... New SolidWorks Simulation 2016 Enhancements to Make Your Analysis Easier. Pressure vessel Design by Analysis Versus Design by Rule. Problems in Dealing with CAD Interoperability Today. Reverse Engineering & Design Optimization of Steel Strapping Machine. Reverse Engineer U-Joint, Brake Drum & Rotors Using 3D Scanning. The Anatomy of Connected Devices and How You Can Build One Using SolidWorks.

5 Keys to Earn Success in a Digital Manufacturing Era. How SolidWorks 2016 Helps in Streamlining Your Product Assembly Process. Rapid Prototyping: A New World of Opportunities for Oil & Gas Industry. SolidWorks 2016: The New Revamped User Interface. Interesting facts about Model-Based Definition. ASME BPVC: A Code That Allows Engineers to Sleep at Night? Are “U” Certified? How to CAD System Standardizing is useful in Product Design? Modernizing Your Approach to Pump Repair through Reverse Engineering. How 3D Modeling Process helpful to bring a Product Faster in the Market.

5 Reasons to Incorporate Value Engineering in Product. Important Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Rapid Prototyping. Documenting Industrial Plant with Reverse Engineering. How MBD Can Solve the Shortcomings of 2D Drawings. How to Effectively Deal with Late Stage Design Changes. Rapid Prototyping: The Disruptive Technology Changing the Traditional Manufacturing Supply Chain. 3 Key Growth Strategies for SMEs to Survive in a Competitive Manufacturing Market. Adopting a Paperless Manufacturing Environment. Reverse Engineering When There’s No Part to Spare.