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Revit Families to Manufacture and Install MEP Equipment. Project information Client Profile.

Revit Families to Manufacture and Install MEP Equipment

Aging Infrastructure: Technology May Be the Cure for Ageing Roads & Bridges. Outsourcing CAD Design Services; Architects, Contractors, Building and Industrial Product Manufacturers have Business Reasons to do so. DeafSpace - Architectural Design Support should adapt to this emerging diversity in Architecture. You as an architect, have ever thought to put at work the architectural design principles that cater to the communication and spatial needs of the hearing impaired?

DeafSpace - Architectural Design Support should adapt to this emerging diversity in Architecture

Have you ever appreciated your Building Information Modeling Service partner’s innovative idea, or their architectural design support efforts aligned to this thought process? I am sure the answer will be a big “No”. These specially abled are amongst us, and form a part of our community and maybe our friends and family too. 32 million children across the world live with disabling hearing loss40% is attributable to genetic causes31% to infections such as measles, mumps, rubella and meningitis17% to complications at birth, including prematurity, low birth weight and neonatal jaundice.

Source The reason why the issue is not talked about is that not many of us know about it. Significance of Future BIM Implementation for Qatar Infrastructure Projects. Waterproofing Failures - Architects, Engineers or Contractors, who is responsible? UAE witnessed significant infrastructural damages, after a storm ripped through the country in early march.

Waterproofing Failures - Architects, Engineers or Contractors, who is responsible?

The GEMS American Academy School in Abu Dhabi lost its facades, while Danube metro station was flooded due to this storm. The capital emirate was prompt enough to announce the formulation of new regulations for infrastructures projects, to allow greater resilience against harsh weather conditions. However; the storm and the damages, raised quite a lot of questions on infrastructure waterproofing. Locals are of the opinion that Dubai Municipal Corporation should hire experienced and expert BIM consultants, who can further explain Land Surveyors, Architectural Design Firms, MEP Contractors, General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, about the standards and material required to meet sustainable waterproofing.

6 Critical Reasons you should be talking about Building Information Modeling. Building information modeling allows architects, builders, engineers and developers to gain better control over their projects, and is set to become the standard operating procedure for construction projects of varying scales and complexities.

6 Critical Reasons you should be talking about Building Information Modeling

AEC industry is abuzz with the high value BIM provides. This is why construction firms are increasingly investing in Outsourcing BIM Services to streamline their projects and document each and every process in detail right from the conceptualization, design and fabrication to facility management, renovation and demolition stages. However, several firms still depend on the traditional methods, for construction project documentation and planning. This is because they are still not aware of how BIM can help them manage workflows, visualize information, estimate construction costs accurately and hence get the best returns against the investments in BIM. 3D MEP Coordination : Streamlined Communication Across Construction Projects.

Building Construction Posted by Nikunj Patel on August 12th, 2014.

3D MEP Coordination : Streamlined Communication Across Construction Projects

Digital Inequities are a Challenge to the Vision of Smart Cities. Digital Inequities are a Challenge to the Vision of Smart Cities Smart city to be successful should take a structured approach, focusing on open collaboration and infrastructure, but let’s not forget that the priorities for each city are unique.

Digital Inequities are a Challenge to the Vision of Smart Cities

Several developed and developing countries around the world are determined to establish their own concept of “smart cities,” but do they have a clear-cut, universal definition. All said and done, none of the countries, government authorities, or cities has that clear cut universal definition to smart cities. To address this issue, BIM Implementation for Smart Buildings, is a way to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing for a greater good by encouraging those intended, to work together.

The Great Gearshift in the Move to Sustainable Energy Practices. From May 7 to 11, 2016, Portugal ran entirely on sustainable, clean energy.

The Great Gearshift in the Move to Sustainable Energy Practices

Using a mix of hydropower, biofuels, wind, and solar energy, the country put forward an impressive statistic in energy use. This is not surprising considering by end of 2015, over 50% of Portugal’s energy was derived from renewable sources. The same weekend, on a bright and sunny Sunday, Germany made 55 out of the 63 GW that it consumes, from renewable sources of energy. Energy rates plunged to negative, and the producers were effectively paying the consumers to use energy.

Adoption of BIM, Changes the Function of Drawing and Drafting Complex MEP Systems. An efficient MEP system ensures a smoother lifecycle of the facility that it is a part of.

Adoption of BIM, Changes the Function of Drawing and Drafting Complex MEP Systems

Further, it ensures a reduced impact of the building on the environment. Most of all, an efficient MEP system impacts the building’s usability. In the building design process hierarchy, it comes in after architectural and structural components of the design are completed. Making Retail Buildings - Energy Efficient. Over the last two decades retail sector has changed both commercially and geographically.

Making Retail Buildings - Energy Efficient

The downside of this change has led to growth of big and international corporate retailers, only at the cost of smaller and more local operations. The greater demand of accessibility has altered the conventional style of selling for each retailer, now requiring varied types of location. Shopping malls are growing worldwide, dominating retail and commercial market. The occupants usually have the same concern regarding indoor climate, regardless of geographical location.

Apparently the most important aspect that matters in the energy performance of a shopping mall, is its customer satisfaction, its safety and logistic, the accessibility and range of products and access to public transport and car parking. Almost all retail stores use full air HVAC to maintain indoor comfort temperature, making it more hygienic and sufficient air exchange. Importance of MEP Clash Detection and Resolution for High Rise Hotel Buildings. Building Construction Posted by Hiral Patel on June 22nd, 2016 Irrespective of a new design and construction, or a renovation and retrofit of an existing one, sustainability and green initiatives increasingly drive the design as much as the actual construction process.

Importance of MEP Clash Detection and Resolution for High Rise Hotel Buildings

Every design practice and contractor knows that its implications go way beyond cosmetic changes. The savings are real; and so must be the change. In the hospitality design and construction industry, particularly, the role of efficient MEP systems cannot be overlooked. 3D Rendering & Real Estate Industry. 3D interiors play a vital role for pre-development marketing campaigns as the more real and tangible your product becomes, there are more chances that the prospective buyer will be inclined to take up your offer. It also is necessary because the buyer is committing to purchase a product which actually doesn’t yet exist. Being an Architect, you may end up spending hours on designing; modifying and refining the best layout of your buildings. You have this incredible ability or the marvel superpower of visualizing your building with utmost accuracy even before it’s built. Why Implementing BIM for Construction is a Good Idea. The AEC industry is transitioning from the traditional paper based linear approach to BIM – a collaborative and technology expedited approach.

Building information modeling brings people across all disciplines and all the involved stakeholders together throughout the entire building design, construction and maintenance stages. Construction firms that are new to BIM can start using it, while those already using BIM can leverage its use and gain the best business benefits. It helps gain a competitive advantageBIM supports Lean constructionIt allows better project managementTakes care of the time and cost constraintsIt helps construction firms stay aligned with the industry. Building Interactive 3D Architectural Models from Series of Photographs. Email It has been observed that constructing 3D models from images and video has received lot of interest amongst computer graphics and visualization enthusiasts. There is also some fully automated 3D modeling systems which have received rave success. These automated systems are based on structure from motion image process series, here first camera positions are restored a scene is created.

From the scant renovation, thick multi-view stereo algorithms can produce a thick mesh model. Why Audiences and Materiality Matter to the Success of Sustainability and Boards? What could be the biggest challenge in developing infrastructures that meet sustainability standards? One can enumerate a lot of them, but I would want to raise a flag for the one which I think has not been addressed enough and that is—the board of directors of companies and asset managers. Most of these “fiduciaries loyal to their principals” are purely focused on short-term financial performance, but at the cost of the organization they represent and the global community and planet they live in. This might be due to their muddled fundamentals. My suggestion to dramatically improve the situation—and that too with a simple one-page—is to issue a “Statement of Significant Audiences and Materiality,” the one that is published every year by a company’s board of directors. Why are Big Company/Big Investors So Critical to the Developing World?

Materiality is a Function of the Audience. Superior Facility Management System with BIM. Facility owners and managers have become tech savvy. They expect technology to expedite the process of facility management and to make it convenient and efficient. BIM as we all know; allows effective visualization and hence better understanding of problems and their solutions. It also gives facility managers better control over the building information. BIM is the digital representation of a construction process and beyond. It ensures that all the data that is crucial to run a facility smoothly is accumulated throughout the design and construction process.

Besides, using the BIM data by exporting it in facility management system reduces the costs and improves efficiency across the facility management phase to a great extent. This is the reason why, BIM has not only changed the way buildings are designed and constructed, but has also changed the way facilities are managed. Let us understand how virtual modeling process helps develop a superior facilities management system. 3 Types Of 3D BIM Clash Detection Have Their Own Importance. Types of BIM Clashes and Benefit of Early Stage Clash Detection. BIM or Building information modelling has set entire AEC industry abuzz! Over the years, it has proved to be quite useful to the architects, builders, engineers and contractors, providing them with amazing and valuable insights into inherent potentials of the structure for improvisation. Since, BIM not only involves a single model; rather it is an amalgamation of different disciplines like structural, MEP and environmental engineering, etc.

As all these disciplines work in tandem; it is important to establish a well-coordinated approach, where there is no clash! BIM For Clash Detection And Risk Analysis Streamlines The Construction Process. Building information modeling extends immense support to architects, builders and developers in planning the construction process and understanding the execution process in the best possible manner. How Modern Office Building Design Affects Employee Performance? Employees are the engines that keep companies running, developing, acclimatizing, improving and innovating. Employee performance in an organization is the product of ability, motivation and opportunity. Building Product Manufactures & MEP Engineers can benefit big time through MEP Content. BIM as A Useful Collaboration Tool for Real Estate Developers. Why using 3D renderings for marketing is a better strategy? Communication is an important aspect of marketing. BIM – Boon for Construction Industry. Posted by Nikunj Patel on May 17th, 2014 Building Information Modeling popularly known as BIM is rapidly turning into an improved, recognized, and proven collaboration method in the construction industry.

How BIM helps in fire protection engineering? Building Simulations to Resolve the Energy Crisis in Egypt. What does 5D BIM mean for Cost Managers? BIM Level 2; Developing Coordination & Collaboration or Causing Complexity. Building Information Modeling (BIM) paves path for District Information Modelling (DIM) Waterproofing Failures - Architects, Engineers or Contractors, who is responsible? BIM for Roads and Highways, transforming the equation between Architects and Engineers. Sustainability is the Only Way Forward to Save Our Melting Polar Caps. BIM Could Boost Qatar’s Position & Support UAEs Infrastructural Competitiveness Globally. Building & Preserving Cities with Scan to BIM. Why BIM is Important for Building Products Manufacturer. Power Plants; Celebrate Change through Green and Beautiful Designs. Data Driven BIM for Buildings - The Future. Autodesk & Siemens promote Interoperability for Multiple 3D CAD Models, but will they succeed?

New Energy Efficient Buildings are not enough against Sustainability Challenge. How BIM will support UAEs Infrastructural competitiveness globally? Why Qatar infrastructure Industry adopting BIM for Smart City? Fully Prefabricated Precast Concrete Bridge Systems: To Accelerate the Construction of Bridges. How thoughtful it would be to change BIM for Infrastructure to IIM – Infrastructure Information Modelling? BIM Implementation Require for Sustainable Building Design & Construction. BIM and Its Role in The Development and Management of Smart Cities of the Future. 50% faster design documentation for Oil and Gas Projects with help of BIM. Level of Development (LOD): How Coordinate/work with BIM Model? How Future BIM Implementation Important for Qatar Infrastructure Projects?

Climate Resilient Infrastructure; How PPPs will change their Construction Strategies with Technology? Point Cloud to Revit BIM: Revolution in Building Restoration Projects. Building Envelope and HVAC Strategy: A Primary needs of Healthcare Facilities. Conflicts between Drawings and BIM Models: Challenge for Building Contractors. Case Study : Energy modeling using eQuest for Dubai based Hospital Building. PEER Rating System – Encouraging Generation and Transmission of Clean and Green Energy. Land Surveyors, as built surveys for Oil and Gas Facility is no more a challenge. Challenges of Integrating Geospatial Technology with BIM. Need to Rethink for Green Building Design. How to Enable Streamlined Project Execution by BIM capabilities?

BIM and Sustainable Design - Natural Innovation in BIM World.